Equestrian Cupid Review

People who have horses in their lives are well aware of their majestic beauty. They also know the challenges of owning and caring for them. However, horses come with unique rewards. Try riding your dog through a meadow or getting your cat to barrel race. You’ll soon know what I mean. Equestrian Cupid is for people who share a common passion for horses. Unfortunately, its seemingly unique niche has not lead to it receiving many visitors of late.

Fate has not been any kinder to its limited amount of traffic since our last visit. At least, the few have not dwindled to fewer. It has simply maintained a minimal number of visitors. I’m not sure why. Hobbies prove the mainstay of many a lasting relationship. EquestrianCupid continues to have many options to select within your profile regarding what equestrian activities you like to do. You can also make finding a riding partner one of your aims.

“EquestrianCupid continues to have many options to select within your profile regarding what equestrian activities you like to do.”

What may be knocking the horse out from under it are its limited local search options. You can only search to within 200 miles with a free membership. Even after you sign up to a premium subscription, results only narrow down to 50 miles. Such a radius might seem local enough if you live on a ranch in Montana. However, horse lovers live in more densely populated regions, too.

If that didn’t already put enough of a hitch in you seeing how many folks live nearby before paying, the last login info is blocked until you pay. You’re riding blind until you upgrade. You can’t use the other profile details in a basic search either. EquestrianCupid says that it’s about making friends, not just romantic connections. It would be nice if you could search for others looking for one or the other without paying first.

There are ways around the above problems. Repeating the same searches each day seems to order the results by closest and most recently logged in. That seems a bit annoying. You’re getting the runaround just to have you pay for the same info you could get for free. You’re merely paying for a more efficient and convenient way of getting it. At least replying to messages is free. You can also participate in some active forums without paying.

The site has a great idea for getting people together, and its concept attracted some interest in the very beginning. However, it hasn’t grown in popularity since. If it wants to overcome the hurdle of limited traffic, it needs to saddle up and improve its basic searches. Sure, the site fills a special niche. However, Equestrian Cupid needs to loosen the reins on free access if it wants to outride the competition.

Desi Kiss Review

Desi Kiss is designed to bring together married-minded individuals of Indian descent from around the world. It has many aspects of its service that are specifically tailored to its target market. That’s refreshing in the online dating world. Too many sites ignore their audience. Let me explain what makes this site unique.

First, there is a ton of required information when filling out your profile for the first time. There are a few areas regarding your potential mate that can be skipped without providing specifics. However, you will need to describe yourself thoroughly. There’s a series of dropdown options and checkboxes. You will also have to fill out a couple of freeform essays. One is about you. The other is about the person with whom you find the best chances of something serious.

“You can only look for a long-term relationship, and it has to be with someone of the opposite sex.”

There is one difference between this self-described Indian matrimonial site and other general dating sites. You can only look for a long-term relationship, and it has to be with someone of the opposite sex. You can’t just be looking for dates or friends. You can mention whether you would date someone who was not Indian, though. That does give the whole endeavor an air of greater seriousness.

There are some special fields to fill. You can input your caste and sub-caste. When it comes to searching for the ideal and truly localized match however, you’ll discover that most of the extra information is only searchable when you upgrade to a premium membership. You can only narrow the field down to within 150 miles of your zip or postal code. There is a free keyword search option, though.

DesiKiss has no message boards. There are no chat rooms either. The feeling of community on this site isn’t very apparent. Other sites serving specific groups of people do a better job. You can form a personal network of online friends. Otherwise, there are the traditional communication standbys such as email. There’s instant messaging too. They both come with some limitations before upgrading.

You can read received emails without paying. You can reply to any instant messages for free. However, to send an email or to initiate instant messaging requires a paid membership. That does not quite allow for the freest of communication between paid and unpaid subscribers. However, it at least gives some limited access to free members.

Desi Kiss competes best in profile quality. It does so by demanding that a good amount of information be provided during the signup process. However, it falls a bit short on attracting enough visitors to the site. I’d suggest checking it out if it suits your interests. Just be wary as it may not provide as many contacts as more popular sites.

