Black Crush Review

Black Crush is a sex dating site for those who are in the mood for some ebony love. The site claims a total membership of over seven million people spread out mostly in North America, though several other countries boast members in the tens of thousands. Also, they claim anywhere from 88 to 95 thousand people are online at any given point in time.

The site doesn’t ask for a lot of information up front. While that might make it easier to get right into searching and messaging, the truth of the matter is that easy registering usually means a bevy of profiles that were set up on a whim and completely forgotten about days later.

“A gold membership allows more detailed searches and video profiles, while a platinum membership includes access to members’ private photo areas and a plethora of porn videos.”

In addition, the profiles don’t show when someone last logged in, meaning there’s no way of confirming if the profiles that show up in search results are active or have been checked anytime in the past several weeks. It’s little things like this that can strip away the feeling that you could make a legitimate connection.

If you’re not located in the United States or Canada, you will have to search using the browsing option, which only lets you specify by country and not any closer. Because the premise of the site is to find chocolate love, search results come back with only ebony men and women, as only black members can see the profiles of people of other races. is actually part of a larger network of dating sites. I discovered that the username and password I used to register at Lonely Wives also works here. This might explain why my inbox was full with nine unsolicited emails from white women. Also, since we keep our profiles as bare bones as possible with no photo, all the correspondence suggests the profiles to be suspect.

You’re allowed to search with a free membership, but a paid membership is necessary to view them fully. The site actually uses a multilevel membership plan. A gold membership allows more detailed searches and video profiles, while a platinum membership includes access to members’ private photo areas and a plethora of porn videos. They also offer a two-day trial membership that allows people to view eight profiles a day. There are forums, groups and instant messaging options available as well, but it is only for paying members.

The inability to do simple things like viewing someone’s profile without subscribing to a membership package really inhibits non-paying members to give Black Crush a shot. Couple that with other issues like the aforementioned lack of knowledge regarding when members were last logged in and people are left with more questions than answers.

Ebony Friends Review

Ebony Friends is an online dating community where black friends and singles can feel at home. They’ve put together a total package that seems to suit the needs of anyone looking for love online. They’ve also redesigned the site since our initial review. It’s a welcome change, because previously they had white writing on a black background and that was tiring on the eyes. Now it’s dark writing on a mostly white background.

EbonyFriends doesn’t ask for much information when you first sign up, so you can get in and start your tour of the site quickly and easily. There aren’t any long essays to fill out or complicated matching systems to contend with. Most of the site’s members are black. All the same, it isn’t completely an ethnic-specific site. You’ll find people of different races looking for interracial relationships.

“One thing that serves as a positive reason to check out this site is that it’s free to respond to messages from paid members…”

Search options can make or break a site for new users. lets you search for love, but puts limits on your ability to filter results until you upgrade. The last time around, free searches let you narrow results to within 100 miles. This time, though, I could only do quick searches by entire cities. If you upgrade you can search within a 50-mile radius, do keyword searches, or only look for profiles with photos.

The site will let you try before you buy, at least to a certain extent. You can send a “smile” with a number of prewritten texts, allowing you to indicate your degree of interest. You’re encouraged to post messages and general comments on people’s profiles. You can also take part in the message boards. If you upgrade, you’ll have access to daily ebony news stories.

One thing that counts against the site is that you can’t see the last login info unless you upgrade. One thing that serves as a positive reason to check out this site is that it’s free to respond to messages from paid members, which makes either trying the site for free or upgrading more appealing. I mean, if you pay, you want to know that whoever catches your fancy has a chance of to reply back.

The site has seen a decline in the number of visitors to its pages since our first visit quite some time ago. It also raised its membership rate by about 30 percent a while back despite its lack of popularity. If you could at least search for locals near you before paying, it might seem less of a dice roll to join. Ebony Friends needs more members before it is worth recommending.

Ethiopian Personals Review

A site like Ethiopian Personals makes for a simple review. It’s well laid out and works easily under the command of your mouse. They redesigned it after our first visit, but most changes were minor and didn’t really affect how you used the site. They have made some small changes again, keeping the site’s simplicity. It’s still not quite perfect and the price has skyrocketed.

Any new visitor to has to go through the profile creation process. Most sites ask a few basic questions to let you in, but this dating site goes out of its way to find out more. They even have a large extended answer section to fill out tons of different details. Why should you care? Details are what attract people, after all, so do your best to take advantage of the opportunity that the site provides.

“Ethiopian Personals would be a stronger site if it attracted more members by adding more services, free local searches and lowering its price.”

A positive change is that you can do searches based on zip and postal codes again. The bad news is that you won’t be able to narrow down the searches by less than 150 miles unless you pay, which makes it tough to judge how many potential matches are living in your local area before upgrading. Premium subscribers can get it down to within 20 miles of home.

Also, as a free member, you can send signs of interest to other members and reply to instant messages. You can also reply to emails with paying, except you can only reply once to each email, which means if someone contacts you and you reply, you will have to wait to receive their next message before you can reply to them again.

One thing that’s lacking from the site is a sense of an online community. There are no message boards, chat rooms or blogs. Generally, on a niche dating site, you might expect some effort to encourage conversation and discussion among more than just individual members. I guess this site doesn’t see that as important.

The site has had only a small increase in visitors. Maybe its market is too small or it’s just one that’s hard to reach. Then again, for me, the lack of free local searches really makes it hard to judge how many potential matches I can find before I sign up. Another surprising change is the price. It has gone from middle of the road to extremely high-end.

I think they should consider making a membership more reasonable and letting you do more localized searches to encourage people to join. Ethiopian Personals would be a stronger site if it attracted more members by adding more services, free local searches and lowering its price.

