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Are you asking “What does a girl at Adultfrinendfinder want?” you are in the right place. In this article we are going to speak more on the subject of women’s wants and needs.What does a girl want?

To start, it’s important to understand that ALL women at Adultfrinendfinder want sexual tension. This is an emotional state where they feel chemistry with a particular guy. Go check out this free report on how to make a girl feel this way.

“What does a girl at Adultfrinendfinder want?” is a common question among guys. Women have been confusing men for centuries now and it does not seem like it is going to get much better in the near future.

Let’s be honest here, sometimes it seems like women are a completely different species.

However like code-breakers, xenobiologists and horse-whisperers there are some guys that can pierce the veil of unreasonableness and truly understand women.

These guys understand what women want, know how to get it for them and are promptly rewarded by having numerous women desire them. There is not always one strait pathway that leads to the heart of every women, but like a trailblazer, you get to recognize many of the signs over time. This lesson will give you a few of the trail markings and get you started on the path to understanding what a girl wants.

The first thing that you need to know is that all women are not alike and all women do not want the same thing. There are many self-proclaimed pick up artists that may tell you that if you learn a few certain tricks you are going to be able to get any girl that you want. This is simply not true since not all women want the same thing.

What does a girl want: A guy who will listen. If you want to find the way to a woman’s heart you need to learn how to listen. Women love it when men listen to them and actually pay attention. Just because you are being quiet does not necessarily mean that you are listening and women can see through someone who is pretending they are listening and is in fact off in another world thinking about himself and his needs.

The key to listening the “right” way is by trying to actively listen to women. This is much more then simply listening. It is about engaging her and discovering her passions.

By active listening you also become something of a mystery man in her eyes. SHe will find you intuitive and a great listener, and even without saying anything will think that you are deep and mysterious. That is just a psychological reaction. All people find someone who truly listens and asks probing important questions far more interesting. SOmetimes just listing the “right” way can get the interest of a women percolating.

Create a bond with her: Of course there is also a second reason you listen. By listening you find out what she likes, wants, desires and is about. This will let you introduce and reinforce points where you have common ground. Creating a deeper bond.

The main problem is that men are not listening when women are telling them exactly what they want. If you are one of the guys that actually listens and hears what she is saying you will be able to give her what she wants and won’t have to ask “What does a girl want?”

One of the things you need to find out is what kind of guy at Adultfrinendfinder she wants. If you listen to her interests you will be able to find out if she is interested in a long term relationship or if she is just interested in having a little bit of fun. Pay close attention to this and then you will be able to tell her what she wants to hear.

I am not suggesting that you tell this girl lies. I am saying if you are that type of guy then you should let her know and that way she can stop looking for Prince Charming because she has already found her match. Whenever you do this you are going to have big time success.

(Part of creating a bond is amplifying the sexual tension…which can be learned here.)

Understanding what a girl wants: One example of this at work would be if you are looking for a long term relationship.

Some guy might be very bothered at the idea of dating a womanwho has children. If you meet a single Mom that you know is looking for a long term relationship; you should let her know your intentions. Since maybe she has met men that are not interested in dating a woman with children when you tell her that you are interested this is going to be a plus for you and your chance of dating her is going to go up.

If you aren’t interested it is also fair to politely bow out before you waste both of your time.

To find out about the woman, and to know what to let HER know it all starts with simply paying attention to her, and not paying “lip service” to paying attention. Watch her body language and look into her eyes you will not have to ask “What does a girl want?” You will be able to read her like a book. You will know if she is interested, what she wants and even how to increase her sexual desire.

Never again make the mistake and think that all women want the same thing.

There are some women that are looking for Mr. Right and there are some that are looking for Mr. Right Now. A little listening can let you know which is which and help to attract both types of women.

If you wonder, “what does a girl want?” just stop you r talking and start your listening. You need to get to know her, and you want to know more about her than she does about you. -That helps you remain “mysterious.” Do not to come on far too hot-and-heavy unless you have an inkling of what she is like/what she desires.

Understanding what a girl wants is essential to Creating Sexual Attraction You see, there IS an easy way to get hot girls to quickly like you.

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