I Need a Man 911 Review

I Need A Man 911 is a dating site for gay and bisexual males with an eye toward casual hookups. That’s not to say that the urgency implied by the emergency number at the end of the name precludes people from joining for other reasons. However, it’s just to explain what most folks on the site are looking for, it would seem. For now, the site lacks traffic. Let me explain why that might be the case in my opinion.

Little is free on the site. Instead, it has opted to offer a highly competitive monthly price. I’m not sure about the marketing prowess behind such a plan. It’s as if you’re expected to upgrade before really knowing what INeedAMan911.com has to offer. For instance, basic searches are limited to entire countries and only a few select cities. You can also search by state.

“There are no message boards on INeedAMan911, but for paid subscribers there is live chat and instant messaging.”

That can make it difficult to get a clear picture of how many members live near you. Rather, it depends on where you live. If you click on the link for advanced searches, the site immediately informs you that you need to upgrade. I couldn’t find any info on what extra options are included in the upgraded search engine, though.

You won’t get to see any members’ details beyond an extremely brief summary description and a small thumbnail image. It’s unclear – or at least unstated – if upgrading allows you to see pertinent details such as last login date. Obviously, you can see profile details and all of the person’s posted pics.

There are no message boards on INeedAMan911, but for paid subscribers there is live chat and instant messaging. You can also send and receive five emails per day before upgrading. In other words, technically, there are some free contact opportunities. Again, there did seem to be limited information on some of the features before being prompted to upgrade.

Other extra features include such things as the ability to create a secondary profile in another country or city to which you plan to travel. That way you can make connections with locals while away from home. Paid subscribers can update their profiles as often as they like. Before paying, you can only make changes once a month. Upgraded members can also keep track of the profiles that they find the hottest. They can add them into something called their private “man file.”

I Need A Man 911 really needs to give more free access options to attract more new members. That might help to boost its low popularity.

G Kiss Review

G Kiss is one of those sites that on the surface has a certain appeal, but when you actually get down to brass tacks, it just doesn’t live up to its potential as much as you’d like it to. For example, it has a well-designed interface without having that cookie-cutter experience that some professionally produced sites have. However, for the moment, its popularity is lacking and that holds it back a great deal.

I appreciate that when filling out a GKiss profile members have to provide enough information – both in mandatory dropdown menus and in required written essays – so that their description meets at least a minimum of quality. That’s further enhanced by the fact that there’s a screening process, so areas can’t simply be skipped by filling in random gibberish or the profile will be removed.

“One good thing is that paid G Kiss subscribers can initiate contact with nonpaying guests by email or instant messaging…”

Without paying, the search options are limited. They do improve with a premium upgrade, but your advanced search for local areas only narrows down from 100 miles to 50 miles. Meanwhile, the only other free option is age range. Nevertheless, you can view the full details, except the last login info, of each profile in your search results, such as what the other guy is looking for as well as a complete physical description and other personal characteristics.

One good thing is that paid G Kiss subscribers can initiate contact with nonpaying guests by email or instant messaging, because it’s always free to reply to fellow members. That bodes well for the trial visitors, too, since you can show interest or send a free icebreaker to encourage interaction from your end, even if you can’t send emails or start chatting without receiving a message from a paid contact first. There are also forums in which it’s free to post.

Other benefits of upgrading include daily gay news and dating tips. You can see who’s interested in you or who looked at your profile. Meanwhile, you can prevent others from seeing when you’ve looked at their profile and block undesirable members from your future search results. I already mentioned that you gain advanced search options and, as is standard, your profile will appear closer to the top in other guys’ search results.

One final point that counts in my mind as a negative is that until you pay the last login info is blocked when viewing profiles. That fact combined with the large radius when trying to do a local search definitely makes it difficult to decide whether GKiss.com is worth joining. It doesn’t get loads of traffic yet so it would prove useful to know how well represented your home base is before joining.

