Wealthy Men Review

Wealthy Men promotes itself as a web personals site designed as a place for people of a higher caliber to meet. I’ll say straightaway that I had to lie in my profile, because the lowest income range starts at over $100,000. That’s a little more than I can boast that my reviewer’s post pays. All is fair in love and war, I suppose.

I’ve often heard that the hallmark of truly refined taste is its simplicity. Simple is exactly how I would define the interface of WealthyMen. You provide few physical details beyond height and body type. You do include your profession and salary, of course. Then you describe yourself and potential date in essay form. Whether you’re male or female, the same process applies.

“I think that WealthyMen should be more sensitive to the needs of the globetrotting elite that are supposedly its niche.”

WealthyMen.com has a few extra features that relate to verifying the info you provide. You need to send in a letter from your accountant or even an old income tax form to prove your wealth. You can verify your employment or your photo through other processes as well. That’s as fancy as the site gets, since otherwise it offers little else as far as advanced features go.

Localized searches are limited to U.S. zip codes. A few major American cities are also listed. Outside the United States, you are out of luck. You’re stuck browsing entire countries. In fact, if you try to browse Canadian profiles, all the results show up as if the members are from Miami Beach, California. I think that WealthyMen should be more sensitive to the needs of the globetrotting elite that are supposedly its niche.

You can only see a few basic profile details before you upgrade your membership. You can’t even tell whether a member has recently visited the site. Oddly, even premium subscribers don’t appear to have any advanced search options. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Moreover, there’s no online chat or even instant messaging, just email.

Silver membership lets you to see detailed profiles. You can also send emails to other paid members. A gold-level subscription lists your profile first in browsing results. It also allows you to contact nonpaying site members. The site seems overly simplistic. Its process of verifying profile details is its most redeeming quality. Otherwise, claims made by some members might be exaggerated.

I might not be well off. I’m not even middleclass. However, I do know that, generally, rich folks enjoy free samples before deciding to shell out any cash. Not seeing profile details before upgrading makes one hesitant to join Wealthy Men. Having to decide whether it’s worth its monthly fee based solely on verified income status and a picture doesn’t seem to scream a higher-class of dating.

Seeking Tuition Review

Seeking Tuition is the place for cash-challenged students seeking someone with money to spare. The site is definitely targeted to sugar daddies and needy coeds. In theory, however, both roles can be filled by either gender. That said I only found three guys looking for a generous benefactor and only one sugar mommy. If the user demographics are skewed, it isn’t surprising – there simply aren’t that many people visiting this site.

The signup process on SeekingTuition.com is relatively painless, but you’ll have to provide basic info. If you are the person looking to give a helping hand, you have to list your income level and net worth. If you’re a student, you can skip it, but there is a gift-suggestion section where you can choose the designer brand of shoes, handbags and sunglasses you like. With names like Fendi, Prada and Louis Vuitton, baby doesn’t come cheap. Finally, there are monthly tuition sections for both types of users to say how much they’ll give or need in cash amounts. It can also be left negotiable for either group.

” …there are monthly tuition sections for both types of users to say how much they’ll give or need in cash amounts.”

There are no free local searches, but at least in the US you can narrow results down to individual states. Everywhere else in the world, you’re simply left searching an entire country. I’d like to confirm that the detailed search you get when you pay is more detailed, but you just get the upgrade page whether you’re a sugar dad or mom or sugar baby. All the same, you can see full profiles and last login info. The babies can also filter for platinum, a.k.a. paying members.

When it comes to connecting with people, there’s just one option. It’s email of course and if you’re a sugar baby you can reply to messages from the paying daddies or mommies if you upload your email (with daily limits). I imagine you might have guessed from that last statement that if you’re the giving type on SeekingTuition then you need to pay to send or receive messages. I guess it makes sense that the folks running short of money can answer messages for free.

You have the option to block the info about the last time you logged in from prying eyes. You can also prevent your profile from showing up in search results. You also can’t view unlimited profiles until you pay, but your limit of five complete profiles is reset daily. All in all, Seeking Tuition could certainly do with a local search option, but at least you can check it out a bit for free before paying its high-end membership.

