Christian Cafe Review is such a friendly and feel-good online experience. You simply you can’t help but feel welcome. It is best suited for sincere believers, but there are still options in the profile process for non-practicing Christians. You could also choose to say that you’re not currently strong in your faith. They are better than some of their competition on at least one count straightaway: They know that it is important to establish both religious affiliation and individual church denominations while bringing everyone together.

Start by filling out a profile to begin your free seven-day trial. I have to say that the description you are expected to provide is rather extensive. There are short essays and many mandatory multiple-choice dropdowns. I normally get annoyed if a site asks for too much information. However, the questions are thoughtful. They definitely provide a more complete idea of a person. As with most of the services provided by this site, before you post any written content it will remind you that it is a Christian site. Any inappropriate comments will be removed and/or your membership could be cancelled.

“As with most of the services provided by this site, before you post any written content it will remind you that it is a Christian site.”

ChristianCafe has a chat service. Some previous issues involving trial members have left it open to only paid subscribers. That doesn’t really surprise me. There can already be some points of interdenominational friction. It does bring all kinds of believers together after all. Why risk letting outsiders easily interject into online discussions? There’s also instant messaging. It can be accessed by reviewing the members online, and then you click on the “quick message” link on each person’s profile. You can create your personal directory of contacts under the “friends” section.

The post-a-prayer page is unique. People write prayers that everyone else can read. Ideally, they’ll join in to make their own prayer for the poster. The administration warns again that it has sole discretion as to what is acceptable or not. It seems reasonable. Some people have a gift for saying more and asking less when praying. Some folks know how to make accusations. Others may covertly endorse political views or personal opinions. My only comment on this issue is that I found some of the pages under “cool links” had a slight political undercurrent. I know that would be an issue for some believers, although nothing “anti-anything” was included in the mix.

I appreciated on the signup page how the site made comparisons between the cost of its service and the cost of going to dinner and a movie. However, I noticed that the membership fee has gone up. Their popularity has also declined. Christian Cafe remains a quality site, but it seems pricey at this point.

Catholic Mingle Review is a site meant exclusively for Catholics to meet online. Despite ever-changing times, the issue of interfaith marriages has always remained the same: If your future spouse isn’t Catholic, then he or she would need to convert to Catholicism if you want a church wedding. Wouldn’t it be easier to meet people with the same religious beliefs and traditions? Unlike some sites similarly targeted to one group of interest more than another, this one doesn’t have options for nonbelievers to indicate that they’re aren’t Catholic. Here, you can only be Catholic but unsure of its importance to you.

The profile process is quick and easy. Few details are mandatory. You always have the option of filling out extra questionnaires to provide further details, but they’re optional. You can also take a personality test that color-codes your description to aid in finding compatible matches based on something beyond arbitrary physical attributes or interests. The overall tone of the experience is conservatively safe and secure. Many of the members appear to be marriage-minded and, generally, people are looking for connections that are more meaningful.

“Once you’re done explaining what you need and want in a match, the system will go through the database and email you profiles that correspond with the information you provided.”

You can send a smile or an e-card to show your interest in someone’s profile. Beyond those basic ways of getting in touch with someone, you’re going to need to sign up for a premium CatholicMingle membership. Once you’ve upgraded you can send and receive email, participate in a live chat or go one-on-one with someone special using instant messaging. It’s also free to read the message boards, but if you want to post any of your own thoughts, you need to pay for a subscription first.

There’s also a matchmaking system consisting of a list of criteria describing your potential mate. Besides simply selecting characteristics of your perfect person, you rate the relative importance of each chosen detail compared to the others to make your match description personalized and precise. Once you’re done explaining what you need and want in a match, the system will go through the database and email you profiles that correspond with the information you provided.

The site has seen an increase in how many people it attracts as visitors. Perhaps in response to its growing popularity, its monthly price, which had previously been discounted by 50 percent, has gone back up to its original full price. Therefore, before committing I suggest doing a localized search to find out how many members of interest are in your area. It definitely seems to provide a super-safe and clean online experience, which other mainstream competitors are less likely to offer.

