Asian Singles Connection Review lets new members see what the site has to offer before purchasing a membership. The site definitely puts an emphasis on more traditional values. It wants its members to find husbands and wives, not just random hook ups. Written essays are screened for inappropriate content. Anything deemed “vulgar” will be removed, which indicates that the site is concerned with maintaining a conservative image.

Besides the usual profiles, Asian Singles Connection has a special personality test, which is based on your childhood memories. When completed, the system assigns you a color-coded type of personality. Your color helps other members decide their compatibility to you more easily. The content and wording of some questions makes the test process strange, but the results are accurate enough.

“There’s certainly no shortage of ways to talk to your friends and love interests on this site.”

When you create your profile, you fill out information about your ideal match. Those details are then used by the site’s matchmaking system to generate a list of potential matches. Besides just using the details you listed, you can rank the importance of one factor over another. For example, eye color might be less important to you than someone’s level of education.

Advanced searches are free. That means you can really find members that are close to home. Moreover, you can see the last login info for each of the resulting profiles. Therefore, you know how active the membership in your local area is. If you find someone you like, you can send a smile or a prewritten greeting. There are free e-cards to send, as well.

Communication takes center stage on this dating site. You can post a message on the forums where subjects cover everything from dating to news to current events. Purchase a membership to send an instant message to an online buddy or write personalized emails. You can also use live chat rooms once you pay. There’s certainly no shortage of ways to talk to your friends and love interests on this site.

The only drawback to the site is that paid subscribers can’t get replies from free members. Free members can’t even read the messages they receive without upgrading first. Both parties must pay in order to exchange messages. Such a policy definitely limits the free experience on the site. It also limits the potential contacts for those willing to pay for a monthly membership.

Nevertheless, the site remains modestly popular. The membership fee is highly competitive, too. Joining this site costs about a third of what many sites charge. It’s so inexpensive that after checking out your local area, you really don’t have much to lose by choosing to upgrade. Asian Singles Connection seems like an obvious choice when it comes to meeting eligible Asian singles.

Korean Friend Finder Review

Korean Friend Finder specializes in joining singles who are Korean or others who simply wish to meet a Korean person. Here, you’ll find people who might not be Korean but share an interest in the culture. Others – having left the country or having previously visited it – seek to reconnect with its culture. Some simply yearn to explore something new and the beautiful Korean people offer a special exotic style, because they have that unique Asian charm. The site has seen a slight increase in visitors lately, which helps to maintain its somewhat limited popularity.

Sign up free to search ads within any US zip code. If you want to search by a city’s name outside of the United States, you’ll need to upgrade for premium search options. Viewing full profiles is extremely limited until you pay. On the search results page, you can send a free wink to show interest in any profile, even if you can’t see all the details. If you add a person to your hot list, an email is dispatched to that member’s inbox so your stamp of approval becomes evident.

“The site is available in both Korean and English, but anything produced specifically by Korean Friend Finder is bilingual.”

Free contact is limited. You can always email premium subscribers who have paid a special extra fee. It allows free members to view their main profiles and initiate contact with them. If you post a truly popular profile, you may receive as a special reward free access to premium services.

The site is available in both Korean and English, but anything produced specifically by Korean Friend Finder is bilingual. All links are translated, but most subscriber-submitted information is only in English. In the end, you can enjoy live chat, read and post messages in the forums, and an online magazine has member-written articles. There are personal blogs too. Check out the online gallery to see if you find anyone interesting. If you do, you can send that someone a free instant message.

You’re going to make loads of new friends, Korean or otherwise, so you’ll need to have an easy way to keep track of them all. Enter the network section. That’s where you can create a personalized list of members with whom you want to stay in regular contact. As a group, you’re going to be able to share bulletins and private photo albums. Your online buddies can also add right onto your individual profile a commentary describing how wonderful and interesting you are.

Upgraded memberships provide many advantages. They go beyond unlimited contact with other members. You appear top in search results. You get priority customer service and profile approvals too. Pay for the higher level of subscription for keyword searches. This site costs slightly less than others do. is certainly worth a peek if Korean connections are what you seek.