Hye Singles Review

In case you missed the connection, Hye Singles is a dating site for Armenians. Hye actually means “Armenian” – but you probably know that if you’ve come this far to read this review. You might also be aware that even though it’s one of the few Armenian web personals sites on the market, it has never garnered much traffic. Currently, it still receives few regular visitors.

Nevertheless, Armenian singles will also be happy to note that HyeSingles.com has a strong balance between style and substance. The site is smooth and clean and runs effortlessly under the clicks of your mouse. You’re also not going to get lost in the pages. It’s easy to navigate and they’ve worked out the bugs, making surfing a true pleasure.

“…Armenian singles will also be happy to note that HyeSingles.com has a strong balance between style and substance.”

You can make a website flashy, but a dating site needs quality members to be worth joining. To this end, HyeSingles offers a very detailed profile process when you sign up. What does this mean for you? It generally means you should have more to go on when searching for members that suit your needs. That, in our books, is a great place for any dating site to start.

One thing that has changed since the site first launched is that only premium members can access localized searches, when previously all members had access to advanced search options. The same goes for any detailed criteria filled out when creating a profile. Therefore, search options aren’t a real strong point for nonpaying members.

However, they’re not completely locked out of making connections. They can’t initiate messages, but it’s free to reply to ones sent from premium members. So you can send out free flirts to any person who catches your fancy. If he or she is a platinum member, you might receive an email or instant message to which you can reply for free.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the site’s marketing. It’s set on cornering the Armenian market, and you don’t have to be Hye to join. However, the term is probably unfamiliar to many non-Armenian people. Enough so that it might discourage them from checking the site out. All niche-dating sites generally lack the popularity of their less specialized, mainstream counterparts. However, there’s less traffic on this site than there is on other niche sites.

A larger issue is that despite having seen no rise in visitors, the site has raised its price. It’s gone from already high-end to what we consider super expensive. There is no lower-priced option. It has only a single premium tier. Hye Singles is ideal for any single Armenians, but they will have to pay quite a lot for this market-specific dating site, despite its limited number of site visits.

Eligible Greeks Review

Singles Greeks seeking connections might want to check out Eligible Greeks. The site is user friendly, but before you can get down to the business of finding connections, you’ll need to do a bit of work. The way the profile process is designed not to be rushed through is one of the strongest features of the site. Many sites allow you to enter a name and a handful of other basic details, so you’re browsing online in seconds. This site makes you think about what you enter beforehand.

EligibleGreeks.com requests you to complete a number of mandatory questions. They’re designed to help fill out your profile with enough info so that other members have a well-rounded understanding of you as a person. Sure, questions can be answered randomly. However, since they have to be answered one way or another, most profiles will have more accurate details than not. Strong sites are built on quality profiles, and single Greeks have it good on this site.

“Most important to remember is that Eligible Greeks is one of the few sites on the market catering to the Greek community.”

Search options are limited before upgrading. It seems that when we first visited EligibleGreeks that wasn’t the case. Currently, they only offer the basics until you pay for advanced options. That’s unfortunate, because free searches don’t narrow the radius of results to any closer than 150 miles. When you upgrade, you can get to within 20 miles of a given postal or zip code. All the dropdown menu fields that were mandatory when you signed up also come into play after you pay.

Single Greeks who are just looking to poke around will find that the site falls in line with most standard dating sites on the Internet. It allows you to send signs of interest and receive emails from paid members for free. You can also view full profile info, which includes the last login date, to give you some clue as to how active a potential match on the site might be.

Niche dating sites like this one face uphill battles when it comes to membership levels. A smaller potential market makes it harder for a site to attract visitors. This site continues to have difficulties in getting people to visit its pages. Counterintuitive to its limited traffic is its expensive price. It has actually raised its rates again sometime during the last 17 months.

Now costing more than many other high-end sites, it has lost even more of its appeal. You can be sure that the people who pay for this site are serious enough about looking for love to invest a substantial fee each month. Most important to remember is that Eligible Greeks is one of the few sites on the market catering to the Greek community.