Visit Catholic Mingle if being Catholic is important to you, or if you simply want to meet good people with traditional values.

LDS Mingle Review

LDS Mingle is a somewhat ambiguous name when you first stumble across it. There’s a local pharmaceutical testing facility with a very similar-sounding name, but obviously this site isn’t about experimental drugs at all. Once I discovered what the LDS actually stood for, my personal ignorance seemed obvious. It’s an acronym for Latter-day Saints or, in other words, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the past more commonly referred to as simply the Mormons.

Sometimes when you visit such a niche-specific site, it appears amateurish and really has no appeal beyond its specified target group. I can attest that this was far from the case with I was immediately struck by its fine presentation and sleek setup. It’s very hip and current, showing that a religious site can still stay in the loop with style while respecting its special grace and purpose.

“It’s very hip and current, showing that a religious site can still stay in the loop with style while respecting its special grace and purpose.”

Signing up is quick and easy, but covers key questions. Beyond the usual stuff about appearance, location and occupation, you’ll also be asked about your level of involvement in the church, for example, your temple status and mission. Being designed for LDS singles, its members are serious about starting long-term relationships. According to testimonials from satisfied former members, many folks have married after meeting through its services.

Once you’re done joining for free, you can start to browse the other members’ profiles and photo galleries. When you see a subscriber to whom you take a fancy you can send him/her a smile or even an e-card. You can also receive either of the same for free to your own account. The purpose of upgrading your membership is to allow you to take that initial contact to the crucial next step of full communication.

The biggest drawback to LDSMingle is the fact that to interact with other members through email, both parties need to upgrade their accounts. You can’t even read an email received from a premium member without upgrading your own account first. Still, having to spend a bit of money can show that someone is sincerely interested. You also need to pay before you can post on the site’s message boards or participate in the chat rooms.

You can at least get a good idea of how many folks have joined the site from your local area because advanced searches are free. You can search within 10 miles of your home. You’ll see the last login date and all of the profile details if you click any of your search results and you can even view all available photos. Finally, the best thing about LDS Mingle is that it’s very reasonably priced, so at least upgrading your account doesn’t cost much.

Christian Mingle Review is an online meeting place for single Christians. Faith is at the forefront. After all, sharing the same basic belief in God can lead to a much stronger, more resilient long-term relationship. Sure, you can visit other general dating sites. However, you may often face unwanted attention. Other folks might not respect your spiritual approach to dating. You’ll experience a safer, more secure environment in which to find true love on this site.

You only have to fill out a handful of questions to get online with Christian Mingle. In fact, when creating a description, it’s easy to overlook important fields. They end up being left blank. You need to be careful. It is wise idea to revisit the main and optional profile pages to avoid this issue. That could help your profile garner greater success. Meanwhile, the list of denominations defining your religious affiliation is quite extensive.

“You only have to fill out a handful of questions to get online with Christian Mingle.”

That sure helps when searching for someone who attends a different congregation or parish within the same church. The free search options are very impressive. It’s free to use keyword and advanced searches. They cover all of the details that can be included in another member’s profile info. You can also search for someone within 10 miles of home. To start making connections, you can send a free smile or e-card.

For any other type of contact option, you’ll need to pay to become a premium member. Upgraded members can use email, join live chats and initiate instant messaging. Although there’s no cost to read the message boards to learn about the general community, you need to have a paid subscription to participate actively. I do find it a negative that ChristianMingle doesn’t allow free members to respond to paid subscribers.

There is a personality test. Profiles are color-coded based on its results. Certain colors share chemistry. You can also have a list of possible matches sent to your offsite email. The matches are selected by criteria you fill out. You don’t just tick off checkboxes. You rank each individual characteristic by its percentage of overall importance. That way, your minor preferences don’t outweigh your more important requirements.

You can also rate profiles while browsing. You can select “yes,” “no” or “maybe” to indicate whether you’re interested in meeting another person. That member will receive your profile link along with other random matches and have the opportunity to choose from the same three options. Two yeses and you know it’s a good match. The biggest issue in the past with Christian Mingle was its lack of visitors, but it appears that the site is experiencing a rebirth in popularity.