G Cruise Review

G Cruise is an online dating site exclusively for gay males. You can either choose to meet other gay singles or a gay couple. I’ll say straightaway that one thing this site has going for it is its relative popularity. On the one hand, gay men may choose the online dating route more often than other people do. On the other hand, that means it’s a very competitive market. They have a lot of choices, so it’s significant that many of them opt to visit this site.

Now, there’s no guarantee that all visitors to GCruise.com are actually sticking around once they’ve checked out a few profiles. After all, you can set up a free profile in no time flat, because it doesn’t require you to give a lot of info. I’m sure that some folks simply sign up so they can have a poke around some of the sexier pics posted by other guys. All the same, from a cursory search or two, I found some complete enough members’ descriptions to think that some men were serious about meeting someone.

“Whichever membership you buy you’ll get access to all the photos and vids posted by other members.”

As is often the case, some rather explicit photos are posted and despite the sexy images, some fellows are looking for a relationship on GCruise. Reasons for meeting someone of a platonic, romantic or adult nature are part of the free search criteria. There’s an age range to choose and whether your match is single or not. You can further filter for folks with photos, videos and/or webcams. There is no local search option for the basic search engine.

Take heart, because there’s still a way around that issue. You can browse for profiles near your location, so it’s easy to find men in your neck of the woods. If you upgrade, you will of course have many more options and you can do local searches based on US zip codes or select cities in other countries. You will also be able to reply or send emails, instant messages and use text and video chat rooms. You also get some free porn if you pay for the more expensive of two membership options.

Whichever membership you buy you’ll get access to all the photos and vids posted by other members. If you want to see the handsomest dudes with the hottest bods, you can always browse the “hottest” profiles. You see, members have the chance to rate other members’ attractiveness. If you’re a paid member it appears that you can turn off the feature that allows others to comment on your profile. Overall, G Cruise is very popular, but to fully enjoy it, you need to buy a premium membership.

Pride Dating Review

Pride Dating brings together men and women of all backgrounds, including straight, gay and transgender. Unlike some gay dating sites, it doesn’t exclude everyone except gay males. It offers an inclusive online dating community in theory. In practice, it’s a question of who chooses to visit the site. Currently, limited numbers of people are checking it out, but it is experiencing a rapid upswing in visitors. Accompanying a recent site redesign, they offered free access while any design bugs were ironed out, but now they back to billing normally.

If you want to find out how many folks are online in your local area, you’re definitely in luck with PrideDating. Other than a few mandatory dropdown menus describing a bit about your physical description and a couple of freeform essays about you and the person you seek, there’s not much to filling out a free profile. Then you can do localized searches within five miles of a postal or zip code. You can see complete profile info as well as the last login date and time in precise details, which are important when trying to determine how many people in your area use the site frequently.

“Things are looking up for the great PrideDating.com domain even if traffic hasn’t reached a peak yet.”

The number of services offered has improved to include group chat rooms and instant messaging. You can add people to your list of favorites as well as tagging photos that interest you. An FAQ on the site suggests email communication is limited to between paid members to cut down on spammers. However, in reality, a paid member can contact a non-paid member and receive a free reply back. In the meantime, you seem to be able to use the chat rooms without charge.

Things are looking up for the great PrideDating.com domain even if traffic hasn’t reached a peak yet. Deciding to bolster traffic by updating site design, adding live chat and an instant messaging service shows a valuable commitment to the site. Besides adding many features to the interface, such as centralized info with one click links to profiles you’ve viewed, who’s viewed you, who’s currently online and much more, they’ve also added offsite links to various organizations such as GLAAD, which shows a sense of commitment to the community at large.

Its local search options and the chance, once you’ve upgraded, to communicate with all members regardless of subscription status is appealing, despite its currently limited popularity. Its number of visitors has started to grow and they’ve demonstrated a dedication to building a better site. That to me is a very important factor in deciding any web personals site is really worth joining. Pride Dating has shown steady growth in its popularity and services offered, since its initial launch, which makes it worth considering.