Millionaire Match Review

Is MillionaireMatch.com really the home for single sugar daddies and mommies? It certainly appears so. A while ago, fresh in his sobriety, Charlie Sheen was a member for a few months. I’m not sure if that is a selling point or not. All the same, the media seems to love this site. At one point, singles were really into it. Recently, though, the number of visitors has declined to a modest amount.

Despite whatever hype, Millionaire Match isn’t anything that special. It’s like any other online dating site. The only thing separating it from the pack is the fact that it’s supposed to attract wealthy singles. Many sites on the market these days promise the same upscale community. It does offer one important feature in this regard, though: It even has the service trademark named “Certified Millionaire.”

“You can verify your income by sending in copies of a tax return or bank statement along with your driver’s license or passport.”

You can verify your income by sending in copies of a tax return or bank statement along with your driver’s license or passport. You can upload the info online or remit it by fax or snail mail. You don’t have to have a million-dollar salary to certify your income of course. It doesn’t seem to offer any photo verification option, though. You also have the option of simply choosing “no” in the dropdown menu for the millionaire field on your profile.

That’s it for anything remotely remarkable about the site. I’ve seen many sites in the same niche with similar services. They often let members verify their photos too. MillionaireMatch is rather plain and simple. Its design is not glitzy. I don’t even find it that aesthetically pleasing. I could be diplomatic and call it down-to-earth looking. That’s being generous in my assessment, though.

When it comes to search options this site holds its own with most other dating sites. Until you pay, you can only search to a radius of 100 miles from home. Once you upgrade, you can narrow it down to 50 miles of a zip or postal code. You can also use all of the additional criteria filled out when you create a profile.

You can also use chat rooms. You can initiate instant messaging and emails. It is free to reply to messages. More free features include blogs and members’ forums. What’s great about posting in these areas is if your posts are popular enough, you may win free premium access to the site. There are many other ways to earn full access to the site detailed in the FAQ.

I’d say this site lets you check out enough stuff before deciding to pay. That’s important, because the membership is rather pricey. Millionaire Match is an expensive site with rather extensive dating services.

Millionaire Mate Review

Millionaire Mate claims it’s a place to “meet successful and beautiful people.” All the same, wealth proves more easily quantifiable than beauty does. It’s hard to be objective about physical appearance. For some, looking like a super model or a movie star isn’t a true measure of a person’s appeal. Financial success is more easily verified. Either way, you can make your case for being honest. You can confirm your photo and monetary status are real, which is one feature that’s different from some online dating sites.

The MillionaireMate profile process is brief. It has few mandatory fields. You must write a brief essay about yourself, but most other sections can be skipped. You never have to include information about your income if you don’t want to. Others might think you consider yourself on the beautiful side of the fence. Perhaps they understand that you don’t plan to reveal too much before being asked directly by someone else.

“Millionaire Mate does maintain a midlevel amount of visitors to its pages, which means that it outperforms some of the competition.”

You can verify your appearance by providing a copy of your photo ID. You can confirm your job with an employee ID and business card or company letterhead. Your income is verified through your driver’s license along with an income tax or bank statement. You can submit these documents via email with an attached digital scan or send them by fax. There is no snail mail option. I didn’t seem to see many folks who had verified their info though.

MillionaireMate.com has done away with any method to search only verified profiles. In the past, you could at least limit results to men who had confirmed income or employment. Now, there are no such options. The only unusual advanced search option is bra cup size. I found it somewhat arbitrary. I tend to think of that as more of a criterion for a sex-dating site. At any rate, it is only available to premium members. You can also search up by US zip code for local results.

You can only make contact through onsite email. Free members cannot initiate messages. They can send “flirts” at least. They can reply to 10 messages received from premium subscribers each day. Premium subscribers can pay an extra fee to allow contact from free members. Other access is limited as well until you upgrade. You can only view a certain number of full profiles each day. Everyone can add a video introduction though.