Filipino Friend Finder Review

Filipino Friend Finder is aimed toward Filipino singles. It reaches many folks from the Philippines and also attracts many of their expatriates living abroad. However, singles who aren’t Filipino are also on the site, because many men would like to meet Filipino women. The site’s popularity has waned only slightly. It’s still doing well, despite the minor decline in traffic.

When you sign up for free to FilipinoFriendFinder, you can browse profiles. However, you can only look at the details of a few. You always have the option to send a wink to anyone who interests you. If you add a member to your hot list, the other member is notified by email. Popular profiles sometimes earn free viewing privileges.

“All the new connections you make can be hard to manage, so FilipinoFriendFinder has an easy way to invite people to join your personal network of contacts.”

Initiating contact is easier once you upgrade to a paid subscription. However, you can contact some paid members for free, but it’s only the ones paying a special extra fee on top of the premium membership price. It also allows free members to see full profiles and make contact.

There is an option to switch the site into Tagalog mode, which is the traditional language of the Philippines. Many of the site’s features and links will be translated. Most member-submitted content is in English, though. However, all site-produced material has the dual language options.

There are chat rooms, you can use instant messaging, read the posts on the message boards under the group’s section, or enjoy the articles created by subscribers for the online magazine. There are some great personal blogs or you could start one of your own.

All the new connections you make can be hard to manage, so FilipinoFriendFinder has an easy way to invite people to join your personal network of contacts. You can keep track of your online pals, send out special group bulletins and share photo albums with everyone. Your new friends can also add a testimonial onto your profile describing how great you are.

Pay to become a premium member and you’ll gain so much more than just the ability to contact any profile without restriction. You will be listed first in search results, served first by customer service and receive faster profile approvals. Improved search options are also available.

Obviously, Filipino Friend Finder serves a somewhat specific niche. Its membership numbers might be less than other sites with a more general audience. However, it’s easy to tell by the amount of traffic it gets that it does quite well in serving those who are interested in making connections with the Filipino community.

Whether, you’re Filipino yourself or would merely like to meet someone who is, seems like a good place to start looking for dates or friends.

Korean Cupid Review

Korean Cupid is designed to bring together people from across the world with individuals from Korea. Obviously, it also reaches Koreans living abroad, as well as Koreans looking to meet each other. They do make the claim that their service is appropriate for all sorts of ends. You can choose dating, romance, friendship, pen pals and language exchange. From my point of view, though, after looking at some of the members’ profiles, there is definitely a leaning toward marriage as a goal. I would, in fact, guess that such a factor is part of its modest success, because in the end it doesn’t really get many visitors. is free to join, but I’ll point out something in its favor if you decide to pay. You will be able to contact any member you want to – it doesn’t matter if the other person has paid for a membership or not. In my opinion, that definitely increases your chances of success in meeting someone. It’s one of the basic things I look for and expect to get from any online dating site.

“You will be able to contact any member you want to – it doesn’t matter if the other person has paid for a membership or not.”

It sort of makes up for one thing that you won’t really find on the site. There are no truly local searches, because when you join you don’t have to give a zip or postal code. All is not lost though. After you do a basic search of a country and region, you can filter the results. Simply scroll below your primary search results and you should see a dropdown menu of cities to use to narrow down the profile list you’ll see. It’s not a perfect system, but it worked well in the test searches I did.

KoreanCupid has other typical features, such as onsite email and instant messaging. Chat rooms are open to paying members, but free subscribers can also join in them. They just need to have posted a profile photo as well as received and read at least one message from a paid member. If you opt for the higher priced of the two premium membership options, you can use video mail. You can also preview video introductions posted on other people’s profile.

Another special feature for the top-paying members is built-in translation software for their inbox. This feature works in some other areas of the site too. From what I’ve seen of it, the translations tend to be somewhat direct, but it would be the same if you used one of the many free translation websites on the Internet. I guess for some folks it would still be a handy aid in communication. Korean Cupid doesn’t reach many people, but its market is limited, so it does okay given that fact.