Gay Friend Finder Review

Gay Friend Finder is out to put a little romance back into the lives of single men around the globe. Of course, it comes with all the usual trappings you’d expect to find on a dating site and has just that little bit extra that makes it seem like a true online community. You’re not just faced with the prospects of serious dating or even causal hookups, but you also have the chance to make friends and connect with your peers within society at large.

Profiles make a dating site, so that’s what’s so unusual about GayFriendFinder. They only allow extremely limited access to free members. We’re talking only brief summary profiles here. You might see a complete one from time to time though. That’s because subscribers can pay extra to allow free members to read theirs. Also, some profiles are given special viewing privileges based on popularity.

“You’re not just faced with the prospects of serious dating or even causal hookups, but you also have the chance to make friends and connect with your peers within society at large.”

At least other options aren’t so limited for guests to the site. You can do free localized searches based on a postal or zip code, for example. If you upgrade you will, of course, have more advanced options, but at least you can judge the number of members in your local area without having to pay for a membership first. You can also see last login info for everyone.

GayFriendFinder.com excels in its extra features. There’s a magazine with user-submitted articles and loads of personal blogs. You can also take part in message boards and chat rooms. You can access most stuff without paying, but it might be on a limited basis. If you upgrade, you can also view members’ videos. They’re not sexually explicit, but the intros show you some rather sexy fellows. If you “go local” you’ll see user-submitted content related to your city.

A special option lets you to confirm your identity by sending your identification by snail mail. It earns you a confirmed badge verifying all your details, such as age, height, weight, etc. The first advantage is that everyone will know you are upfront in your profile. The second benefit is that it will earn you some free time. You can get two free weeks of the less expensive of two membership options or extend your existing membership at either level by two weeks.

Finally, as with any dating site, numbers are the name of the game. They’ve done a good job at attracting people to their pages and keeping them around. All the same, one surfer complains his local area is short on members. He also thinks the limited access to profiles isn’t a good way to try out the site. Overall, Gay Friend Finder offers a great online dating community.

Gay Cupid Review

GayCupid.com has limited popularity, but there’s probably a good reason for that. It’s always a bad sign to me when certain areas of a website with a very specific market in mind have not been tailored to its surfers. It reeks of cookie-cutter design when there’s a lack of attention to detail. Such is the case with this online dating site. You’ll find that in many places it mentions both genders, despite its gay male membership.

The profile process has a few required fields. There are also sections where subscribers must write a text-based description of themselves and whom they’re seeking. You can’t choose bisexual or transgender as an option anywhere in the dropdown menus. That makes Gay Cupid less than sensitive to the inclusive aspect of the gay community, which may not be an issue for some, but it doesn’t seem ideal to me.

“Even if you don’t upgrade, you can have limited access to chatting if you add a photo to your profile.”

Speaking of which, you have access to basic and advanced search options without paying. I will explain how local searches work on this site. You can use zip or postal codes because you don’t supply that info when you create a profile. Instead, first you do a basic search based in country, state or province and then you scroll to the bottom of your results and filter them from a dropdown menu of select cities. Depending on what you search, you may or may not find the city you seek.

It’s free to reply to emails or instant messages from premium subscribers. What might surprise you is that you can send 40 free emails each day without upgrading. If you write a paid member, you can customize the entire message. When writing to a free member, you can only use a prewritten subject line and the main body of text can only be read by the other member if he/she upgrades. Paid members can send up to 250 messages.

Paying members also have full access to chat rooms. Even if you don’t upgrade, you can have limited access to chatting if you add a photo to your profile. You also need to receive some emails from other members interested in you. If you pay for the more expensive of two membership options, you’ll enjoy voicemail and video mail. It also lets you post your own and watch video introductions from other members.

A community section has links of interest to gay and bisexual men. One link is supposed to include user-submitted content. I noticed it on my last visit to the site over a year ago, but even now, this area still states: “This section will launch soon.” Gay Cupid isn’t the most popular gay site, but it does offer quite a bit for free.