The site costs more money than many other dating sites do. Millionaire Mate does maintain a midlevel amount of visitors to its pages, which means that it outperforms some of the competition. It doesn’t let you check out much before upgrading, so it might be best left to the millionaires with money to burn.

STD Friends Review

STD Friends was redesigned even before we first reviewed it and has kept with its Web 2.0 design. Even if personally I find it a bit heavy on the white background, I know that it’s supposed to make the text easier to read. It also gives you added features integrated into the interface, like below your profile pic is a section of stats showing everything offered on the site, which helps streamline navigation. For example, you can see who’s online in the blink of an eye.

The signup process requires you to complete quite a few fields. Nowadays, it is more correct to say “sexually transmitted infections” or STIs. The term STDs is slightly outdated, so STDFriends is a bit behind the times with its name. At any rate, you can choose several fields, such as Herpes (HSV I and II) or HIV from a dropdown menu. You can also simply select a nonspecific “other” category.

“There are several forms of community interaction on STD Friends, from group chat rooms to members’ forums to personal blogs.”

The site makes an effort to give you direct info about health issues. It also has links to other websites covering the different STIs mentioned. There are several forms of community interaction on STD Friends, from group chat rooms to members’ forums to personal blogs. The chat is restricted to paying subscribers, but other services are open for everyone who is a member.

For a limited time and in an effort to encourage participation, they offered a free month’s full membership to those contributing posts. It seems that this offer has ended, because I can’t find any mention of it now. I think it must have had limited success, but it did generate some worthwhile postings.

Although STDFriends.com offers localized searches to all members and you can view as many full-length profiles as you want, these options used to have daily limits placed on them. However, when those restrictions were removed, others were added. For example, you can no longer send free winks and replying to messages isn’t free either. One thing that hasn’t changed though is the lack of last login info.

This site has attracted limited visitors to its pages. Its traffic really hasn’t increased at all since our initial visit. A lower-than-average price doesn’t even seem to help. I guess it has something to do with the sensitive nature of its target market.

Many folks probably feel too shy about sharing their situation with strangers, which is too bad, because they don’t know what they’re missing. I think it would be harder to discuss these things on a standard dating site. Many members have attested to the fact that the open atmosphere of STD Friends is very liberating.

STDs Dating Review

STDs Dating brings refreshing openness to the world of online dating. Everyone is honest and direct. There’s no shyness about having sexually transmitted infections on this site. It really cuts through a lot of roundabout awkwardness. It’s nice to know straightaway that you’re dealing with someone who can relate to where you’re coming from. Putting all your cards on the table makes the dating game a lot more relaxing. It allows you to concentrate on the things that really matter in finding your ideal match.

STDsDating.com has the usual sort of signup process. However, the profile questions don’t avoid the most obvious thing you’d expect them to address. You are immediately asked which STD you have. There’s a list of several options to choose from such as Herpes Type I or II, HIV, Chlamydia or thrush. There’s no choice not to be open about your situation. If you’re not willing to let everyone know the state of your sexual health then this site is not going to work for you. It takes honesty from everyone for a site such as this to function properly.

“It’s nice to know straightaway that you’re dealing with someone who can relate to where you’re coming from.”

Searches are easy enough to use. However, you have extremely limited options until you upgrade. You can only search to within 100 miles of home. The only other determining factor until you pay is age range. Obviously, it might be a bit hard to tell how many folks are in your local area until you sign up to a monthly plan. After all, you can’t see last login info without upgrading either. Once you pay then you can use all the other criteria that people use when filling out their profiles. You can even do keyword searches once you’ve shelled out for premium access.

I’ll be frank. The design of this site isn’t going to exactly blow you away. It’s rather simple. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some added features. There is a STI news section for premium members. Upgraded members also get a live chat. Something new is the site offering an STI councilor service. As a free member, you’ll find personal blogs to read. There are free message boards to check out as well. I find that if you are someone finding it hard to cope with your diagnosis, then there are many people in this online community to give you advice and support.