Christian Cupid Review

I keep expecting to see greater popularity on sites like Christian Cupid, but they never do as well as I would think. I know sharing similar religious beliefs can help people connect on many levels, but most churchgoers come together already to practice their faith. They often meet one or more times each week. Worshipping with local congregations or parishes often leads to meeting soul mates. This dating site is mostly devoted to international matches and not very suited to meeting someone near home.

You see, does not have zip or postal code searches. You can search first by country, state or province. Then you can filter results by a few select cities. It’s not that easy to verify how many fellow members are living nearby. I think that most of us might appreciate being able to easily meet someone closer to home. Maybe we’d like to meet someone who simply attends a different church but within the same denomination as our own.

“The new blog does allow site members to comment on posts, so it opens another avenue for discussion beyond the group chat rooms of the main site.”

Replying to messages is free. Initiating contact by instant messaging or email requires a paid membership. The chat rooms, conversely, will work for anyone. You just need to have posted a photo onto your profile. That seems to mean that one finds more profiles with photos than one sees on many other sites. They further enhance the general quality of the profiles that already demand a good amount of mandatory fields be completed.

I would say that previously there was something missing on ChristianCupid. There were no features to create a sense of community. There weren’t message boards. There were no personal blogs either. There wasn’t even dating advice tailored to its members. Now, however, there is a Christian advice blog. It seems to be updated about once a week. It covers love and dating as well as general Christian living.

The blogger who writes the entries does not appear to be a site member. She’s simply a devout Christian wishing to share. On other Christian dating sites I’ve visited, the inclusion of such things has definitely helped visitors relate on a more spiritual basis. The new blog does allow site members to comment on posts, so it opens another avenue for discussion beyond the group chat rooms of the main site.

There isn’t much to fault the site on in an objective sense. It offers as much to its members as many other competing sites do. Somehow, it just isn’t achieving its full potential. The site should consider working on promoting itself more, as well as perhaps adding some more faith-based features beyond the new blog. For now, Christian Cupid seems to keep going on a wing and a prayer.

Big Church Review

Big Church is one of the most popular dating sites that specialize in catering to people of faith, and its popularity continues to grow. However, it isn’t an online dating site built on faith and promises alone. It has a strong backbone of services. They hold their own against any of the best secular dating sites out there. It does have one major drawback, but, overall, as we’ll shortly explain, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by checking it out.

We’ll start with the bad and end with the mostly good news about The only bad thing I can say about it is that you cannot see most profiles before upgrading from a free account. You can do free localized searches, but you won’t see full-profile details except for a few select members. Premium subscribers can pay an extra fee to allow everyone, including free members, to see their complete profiles. Very popular profiles can also earn special viewing privileges without upgrading.

“When it comes to additional services, there are many ways to be part of the BigChurch community.”

Now that that’s out the way, I have so many nice things to say about the site. Being able to see the date that a given member last logged in is equally as important as being able to read a profile. On this point, the site delivers. The last login date is easily visible in search results. Even if you can’t read profiles, at least you’ll be able to see how many people logged in during the past day. That’s usually a good indication of how popular a site is in your area.

What’s more, it’s free to reply to messages from paid members. That should encourage you to try the site out and see if anyone decides to contact you. However, it should also serve as an encouragement to signup for a paid subscription. After all, you’ll be able to initiate emails and instant messages with any member, regardless of his or her level of membership. You’ll know that you can get a response without the other person having to pay any money.

When it comes to additional services, there are many ways to be part of the BigChurch community. There are personal blogs. There’s an online magazine with member-submitted articles. There are message boards and group chat rooms. Best of all, you know that given the site’s audience, you won’t have to worry about inappropriate language or subjects.

Sometimes when a site caters to a special group of people, it fails to live up to the usual standards. However, Big Church is a great site without a doubt. It’s a real chance for online fellowship as well as safe Christian dating.