Japan Cupid Review

Many people find that there’s a certain Asian allure that’s hard to beat. It might be hard to meet someone of Asian descent locally, depending on where you live. Even if you did, a person might have assimilated to local customs so much that some of their appeal gained by coming from a more traditional culture is lost. Japan Cupid tries to fill that void. It lets you reach across the globe, so you can meet someone who is still in the Land of the Rising Sun.

When you fill in a free profile, you’ll soon find that truly localized searches are not always on the horizon. You must provide info about your appearance, level of schooling and occupation, as well as language skills. You don’t give a postal or zip code, but instead a country, region and in some instances a city, so search options are hardly precise. However, you can filter basic search results by a dropdown menu of select cities.

“For those who opt for the more expensive of the two membership options, built-in translation software is added to your Inbox.”

It makes no difference whether you upgrade your JapanCupid membership to a paid subscription. The advanced search options only expand the criteria to include things like height, weight and religion. Once you pay, at least you will be able to connect with all levels of members. It is free for everyone to reply to emails or instant messages, but only paid subscribers can use the chat rooms.

They do offer further incentive to spend a bit extra on For those who opt for the more expensive of the two membership options, built-in translation software is added to your Inbox. Before, there was an online demo of this feature, but I couldn’t find it after they redesigned their upgrade page a while ago.

Nevertheless, I can tell you about it from what I’ve seen before. The translation software provides translated texts that at times suffer from translation that’s a bit too direct. There are separate websites that will do a similar job of translating for free, so I’m not sure it’s worth paying extra for this built-in option.

Most important to your success on any dating site is the number of visitors that it attracts. You’ll be a bit disappointed by the small number of people visiting this site. The number of folks checking it out has actually declined slightly. All the same, at least it keeps a modest amount of traffic at all times.

There’s definitely a sense that many of its users are marriage-minded folks. They are people quite serious in their efforts to meet someone special. Japan Cupid might just be your best chance to meet your Japanese soul mate for life.

Chinese Love Links Review

Chinese Love Links seems mostly to be about helping Chinese women meet men from around the globe. You’ll find at least one success story of an Asian man finding his bride-to-be on the site. I have already reviewed some more traditional mail-order bride sites. ChineseLoveLinks does have some advantages over them in its subtlety, but it also has its disadvantages. The less direct approach isn’t always better.

There isn’t a great deal of tailoring to its specific niche when it comes to filling out a free profile. You are asked for your Chinese Zodiac animal. However, that’s about it, beyond confirming your fluency in both English and Chinese. You’ll also discover that while you are asked to provide your city, state/province and country, there is no place to put your postal or zip code. That should tip you off that searches are limited.

“As a premium member, you’re going to be able to contact anyone you want.”

It doesn’t matter whether you do free searches or pay for advanced search options. Results will never be too localized. You can always narrow things down to a country and state or province. However, only select cities can be filtered out of general results. The city field only becomes available after basic search results are returned. Anyway, that still works with Its matrimonial matches tend to be on a global scale.

You have standard methods of connecting with fellow members. It is free to reply to email or instant messages from paid subscribers. You need to upgrade to initiate your own messages or to participate in the group chat rooms, though. There are not many other extras on the site, aside from some dating-safety advice for women. There are no members’ forums or blogs. There is some travel information provided through third-party links, though.

The lack of any translation service on ChineseLoveLinks is an obvious disadvantage. At least some people would feel that way. At the same time, some traditional mail-order bride sites give the impression that the connections you make are somehow less genuine. At least in this instance you know that your messages are going to and from the other person directly. It’s just like any mainstream dating site in that way.

A site’s ability to attract visitors is crucial to its overall success. That success in numbers trickles down to you. The more members on a site, the better your chances are of meeting someone. Unfortunately, this site has a minimal number of visitors. That modest figure remains consistent. As a premium member, you’re going to be able to contact anyone you want. You don’t have to worry whether it’s a free or paid member. They may not be local connections, but you should still have plenty of matrimonial opportunities on Chinese Love Links.