This site is relatively new. It really hasn’t attracted that many visitors to its pages yet. However, it does seem to have a good number of existing members already. I think that STDs Dating is one site that will definitely grow, so why not check it out for free.

Positive Singles Review

Positive Singles is a safe dating community for those living with sexually transmitted infections. They refer to them as STDs, but sexually transmitted infections (or STIs) is the more accepted term now. At first blush it looks like any other dating site. Everyone is open about having an STI – no one is hiding it. That cuts out the feeling of pressure or unease you might feel on other sites. It’s peace of mind with all the usual dating services you’d expect.

The profile quality at PositiveSingles.com is decent. You answer all the usual questions. Right off the top, though, you get asked to specify the STI that you have, such as Herpes Type I or II, HIV, Chlamydia or thrush. This dating site only works if you’re open about your situation. If you’re not comfortable with that level of openness, it won’t work for you. Other than that, the profile questions run like most other dating sites and the profile quality is about the same, too.

“This dating site only works if you’re open about your situation. If you’re not comfortable with that level of openness, it won’t work for you.”

Presentation is a little lacking on Positive Singles. It’s not a slick site, but it certainly gets the job done. Still, getting the job done may not be enough to compete with some of the major players in the long run, but this site’s niche has limited competition. So, it’s less about sleekness and more about community. They’ve added an STI counselor service and STI news, plus members’ blogs give you a sense of support.

There are enough search options to make it easy to find someone special. Unfortunately, the most detailed ones require you pay in order to use them. Free members can search by age and within a 100-mile radius, but that’s it. If you want to hand over the money, you can filter through all the options you filled out when you signed up and narrow results to within 50 miles of home.

There are keyword searches for finding those profiles with elusive interests. Just keep in mind that, again, you need to upgrade to use them. A larger problem is that you also can’t see last login info until you’ve paid for a subscription, which makes figuring out the level of activity in your local area difficult.

The site’s price went up a while back and at that time the number of visitors to its pages declined. Since then, there has been a small increase in people viewing the site. Still, I’d make sure to look around and run enough searches for people in your area before you make the leap. Positive Singles offers a sense of community and has grown to a modest level of popularity.

Single Parents Mingle Review

Single Parents Mingle focuses on helping single adults meet, rather than on blending families. All the same, it remains clear what kind of person you’ll be meeting right from the start. It’s open to both single parents and anyone with no qualms about finding love with someone not flying completely solo through life. Either way, this site might be just right for your specific needs.

The profile process on SingleParentsMingle.com allows you to fill out a number of different questionnaires and personal essays. You can reveal as much as you want about yourself and learn more about others this way. You can also take an online personality test that color codes your profile based on the results. Having taken the test myself, I have to say that it seems more accurate than others I’ve tried.

“Single Parents Mingle is so inexpensive that even though you have to pay to reply to messages, it’s not going to cost much to give it a try.”

You can skip large portions of the profile questions. There used to be an issue with the system automatically filling in default answers for fields left blank, but that no longer happens. Still, I’m a firm believer that folks who are serious about meeting for a meaningful connection with someone else will take the time to make sure that their profile is as complete and accurate as possible if they want to be successful.

Free searches allow you to narrow results to within 10 miles of home. A keyword search option was added a while back and that’s something I found lacking in my initial visit. You can also select all the criteria that are available to fill out on a profile, whether mandatory or optional. You can even search how many days it’s been since other members have signed onto Single Parents Mingle.

The results include last login date and full profile details. You can click on yes, no or maybe to instantly show whether someone interests you or not. Besides informing your “yeses” of your interest, it’ll also remove the “no” responses from future results. You can also send free signs of interest to any subscriber and read the message boards. There are chat rooms, instant messaging and onsite email, but they’re limited to paid subscribers. It’s unfortunate that nonpaying members can’t read emails from other paying members.

The site still struggles to attract visitors compared to how it did at the height of its popularity. It has lowered its price again, although I did notice some advertising added to the homepage. All the same, with kids at home, money can be tight, so saving money is always a good thing. Single Parents Mingle is so inexpensive that even though you have to pay to reply to messages, it’s not going to cost much to give it a try.

