Interracial Match Review brings people of all different ethnic backgrounds together in one place. It’s about cross-cultural matchups, not just differences in skin color. You’ll find black people, Asians, Caucasians and Latinos to name just some of the groups you’ll see represented. I like the diversity. Not many sites, even in this niche, really cover such a wide range of folks. The field is always so much narrower.

In fact, many online dating sites are sold on the promise of finding someone exactly like you, but InterracialMatch focuses on the beautiful differences between people, those that can make a relationship a growing experience. Not to mention how much more interesting it can make your dates. If you’re tired of the same old, same old, then maybe you should consider expanding your horizons. Learn new things and meeting unique people makes life more worth living.

“…many online dating sites are sold on the promise of finding someone exactly like you, but InterracialMatch focuses on the beautiful differences between people…”

Your free profile doesn’t take long to fill out. You must describe your appearance, employment status and write a brief personalized essay describing who you are. Unlike some other sites, this one doesn’t limit what kind of relationship you can seek or the people you can meet. Your reasons for connecting run the gamut from friendship to intimate encounters to even marriage. It could be with someone of the same sex or even a couple.

As a free member you have a quite a few things you can do before upgrading. You can send a flirty wink to show interest and reply to emails or instant messages. You also can view and post to the forums, so you feel like part of the community even before you upgrade. Obviously, if you want to initiate contact in a more personalized way, you need to pay.

Free searches only get to within 100 miles of home and don’t display last login info. Upgrade and the search radius narrows to 50 miles and the last login dates are revealed. The Catch 22 is that when you do upgrade, you may find that your local area isn’t very active. At least you’ll also see added information, like who has been checking yours or someone else’s profile. You’ll also know whether that person was interested or not by what they saw.

You can earn free premium access by making a worthwhile suggestion on improving the site. A more surefire plan is to get some of your friends to join. The site doesn’t get that many visitors, so getting you to recruit members works in its favor too. Your suggested improvements might also pull in more people in a less literal sense. At any rate, it’s worth checking out Interracial Match, even if it’s hard to judge how many active members live near you.

Interracial Cupid Review

Interracial Cupid does a nice job straightaway of making sure that it shows many different interracial pairings. It has graphics showing all kinds of biracial couples. However, its services are targeted toward a global market. This fact may seem odd. At least it’s a bit unusual to some of us. I live in a cosmopolitan city. Interracial relationships don’t really require global connections in my mind. They hardly require even progressive thinking on my part.

Although it focuses on international matches, InterracialCupid has all the features of most other online dating sites. You can fill out a free profile. It requires that you complete all the details about yourself. You must write two essays. One describes you, and the other describes your potential partner. I appreciate its required info. The manually verified content can never be left blank. It can’t be filled in with gibberish, which guarantees a modicum of quality. There’s always a worthwhile amount of detail for each member’s description.

“Although it focuses on international matches, Interracial Cupid has all the features of most other online dating sites.”

Furthermore, you can converse in chat rooms. You can use email or instant messaging, too. It is free to reply to a message. Obviously, you must upgrade to a paid subscription to initiate contact. If you spring for the more expensive membership option, it allows for some special advanced features. These include access to video profiles and messaging. You can also access an automatic translation option for your mailbox. lacks the usual localized search options, because you can’t search by zip or postal codes. You can search by country, province or state. There are some select cities to filter basic results. They show up after a broader search. The lack of the usual local search options hinders anyone hoping to meet someone truly close to home. The advanced search options only use additional information provided from other dropdown boxes filled out when creating profiles.

Another serious issue is the limited number of visitors to the site. There are too few visitors to be certain of how much success you might have in connecting with someone. Moreover, you can’t determine activity levels easily in your actual local area. I found this discouraging. A brief browse through the existing members impressed me, because the first 500 female profiles all had pics. However, that might be because anyone with a posted photo can use the chat rooms for free.

Two improvements would help the site. One is an improved search engine. The other is greater promotion of the site to attract more members. Since you don’t have to provide a zip or postal code, a change toward more localized searches entails a major overhaul of the system. Interracial Cupid is ideally suited to someone willing to meet on an international scale.