Vietnam Cupid Review

Vietnam Cupid is a matrimonial site. It connects mostly women living in Vietnam with men living throughout the globe. I can tell this for a couple of reasons. First, there are several pages of success stories written by former members who found love through the site. In most cases, they are engaged or already married after visiting one another in their respective countries. Second, there are no local search features that many other sites offer. I’ll expand on that issue shortly.

When you fill out a free profile, there aren’t any questions specific to your desire to meet someone from Vietnam. The only exception is when you’re asked to describe your level of fluency in Vietnamese. There is also a dropdown menu asking you to choose your Chinese Zodiac symbol. They do ask, of course, that you also confirm your fluency level in English.

“…there are several pages of success stories written by former members who found love through the site.”

Let’s return to the issue of local searches. You do not have to give your zip or postal code, so you obviously cannot search by those criteria. The search engine on VietnamCupid lets you first search by country and state or province. Once you get basic results, you can narrow them down. You simply select a city from a dropdown menu of cities. I guess it wouldn’t make much of a difference to me if I were looking for someone far away from home. If you wanted to find someone from down the street, it might be trickier though. The premium search options focus on other things, such as appearance and marital status.

You can reply to emails or instant messages received from other members. However, you must upgrade your membership status to initiate messages. The same is true if you want to partake in conversations in the group chat rooms. However, once you’ve paid you can connect with members of any status. Basic or premium, they will be able to reply to you.

There are a few free sections on There is an area giving links to advice about worldwide travel. You can find out whether you need to obtain a visa depending on your planned length of stay and where you should go to obtain one. I’ve checked out a few of the links. They appear helpful in providing some basic free information, rather than being just commercial links. The main site gives free safety advice to women about online dating.

Most important about this or any site is how many people it reaches. This site isn’t the most popular dating site ever. All the same, it does manage to maintain a healthy number of visitors. Vietnam Cupid offers a real chance of meeting someone special for a long-term relationship.

Asian Dating Review

Asian Euro has changed its name to Asian Dating. However, other things have changed about this online dating site and I have to say that I feel even more positive about my experience here. I think you really get a fuller sampling before upgrading, which makes it much easier to decide if this site is right for you. Still, it will take some time for this newly rebranded site to regain its previous popularity. Maybe that’s why they’re offering more free access.

The signup process continues to be simple, while maintaining enough required info that you don’t end up with a lot of half-empty profiles. There are several types of matches you can choose to find on, but looking for a marriage partner remains the focus of the site. Many female members live in Asia and are seeking a spouse from Europe or North America. However, some people are not looking to relocate or select “romance/dating” as their goal, so I’ll explain why local dating seems easier with its new design.

“There are several types of matches you can choose to find on, but looking for a marriage partner remains the focus of the site.”

Currently, local searches are simpler than before, because the advanced search option is free. This lets you choose to look for people in a specific city straightaway, rather than filtering your results from a country-wide basic search. You get more search results per page and the presentation is cleaner, which makes them not only look better, but also easier to read. Last login info is clearly visible and you can also arrange results by different criteria, including membership level.

It has always been free to reply to messages from paid members, which makes trying it free more interesting and upgrading equally more appealing. No one is forced to pay simply to respond to either emails or instant messages. Upgraded members also have access to chat rooms, but even those who don’t pay but upload a photo can participate.

AsianDating has built-in translation software for your emails, but you must pay for the more expensive of the two premium subscriptions to access this service. You can translate to or from English to or from Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. The homepage and profiles can be translated into Japanese, but not email messages.

Currently, the popularity of this site hasn’t even been quantified by our independent source for website traffic. The name change is going to require considerable some time to catch on, but people trying to visit the old site are redirected to this one. The old AsianEuro is still doing quite well as far as popularity goes. Unlike typical mail-order bride sites, Asian Dating allows you to explore freely, meet someone directly and avoid dealing with overseas marriage agencies.