Out Personals Review

OutPersonals.com, like most gay online dating sites, seems to have an unfair advantage. Its services are rather comprehensive. Somehow niche sites know that they need to be bigger, better and bolder. That’s what it takes to compete with their more general market competitors. As is so often the case with all specialized dating sites, this one is like joining a whole community. It’s not just some place to look for a date or a hookup.

Unlike other similar services, this one targets gay men, bisexuals and transsexuals, but not lesbians. It requires you to upgrade for a minimum three-month period. What that means is that when the price is broken down by month, it’s quite affordable. However, our price score is based on what your initial payment will need to be. That’s why it scores a bit low on that front.

“Out Personals is one of the top dating sites in its niche, so it’s well worth checking out.”

You can browse for members in your local area, but you can only see a few full profiles. Some premium members have paid extra to grant all-level access to their profiles. All the same, if you write a great profile, they may reward your popular posting with free access benefits. That’s at least some incentive for people to take the time fill in the little details.

Free contact options include sending a “wink” or adding someone to your hot list. It is also free to reply to messages from paid members, which definitely makes it more appealing to upgrade. Again, premium subscribers who pay more money can make it possible for everyone to initiate contact with them. That includes free members. For some, it might be worth the extra cost.

Chat rooms on OutPersonals are free to everyone. Premium subscribers have the added benefit of being able to expand their fellow chatters’ profile details. They can also open their own private chat rooms. Any visitor who is feeling like showing off a bit can broadcast his webcam to the entire chat room. There’s instant messaging too.

You can read message boards and there are subscriber-submitted articles in the site magazine. Now, I know you may be looking for romance, but I should mention that some content I read was more passionate than romantic in nature. I guess it could make some lonely, cold nights a whole lot warmer.

“My network” is a place to keep track of online contacts, post bulletins and share photo albums. If a friend likes you he can add a testimonial to your profile naming your finer points – or meatier attributes. It’s a handy feature indeed.

What really makes this site appealing is its popularity. Out Personals is one of the top dating sites in its niche, so it’s well worth checking out.

Gay.com Review

Gay.com is different in that it avoids talking to you as if you’re a solitary moron lost in a sea of singleness. Many dating sites reel you in with a sense of community by offering material beyond the member profiles. Some might warrant a nibble, but seldom a bite. All too often content focuses too much on finding Mr. or Ms. Right. As a rule, sites insisting that they’re the best way to net the perfect partner prove fishy.

The name may be simple, but the site’s philosophy is sophisticated. It’s so much more than just a home for a romantic rendezvous or quick hookup. It’s a place to meet intelligent, well-read and interesting people within your community. For gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transsexuals, Gay offers genuinely informative and entertaining content, celebrating everyone’s unique identity.

“For gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transsexuals, Gay offers genuinely informative and entertaining content, celebrating everyone’s unique identity.”

When making worthwhile connections, personalized contact and time is of the essence. Filling out a free profile is fast, while details are limited to what you want to reveal. Once done, you’ll find that the search options are precise. You can narrow down the geographic area to less than a mile and you’ll be able to recover detailed search results and the last login date.

There’s also online chat on a truly global scale. You can see the profiles of members online and send an instant message or join them in a chat room. Whether you want to find a pen pal, make a friend, embark on a long-term relationship or something more casual, you’ll have your chance.

Your Gay.com encounters can be as meaningful or as fleeting as you want. There’s video chat for everyone, which you could use to meet someone special for life – or for less ambitiously romantic purposes. It allows you to meet virtually face-to-face before meeting in the flesh. Still, it bears repeating that joining Gay.com gives you more than just acquaintances, friends and lovers.

It is a comprehensive guide to contemporary gay life on an international level. You can check out areas like entertainment, health, business, careers, style – and that’s just naming a few categories. There are also message boards and feedback from fellow members on all sorts of news and opinions.

One final word of praise must be given. In these hard economic times, the cost of joining has lowered to a highly competitive rate. It’s less than half of many standard-priced memberships. Visiting Gay.com will have you staying all day and night, as there’s so much more to discover than a mate, date or friend. It’ll keep you informed, entertained and amused, too.