Date Match Review

Date Match doesn’t bring anything new or different to the dating market. There have been some changes since our last visit that’s made it better than it was before. I guess the site had to evolve if it was going to last in this competitive market. It still won’t exactly blow you away, but I’ll explain why you might want to check it out and create a free profile too see what it has to offer.

Signing up at DateMatch.com is free. It takes about five minutes and then you are ready to go, which wasn’t very far the first couple of times we checked it out, but now your free membership takes you a bit farther. At any rate, you can skip quite a few information fields when filling out your profile. You do have to provide a written description of yourself and what you’re looking for in a match though.

“Even though you have to pay before you can contact anyone, at least you can get a feel for whether there are potential matches in your neighborhood.”

This site offers a bunch of reasons why you might want to meet someone. Most of them sound fairly romantic or platonic in nature. The only choice that might be a bit racier is if you’re seeking a short-term relationship. Even so, the design of the site before you join – and even the featured members after you sign in – put the emphasis on beautiful people. Despite that fact, this site doesn’t seem to have issues with spamming your inbox or even complaints from surfers about fake profiles.

With your free profile, you can now do local searches to within 10 miles of a US zip code, or by city for other countries. You will also see full profile details, including last login. In other words, you can really figure out rather easily how many active members live near you. Even though you have to pay before you can contact anyone, at least you can get a feel for whether there are potential matches in your neighborhood.

If you upgrade, you can see any extra photos that a member has beyond the main profile image. You can also use the video chat room. Obviously, you’ll have access to email too. That’s crucial because even though as a free member you can read email messages from other members, you cannot reply to them without upgrading first. Instant messaging is also a premium service on DateMatch.

This site has a long way to go before it really pulls people in, because in the end that’s its biggest issue. It really hasn’t done well at attracting people to its pages. With a name like Date Match, this site should have an automatic leg-up on the competition in search results, but people aren’t going for it.

Greek Singles Connection Review

Is the dating world all-Greek to you? I mean, only Greeks for you. Then here’s an opportunity to meet other single Greeks online. You don’t have to be Greek to join. However, GreekSinglesConnection.com remains one specialized singles site that seems to attract mainly Greek members. What a great (I wanted to say Greek but stopped myself) opportunity to make connections with a Hellenic man or woman. It certainly can’t hurt to try it. The online personals route lets you avoid those awkward blind date setups by family and friends. It’s better to be the master of your own destiny than leaving it up to your Aunt Aphrodite. Goddess of love, she’s not.

Start by filling out a profile. I have been, at times, critical of sites for not making enough fields mandatory. However, I found that on Greek Singles Connection enough people were conscientious about filling out their details. You still run into the occasional Curious George who randomly types in a bunch of meaningless characters for no apparent reason. However you choose to present yourself, you can always go back to add more details. You can even express your true colors by taking a personality test. It will color-code your profile to match your type of character.

“When you sign up to the premium membership, you can chat live, send and receive email, participate actively on the message boards and use instant messaging.”

Fill out the information in the site’s matchmaking system. When completed, you assign the overall percentage of importance for each individual factor in comparison to all the rest. For example, blue eyes are nice. They’re hardly a deal-breaker, though. Maybe you’d mark them as two percent important. Meanwhile, wanting a large family might count as 25 percent by comparison. Once your answers are in place, the system will email you resulting profiles. It will tip you off to those folks who are best suited to you.

I always say you need to be able to try a specialized site out before you commit. As is often the case, visitor numbers on GreekSinglesConnection are lower than other mainstream sites. Browse through all the member descriptions. You can send free flirty smiles or e-cards to show interest in someone. You’ll be able to read all the message boards, too. That will definitely give you a taste of whether this virtual community is for you.

If you see that it is right for you then take the plunge. When you sign up to the premium membership, you can chat live, send and receive email, participate actively on the message boards and use instant messaging. Greek Singles Connections has perhaps seen limited site traffic, because both parties need to be paying members in order to communicate. At any rate, the monthly fee has remained quite competitive.

