Jewish Cafe Review is your place to meet other Jewish singles. It offers an open and friendly environment that will remind you of a local coffee shop. It doesn’t matter what your Jewish heritage is or what level of religious practice you observe. You’ll find like-minded folks from all over to talk to. Some specialized sites don’t really tailor themselves to their specific audience. In this case, you don’t feel like this site is simply pressed out of a mold. There’s definitely a spirit of community here.

JewishCafe makes you complete quite an extensive profile. Mandatory fields cover a wide range of subjects, which helps guarantee that the profile quality remains high. You have to clearly describe your appearance, personality, hobbies and employment. It’s mostly dropdown menus, so despite there being lots of questions, it really doesn’t take too long to fill out and get done right the first time.

“I think if you actually took the time to complete the whole process you’d have one killer description.”

There are short optional essays you can complete. I must admit that I normally dislike short-answer areas on dating sites. Usually they are too corny and romantically cliché, but this site had some great write-ups to complete. I think if you actually took the time to complete the whole process you’d have one killer description. Any potential suitors should get a clear picture of who you are.

You get a 14-day free trial with full access when you first join. You can enjoy live chat, email and instant messaging. You can also send a limited number of emails daily without being charged, even after the free trail has ended. You can keep track of the new connections you make online by making your own personal directory of contacts under the “friends” section.

Matchmaking is sort of known as a Jewish specialty, so this site does have a quick match system. It will let your browse members who correspond well with your profile. It won’t send emails of matches to your offsite email though and I find that a minor drawback. More significant is the lack of visitors to this site. However, it wouldn’t be so bad if you could at least check out who’s in your local area and whether they’re active members. However, that’s another catch with this site.

There are no local searches, despite loads of free advanced search options. You can only search by broad regions within a country, such as state or province, and that’s really impractical. At least you can see when a member last visited the site right down to the hour. Besides, Jewish Cafe offers an excellent chance to completely try out its services before paying a dime, which means it’s great for both dating site veterans and first-timers.

Jewish Mingle Review is obviously aimed toward the Jewish singles community. Since we last updated this site, it has made some minor changes in its design, which makes it slightly better than it was before. I initially complained not because it hadn’t tailored its interface to meet its members’ niche specifically enough, but because if you chose not to answer questions, such as whether you keep kosher, it would randomly default to whatever the first possible response was. That’s no longer the case.

For example, previously, if you didn’t respond to the question, it would automatically input “always” as your kosher observance. Now, you can choose a blank field from the dropdown menu and that question will simply not appear on your profile at all. I appreciate that you have a choice to decide to share only those characteristics about yourself that you find important, while not mentioning at all the preferences you deem less relevant.

“JewishMingle may miss the mark on tailoring its profile process to its intended audience but makes up for it with some great contact options.”

To further enhance your profile, there’s a personality test based on early life experiences if you want to get Freudian about your possible compatible matches. You can also answer a series of questions about whom you think would make a good match for you. Besides checking off boxes, you rate in order of importance which sections should count for more overall in comparison to others. For example, education might be more important than someone’s eye color.

Besides basic email, you can post a message on the forums, where subjects range from dating to news to current events. Both require a paid subscription. There are some free ways to show interest to fellow members. Flirt by sending a “smile” or choose a predefined message with a choice of e-cards for everything from Passover to Earth Day. There’s also a free instant messaging option for everyone.

Once you upgrade to a premium membership, besides the aforementioned email access, you’ll also enjoy live chat rooms. All these chances for making a connection with someone earn this site some considerable points in my books. JewishMingle may miss the mark on tailoring its profile process to its intended audience but makes up for it with some great contact options.

Membership is slightly less than many other sites, so you don’t have to invest much money to experience all the benefits of full membership. My advice would be to check out profiles before paying anything, because the quality of profiles seems to depend on your local area. Additionally, women seem more committed to completing their details and adding a photo than many of the male members do. Jewish Mingle does continue to lack popularity but offers a full range of services for a competitive price.

