Canadian Personals Review

Canadian Personals Review

Singles in Canada can check out Canadian Personals. The site still doesn’t seem to attract many visitors. Even after having made some changes, such as allowing free keyword searches, its numbers just don’t measure up to the competition. It might want to rethink its traditional bent on dating. It still only has the choice of find someone of the opposite sex for friendship or love. There are no other options in gender or for more causal connections. That’s a bit old fashioned perhaps. I imagine that some would find it ideal though.

This site has one of the fastest signup processes going. You really aren’t forced to provide much information before getting online. That’s not to say that you can’t answer additional questions that will make your profile more comprehensive. The choice is completely yours though. Beyond the basic and extra info, you can also take a compatibility test to analyze your personality. Let me tell you that it asks some strange questions. Your responses are supposed to be based on your childhood, so it’s about as old-school Freudian as you can get.

“If you take the less expensive of the two membership options, it ends up being quite competitive when compared to a good portion of other sites on the market.”

You can send flirty “smiles” or prewritten e-cards without a membership. If you want to use any other form of communication, you need to start paying for access to CanadianPersonals. Once you do, there are a few good and fast ways to make that special connection with a fellow paid member. Obviously, you can send and receive emails. You also have chat rooms and instant messaging.

There are also message boards that are free to read. Again, a premium membership is required to reply to a post. I always say that I don’t expect any free rides in life or in online dating. All the same, when a site has a small member base, I sometimes question the logic behind limiting contact between paid and free members. I’m not sure if I would want to pay a monthly fee if there are tons of freeloading subscribers I can’t reach.

The price to join remains the same as it always was. It doesn’t change whether you choose to pay in American or Canadian currency. The option is nice to have, since many sites only come in US dollars. If you take the less expensive of the two membership options, it ends up being quite competitive when compared to a good portion of other sites on the market.

I still have my reservations about recommending this site though. It just doesn’t have enough people visiting its pages. The fact that paying for a membership doesn’t allow you to contact free members is an even bigger drawback. Canadian Personals simply isn’t the best site to join.

Author | Kristine Comments | 0 Date | February 1, 2017

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