International Cupid Review

International Cupid connects singles on a global scale. In most cases, members seek to marry someone. Usually, their match will be a man or woman from another country. Obviously, this site is more like a regular dating site and less like a mail-order bride site. In the end, though, you will find some features that are helpful for connecting people from completely different parts of the world. For instance, there is the option of getting some help with translations.

InternationalCupid also offers a demo describing how email works and highlights built-in translation software that they offer. You must sign up for the most expensive membership to use it though. I have tried similar programs in the past and I know their translations aren’t always perfect. All the same, the basic point of what you’re saying comes across clearly enough to the other person.

“InternationalCupid also offers a demo describing how email works and highlights built-in translation software that they offer.”

It certainly is a cost effective alternative. Foreign bride sites often charge a fee per translated message. That’s in addition to their usual monthly membership. This adds up after even a short while. I can read some Spanish and the example in the demo looks like it did a decent job of translating Spanish into English. I assume that it should be as easy to use as the online demo makes it seem.

InternationalCupid.com isn’t really aimed at meeting someone locally. All the same, you can filter down your results a bit. You do a simple country, state or province search first. Once completed, if you scroll down below your initial results, you’ll find a dropdown menu with a choice of cities in that area to select. Obviously, some regions have longer and more detailed listings of city names. There is no zip or postal code search option.

The advanced search options make use of other detailed fields in members’ profiles. You can skip info about your potential match, but you do have to fill out all the basic info about yourself. You also will complete at least a brief written essay about what kind of person you’re seeking to meet. You might also want to add a video introduction to your profile. However, you’ll need to buy the most expensive membership first.

One good thing is that it is free to reply to messages from paid members. Other things such as chat rooms or initiating emails and instant messages require you pay. For the moment, this site has limited popularity. At least when it comes to the new visitors it attracts to its pages. However, there is a decent amount of existing members. I do like the personal approach, because traditional foreign-bride sites often seem impersonal. International Cupid is a worthwhile alternative.

German Friend Finder Review

Single German women and men have a home at GermanFriendFinder.com. The site is just like any other dating site, allowing you to browse profiles and search members, much as you would expect. The only problem is that it does come with a quirk or two. It offers many services, but some basic access is limited until you pay for a monthly membership.

The profile quality on German Friend Finder is good, but you won’t be able to tell that for yourself until you pay for a membership. Most sites let you browse profiles for free, but German singles get the cold shoulder on this site. In most cases, you’re only able to see a brief profile summary. If you click to enter a profile, you’ll usually get an upgrade prompt.

“The profile quality on German Friend Finder is good, but you won’t be able to tell that for yourself until you pay for a membership.”

Online daters need to determine if a dating site is good for them by running searches. They need to see how many profiles local to them log on frequently to make connecting possible. You can do that on this site, but without seeing full profiles it makes it an exercise in futility. Some paid subscribers pay extra to allow free viewing of their details. A few popular profiles might get this privilege for free.

Nevertheless, if you live in Canada or the United States, you can limit your results to within your postal or zip code. If you want to do a distance search from a specific city other than your own, or to broaden the radius to a few miles more than your home mailing code, you need to upgrade for the advanced search options.

As to the last login information, it seems German Friend Finder gives some broad details. You can see whether someone logged in during the last week, last three months or more than three months ago, which seems quite sketchy, because it’s not too precise. It would be tricky to confirm active members in your local area. It might be useful for there to be a few steps between the previous week and within several months.

One thing that this site does best is create a sense of community. From the choice of seeing links, site articles and blogs written in German to the large amount of subscriber-submitted content and forums, you’ll feel as if you’re getting some worthwhile entertainment – and even some worthwhile information – tailored to German singles. You can even set up a personal network of your new online friends and potential dates.

Overall, it’s a solid site. Finally, some of the earlier mentioned limitations that require you to update for fuller access seem less daunting once you see the highly competitive pricing of German Friend Finder. It might just be worth joining after all.