Asia Friend Finder Review

Asia Friend Finder specifically targets the Asian singles market. It not only delivers all the standard online dating services you’d expect, but it also gives you even more. As an online dating community, it offers many ways to connect with other people. You won’t feel alone in your quest to meet someone special. Free access is limited, though. However, you should still see enough of the site before paying in order to make an informed buying decision.

Filling out a profile involves many steps, but you can skip most of them. Obviously, the more info you provide the better. You can always go back later to finish your profile completely. Keep in mind that anyone who’s not a premium member is probably not going to see many of your details anyway, because only upgraded members can see full profiles. If you become a premium member, you can pay extra to allow free members to see more of your profile. Some very popular profiles earn special viewing privileges on a free, temporary basis.

“Asia Friend Finder is popular enough and inexpensive enough to make it worth considering for your Asian dating needs.”

The biggest catch to exploring before paying is that besides not seeing profile details, you also can’t do localized searches outside the United States and its zip codes. If you’re in any other country, you need to upgrade to search a specific distance from your city. You can see the last login info on all search results, so at least you know how many active members are within your search area.

It’s free to reply to emails and instant messages from paying subscribers. You can send a free message to those premium members who’ve paid the extra fee to allow everyone to contact them. Otherwise, you must subscribe to a monthly plan to have partial or full access for sending messages and using the many other features offered on the site. You can also check out some areas of the site before paying.

There are message boards where folks discuss a number of topics and chat rooms where you can meet and talk live with other members. Members can submit articles to an online magazine, where you’ll find tons of free dating and relationship advice. There are personal blogs, too, so you can follow the daily trials and tribulations as well as exciting dating stories of other visitors to the site.

There are two membership levels. One offers limited access but costs less. The more expensive one provides unlimited access to all of the previously mentioned services. You also get special features, such as watching members’ videos. Both options are reasonably priced. Asia Friend Finder is popular enough and inexpensive enough to make it worth considering for your Asian dating needs.

Thai Love Links Review

Thai Love Links cultivates global connections between mostly Thai women and men living abroad. Men from all different parts of the world seem to join this site. Compared to other sites with a more traditional approach to cross-cultural marriages, this site has definite advantages. For one thing, the atmosphere is more relaxed, you have direct contact between members, and you’ll also find some helpful features. For example, there’s built-in software to translate your emails.

When you create a profile on ThaiLoveLinks, there are a quite a few mandatory fields to complete. You must describe yourself fully and fill out two freeform essays. One describes your personal views in further detail and the other is about your ideal partner. A couple of the dropdown menus describe things particularly tailored to the target market of the site, such as your Chinese Zodiac sign as well as your fluency in English and Thai.

“It is free to reply to emails or instant messages on”

As mentioned in the introduction, the site focuses on international rather than local connections. A basic search lets you look in a country and a province or state. Once you have these broad results, you can narrow them down using a dropdown menu of select cities. There is certainly nothing as precise as a zip or postal code search. At any rate, part of the profile process clarifies whether you are willing to relocate to another country.

It is free to reply to emails or instant messages on A paid membership allows you to initiate messages and gives you access to chat rooms. The fact that once you’ve paid even free members can reply to your messages makes upgrading more appealing. It’s always easier to make contacts online when only one person has to pay to get the ball rolling. The most expensive membership option lets you translate messages going to and from your inbox.

Many matrimonial dating sites charge per message for translation services. That’s not the case here. However, you must keep in mind that its translations seem to rely on translation software, so they’re not always perfect. It does remain convenient that you can translate profiles and messages with just a click of a button. The samples I saw in the various demos ranged from quite good to a bit too literal. Deciphering what someone means is always part of romance though.

The highest level of membership is not going to cost you much money. It’s around the price many sites charge for a standard-level membership. In this case, you’re getting something extra for your money. What’s most important is how many people visit the site. Thai Love Links attracts a modest number of international visitors with whom to connect.