Soul Singles Review advertises itself as a cool, hip place to meet black singles. They’ve dropped their slightly corny “keepin’ it real” catchphrase. Otherwise not much has changed about the site since its launch other than a healthy bump in price. I initially complained about a lack of community on the site. Even if there are still no message boards or chat rooms, they did add an online magazine a while back with articles of interest.

A number of specific questions must be answered when you make your free profile on Soul Singles. I like that this process is quite racially sensitive. It doesn’t simply lump members together into large arbitrary groups like some other sites do and it doesn’t ignore the ethnic diversity among its members. Just because people may share a part of their cultural identity, they can still have their differences.

“It doesn’t simply lump members together into large arbitrary groups… and it doesn’t ignore the ethnic diversity among its members.”

Once your free profile is created, search by keywords and within 150 miles of your zip or postal code. If you upgrade your membership, you can narrow the radius down to 50 miles from home. Once you become a paid subscriber you can send emails and initiate instant messaging conversations. You can also see who has checked out your profile in the last two weeks.

You can now not only reply free to instant messages, but also to emails. That’s a change for the better from what the site allowed before. You used to only be able to read emails and had to upgrade to reply to them. You can also send the usual free flirts to show interest in other members.

You can fill out detailed info about your ideal match and Soul Singles will generate a list of possible matches. You can go directly onto the site to see the latest profiles to fulfill your criteria. Of course, you can opt to have these matches sent to your offsite email. You can get them along with news of any flirts that you’ve recently received.

They added a travel and events section a while ago. It’s great fun, because it includes postings of some local dating events across the United States. There are also contests you can enter to win things, such as a fantasy dating experience. However, it doesn’t look like anything has been added to this part of the site recently.

As mentioned in my intro, the cost of membership went up by about 40 percent quite a while back. That may seem excessive, but the site was always rather inexpensive. In the end, it remains competitive with most sites. Soul Singles has a modest but stable number of fans, so it gives you a good chance to meet someone.

Black Singles Review

Black Singles has an obvious target market. Maybe some individuals are looking for interracial relationships, but folks on the site seek someone sharing a similar cultural heritage. It’s like most other dating sites and has the usual services to help members connect, but it’s a community, too, with added features that bring everyone together for more than just dating.

The profile process is much the same as on other sites except when it comes to identifying your ethnicity, which is a bit of an exception. There are several choices appropriate to the site’s audience, but they tend to be somewhat broad. I found that many individuals chose to describe their ethnic background a bit more in their freeform written descriptions.

“The largest limitation to Black Singles is the inability for non-paying members to be contacted by premium members by any means besides instant messaging.”

Search options include a keyword choice. There are localized results to within 10 miles of your zip or postal code. Results list a summarized version of each profile, which, when clicked, reveals the member’s full profile as well as his or her last login date. One can also choose to browse members in the form of a photo album.

Only paid subscribers on can read or send emails. It is free for everyone to reply to a premium member’s instant message, but you must upgrade to make contact by any other means, including initiating instant messages. You also can’t participate in chat rooms or post on message boards without paying first.

BlackSingles has several options when it comes to matchmaking features. First, you can receive a list of potential matches that are delivered to your offsite email. They will meet the requirements for your ideal partner according to the criteria filled out when you create your profile. Second, there is a personality test, which generated a rather accurate result. At least for me it did. Your profile is color-coded to reflect what personality type you are.

More interestingly, profiles display “yes, no and maybe” as clickable choices above each profile. Selecting “yes” sends an email directly to the other member. In it, your profile is displayed with three others. It isn’t revealed which one of you among the three said yes. Choosing “maybe” means you might be included in a similar email of four possible matches. A “no” means you will still show up in search results for the other person, but you will no longer be included in their possible email matches.

The site does have a decent number of visitors and is competitively, if not inexpensively, priced. The largest limitation to Black Singles is the inability for non-paying members to be contacted by premium members by any means besides instant messaging. Its popularity and reasonable pricing partially offset that issue, though.

Afro Introductions Review

Afro Introductions aims at bringing black people around the globe together. The name may invoke the term African American to some. The scope is hardly so limited, though. A quick look through the profiles shows that many members seek an interracial dating experience. That observation is merely anecdotal of course. All the same, the international nature of the site is clear. After all, it does provide translation services for its top-level subscribers.

It is free to join AfroIntroductions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make some effort to maintain at least a modicum of quality in their profiles. A decent amount of mandatory information is required. You cannot skip the basic fields about your appearance, ethnicity or employment. You have to write a brief essay about yourself and another one about your ideal match. A quick look through a few pages of a sample search showed plenty of photos. Of course, I cannot guarantee the same for every search, but at least it seems promising.

“Because you can reply to messages for free, Afro Introductions is worth a try.”

The biggest drawback with the site is the lack of the usual local search options. You can’t use your zip or postal code as reference for results. Instead, you can do a broad search by country and state or province. Then you can filter those results by select cities from a dropdown menu. As previously mentioned, the goal of the site is not necessarily to meet people next door but also folks from across the planet. It is important to know what you specifically have in mind in terms of how far you’d like to travel or if you’d ever relocate.

Contact methods include email and instant messaging, of which it is free to reply, and there are chat rooms. However, to initiate messages or join group chats, you need to be a premium member. Joining up seems more appealing, as you won’t be limited to only chatting with others who have paid. If you spring for the more expensive of two membership options, your messages, both the ones you send and the ones you receive, can be translated to and from English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What’s most important is how popular a site is. I’m not sure of its marketing tactics, but I must say that I’m at least somewhat impressed. After all, it is in what might be considered a specific niche. Despite its limited scope, this site attracts a small but steady number of visitors. Its modest popularity shouldn’t stand in your way, though. Because you can reply to messages for free, Afro Introductions is worth a try.