Armenian Match Review

Armenian Match brings Armenian singles together. Whether you are looking for causal dating, a long-term commitment or even marriage, you’ll find it on this site. Having a rather specific target market hasn’t stopped this site from having a rather pricey monthly joining fee. You might wonder how such an expense can be justified. What separates this site from other dating sites? How does it compare to other ethnic-specific dating sites? These are important questions to ask.

ArmenianMatch.com has few features tailored to suit its intended market. However, there are at least a couple of things that make it somewhat special. First, when you fill out a profile you are asked what your level of “hyeness” is. Simply put that is to say whether you’re Armenian or not. If so, you are asked what other nationality would best describe your origins. You could be Armenian American, for example.

“…there are some dating articles on this site that have been written specifically about the Armenian dating experience.”

Second, there are some dating articles on this site that have been written specifically about the Armenian dating experience. However, that section hasn’t been updated in ages. There are actually only three entries to read and one of them is only three paragraphs long. I thought this idea was a good one. I guess they did, too, but they seem to have run out of steam in a rather short time.

There are no group chat rooms or members’ forums, so the sense of community sort of ends right there. It’s a shame, because the site seems to rely on your standard fare as far as what is offered to members. Advanced searches, including localized results, are free on ArmenianMatch. There is also onsite email and instant messaging.

You can also send the usual free “flirts” to show interest in someone. It is also free to reply to unlimited messages. As you would expect, you must upgrade to initiate any contact. As far as the instant messaging system, you need to check who is online first, then you can send a private message by clicking “let’s chat” to start a one-on-one conversation.

Overall, the biggest issue with the site is the lack of visitors it attracts. I suppose you might think that it’s just too niche specific to do better. However, I’ve seen equally specialized sites do a far better job at pulling in the numbers. This site really needs to find strategic places to promote its specialty niche.

On top of that, the monthly membership fee is much more expensive than other dating sites. The only way that it becomes reasonable is if you sign up for at least three months. Still, before spending money on Armenian Match, check for active members in your area.

Lavalife Review

Lava Life was one of the first dating sites I joined when I was newly single. There were ads for it everywhere and I knew a few friends on it. I checked it out and through a combination of referrals from friends and what I found on the site, I decided to join. Revisiting the site, there have been quite a few changes to its design. They’ve added some features and also changed their membership structure.

Previously, LavaLife.com had a system of credits used to pay for the services. On the one hand, the credit-based services allowed you some flexibility without needing to commit to a monthly plan. However, in the end, it worked out to be rather expensive compared to their new unlimited monthly plan. Unlike many online dating sites, there’s only a single subscription option rather than a two-tiered system, where you get only partial access if you pay less money.

“…Lava Life continues to attract a large number of eligible singles and offers reasonably priced unlimited services.”

That said there’s a small catch: Although it’s free to reply to instant messages, you cannot answer emails without upgrading your membership. In the old system of credits, only the person initiating an email message needed to pay. Now, both parties have to subscribe for a monthly membership, so it definitely hampers your chances for success in launching contact with fellow members who haven’t already become premium subscribers.

You have many options available to help make your mind up as to whether or not LavaLife.com is for you. You can run geographical searches that are as narrow as a mile radius from your zip or postal code. You can also see when members last logged in, which, when combined with a search in your local area, should be able to give you an idea of how many people visit regularly. I should mention that you can turn this feature off in your profile settings. However, all search results are based on last login times, with the most recent visitors showing up first.

Some people surfing our site have left feedback that implies that not all of the profiles on LavaLife are the genuine article. That’s an issue on many other sites as well. There are very few personal recommendations I would make for dating sites. However, just as the negative comments are anecdotal, over the years this site has served me and many of my friends quite well, including one couple I know who’ve been happily living together for the last three years.

The popularity of the site has declined slightly, perhaps in part to email communication only working if both members pay. Nevertheless, Lava Life continues to attract a large number of eligible singles and offers reasonably priced unlimited services.