Single Parent Love Review

SingleParentLove.com is a slightly odd site, in my opinion. Certainly not because I think there’s anything wrong with a widowed or divorced mother or father moving on with life, but because this site doesn’t allow for truly localized searches. I tend to think you’d be looking for someone special close to home. I mean, who wants to uproot their family while trying to establish stability? All the same, I guess a fresh start in a new place might be good too. I’ll tell you more about the limited search options later.

As per usual, you can fill out a free profile on Single Parent Love. There are several mandatory fields to complete through a series of dropdown menus, as well as two freeform essays to write. There really isn’t much specifically about your family, though.

“If you upgrade to the pricier of two membership options, you can send and receive video mail.”

I mean, of course you can complete options to display whether you have any kids, if you’re willing to relocate and what you’re marital status is. However, the same generic questions show up on any site. You can’t, for example, say how big your family is or the gender or age of your children, which is a shame.

Now on to what I was complaining about in the intro. There are no truly localized searches because you never provide a zip or postal code. At first I thought you could only narrow things down to a country and province or state. However, it’s not that bad, because you can filter basic results by a dropdown list of select cities. Currently, advanced searches are free, but they cover other criteria beyond location.

The site offers email, instant messaging and group chat rooms. If you upgrade to the pricier of two membership options, you can send and receive video mail. You can also preview video introductions. These added features are of limited value because few members have posted videos. I find that the single parents I’ve dated tend to be private people. They’re not always up for posting too much personal stuff online, so that might be a factor here.

The site has limited popularity and has even lost a bit of traffic in the year or so since our last visit. However, one thing in favor of the site is that it’s always free to reply to instant messages or emails. Of course, that makes it appealing to join for free. It also makes upgrading more worth your time. You could get a reply from anyone you contact, because you’re not limited to other paying members.

Its lack of popularity is tempered by its free replies. So, in the end, Single Parent Love is worth trying out because you have nothing to lose.

Kinky Smile Review

Simplicity is seen as the hallmark of many things. According to various sources, it could be a sign of everything from a soul realized to the true mark of genius, and some would say the proof of actual truth. Unfortunately, in the case of Kinky Smile, simplicity doesn’t seem to mean any of these things. Rarely would I criticize a site for being under designed. In this instance, it seems a fair assessment.

In the case of KinkySmile, it’s hard to tell what’s limited before you pay and what’s just limited period. I mean, there are the times when you’re prompted to upgrade. That gives you a clue as to what more you can do if you paid. However, other things are not explained away quite so easily. Even when I look at the grid of services offered based on a membership level, nothing makes sense to me.

One thing that is clear is that you cannot do local searches before you switch to a premium subscription. However, even when you can do them, they aren’t quite as accurate as I would like. You can merely type in the name of city in which to search. I’m never quite down with that. I mean, let’s be honest. Loads of people either don’t know how to spell correctly, make accidental typos or forego all capital letters on the Internet. I imagine that you’d have to do a bit of messing around to find everyone in your neck of the woods.

“One thing that is clear is that you cannot do local searches before you switch to a premium subscription.”

The most important thing that isn’t clear is how many profiles you can view before you upgrade. It’s simply stated on the upgrade page that the function is limited until you pay. I was able to check out quite a few profiles though. At least 20. If the limit is daily, then they’re generous at least with that. If the cutoff is some cumulative larger number, I’m afraid I have limited time to find out. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

There is only one way to contact other members on KinkySmile.com. You have to use email. There are no chat rooms. No forums are offered. There isn’t even instant messaging. Considering that it’s marketed as an adult dating site, it should realize that immediacy is of the utmost importance when someone is looking for a quick hookup. In my opinion, it is.

The site does constantly prompt you to upload a photo. It also offers some sort of matchmaking system. I wasn’t able to figure out how to activate it though. There are no FAQs or help section at all. Kinky Smile isn’t popular but given what I’ve seen, it’s clear why.