Jewish Friend Finder Review has lost a few of its visitors compared to its site traffic a few years ago. All the same, its price remains competitive. It does offer a true sense of community, with message boards, blogs and more. Traditionally, an ideal match for a Jewish boy or girl is another Jewish boy or girl. This site can help you out in that respect, because most of its members will fit the bill. Obviously, any person of any religious persuasion is welcome to join.

Sign up for free to JewishFriendFinder. You need to enter important details such as your level of religious activity, whether or not you’re kosher, how often you attend temple and if you are Orthodox, Conservative, Gerim, etc. Once you’re done, you can immediately browse profiles. You can zoom in on only a few. Send a wink or add anyone to your hot list. Your special someone will be notified by email of your flirtation. Lucky profiles can gain special access for having a popular post.

“Jewish Friend Finder remains a fun place to meet people for friendship and more.”

Initiating contact normally requires a paid subscription. Some subscribers pay extra fees to let anyone at any level respond to their ad. If you upgrade, you can enjoy other benefits though. Online chat and instant messages guarantee many chances for live talk with tons of people just like you. Opinions are always worth knowing and sharing. There are loads listed in the message boards in the “groups” section. Articles abound in the online magazine. All the rage these days, online blogs let you see regular updates from members who write about their daily lives for everyone to read.

You’re almost guaranteed to make online connections. Still you might not want to stay in contact with every schmo you get to know. The “network” feature helps you easily maintain the online friends you want to keep. You can send out general bulletins to everyone in your group and share private photo albums just between pals. The sense of community and safety is reinforced by letting you guard your privacy. Meanwhile, you can still stay in communication with hordes of fellow members.

There are two levels of premium memberships. Both allow you contact any member. You’ll also be added to the top of search results and receive faster customer service and approvals on profiles. The more expensive option has further features like keyword searches. As previously mentioned, you can pay an additional fee to allow free members to initiate contact with you. Keep in mind that they can reply free to you already.

Jewish Friend Finder remains a fun place to meet people for friendship and more. However, its premium features come with a premium price.

JDate Review

Every good Jewish child knows that mamele only wants you to be happy. But would it kill you to bring home a nice Jewish girl once and awhile? And what? Such a pretty girl like you and still no husband? You have no free time to meet someone, you say. It must be true. You’re even too busy to call your own mother. For the Jew on the go who still wouldn’t mind settling down and sharing a life with someone who might never be good enough for mamma – but at least understands what guilt means – J Date is your chance to meet singles without sorting through shikses and goy boys.

They claim opposites attract. However, studies have shown that whoever “they” are, they’re plain meshuganah. Two people having lots in common and living close to one another form most successful relationships. The problem is that however nice Mrs. Goldstein’s daughter is or how Mr. Lipshitz’s son is so successful, what sounds good on paper just doesn’t always cut it. Your mother was right. You’re fickle and too picky.

“Paid JDate subscribers can also access chat rooms for a definite chance to schmooze some more and make a good first impression.”

You must appreciate Bubbie’s concerted efforts to find you a match. However, you need to go out and find your own balebatisheh yiden. Why not take a couple of minutes to fill out a free membership form on Then you’ll have a chance to check out profiles from over half-a-million Jewish singles. I kid you not. There are 15,000 new subscribers every month.

Until you shell out some cash, you can’t really contact anyone. You can send little prewritten “teases.” However, what do you expect? It’s about as much as many other sites offer free, quite frankly. After you’re schvitzing from all the shopping around and you decide to finally get serious, sign up for a paid membership. Then you can really get down to business.

You’ll be able to send and receive emails and initiate instant messages, too. Free members can reply to instant messages but can’t start the ball rolling. You’ve lived long enough to know that it’s all about networking. The more people you talk to, the better. Paid JDate subscribers can also access chat rooms for a definite chance to schmooze some more and make a good first impression.

The cost of a single month’s membership has gone up yet again since our last visit. The site’s midlevel popularity remains steady. However, the longer multi-month subscriptions are more billik like borscht. My only advice is that you realize that this site is more for serious people looking for actual relationships. If you’re only looking to get shtup’d, this isn’t really your scene. Visit J Date if you finally want to make your poor mother happy for once!