Latin Singles Connection Review is your destination for finding mucho matches from the Latin community. Whether you’re looking for amigos or amor, you can find both here. Latin culture has a wide and diverse group of people. You’ll find folks from everywhere: Mexico to South America and even Spain. Of course, there are also members who aren’t Latino themselves. If you’re looking for a fiery love or merely a feisty friend, then this is the fiesta for you.

The profile process is rapid since there isn’t a great deal of mandatory information required to complete your description. Lax requirements sometimes compromise the quality of a site’s profiles. In this particular instance I found that, overall, there were a minimal amount of members who had provided photos or given enough details to guarantee an interesting read. As is often the case, the women fared better than the men when it came to putting a genuine effort into creating an attractive personal summary.

“For more compatible matches, you can take the time to fill out the information in LatinSinglesConnection “ideal match” system…”

You always have the choice to go the extra mile. Although you’re not forced to make a stellar self-presentation, you still shouldn’t pass up on completing the optional fields that could make your ad a winner. There’s even a personality test you can take that’ll assign a color code to your character to further delineate who you are and which people best match your personal style.

For more compatible matches, you can take the time to fill out the information in LatinSinglesConnection “ideal match” system, and then potential partners can be emailed to your offsite email. Simply choose from a series of criteria about what you want in a future mate. After making your selections you rank each one in overall importance to all the others. For example, appearance could be less important than your match’s education level. You dictate what qualities are “make it or break it” for love.

As is usually the case, you can browse profiles for free, send a “smile” or e-card to people who interest you, receive instant messages from paid site visitors and read the message boards for an overview of the site community. When you’re ready to raise the stakes to the premium level you’ll gain access to live chat, capacity to send and receive email, the chance to post on message boards and the ability to start instant messaging conversations.

You’ll need to research your own local area firsthand to be sure that paying the full membership fee is worth your time and money. However, overall, the site maintains a decent, although modest, amount of popularity. Visit Latin Singles Connection for some spicy matches, but keep in mind that you’ll need to pay to experience its services fully.

Columbian Cupid Review

Colombian Cupid is your chance to make connections with people living in Colombia. The site has more of a global matrimonial feel to it. It has limited local search features that make it better suited to long-distance meetings. There is at least one special feature that will help to bridge the gap between cultures, but only if you’re willing to pay a bit extra. Without further delay, let’s get underway with a few more details.

Filling out a free profile on does require some patience. You must select answers from a generous number of dropdown menus. There are also two short essay questions that can’t be skipped. There is nothing really tailored to Colombian dating in any of the stuff asked. The only exception is that you need to explain your fluency in English and Spanish.

“You know that once you pay, you’ll definitely be able to connect with everyone on the site, which greatly increases your possible contacts.”

You’re not asked to give a postal or zip code when you create your profile, so searches are limited to country, state or province, and city. You need to scroll below your primary quick-search results to filter them further. There you’ll find a dropdown menu of select cities. If you upgrade, the advanced search options focus on other search fields, such as religion and whether or not you’re willing to relocate to another country.

It’s always free to reply to messages, so that’s great to know. If you want to initiate emails or instant messaging, you’ll need to upgrade, which also gives you access to ColumbianCupid’s chat rooms. If you opt for the pricier of the two subscriptions offered, you can also browse video introductions and send video emails.

The fact that you can write to non-paying members makes up for the lack of truly localized searches in some ways. You know that once you pay, you’ll definitely be able to connect with everyone on the site, which greatly increases your possible contacts. You might not be able to find someone who meets all your criteria with just the search engine, but you can ask anyone to give you more details.

What it really comes down to, as with most online dating sites, is whether a site attracts enough traffic to make it a practical way to meet new people. This site has a narrow and not overly common target market, so it’s no surprise that it just doesn’t have many visitors. All the same, comparing it with more general dating sites is like comparing apples to oranges. This site is just too specialized. Colombian Cupid isn’t popular, but it gives you a unique chance to meet Colombians from around the world.

Brazil Cupid Review

Brazilians are often known for their exotic good looks and their culture has a vibrant reputation. Now, thanks to Brazil Cupid, there’s a way for people from around the world to meet them. They can meet mostly Brazilians seeking marriage abroad. It’s what most folks would call an international matrimonial site. For the most part, it strives to connect women living in Brazil and men from elsewhere. It has a few features to aid in this endeavor. That creates some limitations if you’re looking for someone truly close to home though.

You can set up a free profile. It’s almost the same process as joining any online dating site. One thing makes the process tailored to the intended audience of though. A couple of dropdown menus ask for your fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Other questions are rather standard. A good number of mandatory fields are required to be completed. Everyone has to fill in a minimal amount of personal info, so the profiles of most members end up being quite descriptive.

“At least Brazil Cupid brings a unique niche to the online dating world.”

Something makes this site a bit special: If you sign up to the more expensive of the two membership levels, your inbox comes with built-in translation software. To be blunt, some of the automated translations are too literal and direct and lack any subtle nuances. They’re similar to free online translations produced by various websites. Some messages suffer from such overly simple interpretations of what is being said. All the same, it is convenient and will certainly aid in some manner when writing to new friends who don’t speak the same language.

One serious drawback occurs if you happen to be looking for someone who lives closer to home. There is no zip or postal code search options available through Brazil Cupid. You can begin searching by country, state or province. Then you can refine your results via a dropdown list of cities. The number of possible cities depends on which country and area you’re searching. At any rate, it’s a bit tricky to find someone living right next door. At least you’ll be able to see the last login date at all times, which should help you decide if the people in whatever metropolitan area you search are active members or not.

It is free to reply to messages, which means that as a premium member, you can contact all of the other members regardless of their membership status. You can contact people by email and instant messaging. Premium subscribers also have access to group chat rooms.

Unfortunately, the site has limited popularity. Other specialized dating sites often have even fewer visitors to their pages though. At least Brazil Cupid brings a unique niche to the online dating world.

Mexican Cupid Review

Mexican Cupid calls itself “The International Mexican Dating Site.” That seems true. The first tipoff that it would be headed in that direction is the lack of zip or postal code searches. You’re not going to easily find someone who lives just down the street. Your results will always cover a broader radius. All the same, you can narrow down basic results from a country and state or province by a few select cities. Beyond that, there are some built-in translation features. They make cross-cultural conversations slightly easier.

A profile on MexicanCupid requires giving some info about your location. There are dropdowns for country and state or province. You are prompted to also select a city depending on where you live. The lists for the US, Canada and the UK are extensive. Mexican cities are quite well represented too. Your fluency in English and Spanish are asked. Finally, you must answer if you would or wouldn’t relocate for someone.

“Mexican Cupid isn’t super popular, but it attracts enough visitors to give it the potential to be worthwhile.”

Replying to instant messages or emails is free. To initiate messages or to participate in chat rooms, you need to pay. There are a couple of points to take into consideration when deciding what level of membership to buy. The more expensive one lets you do more. You can see video introductions from other members and it will give you the benefit of automatic translation of messages, both received and sent.

You’ll find several translation examples. Just look among the Spanish language profiles. They’re rather basic and tend to be literal translations that appear software-based. They present all the normal limitations you’d encounter with such simplified translations. Some might decide that it’s worth it. It can be convenient to have the translation software built right into your inbox. You’ll find similar free translation services online anyway. They’re sometimes not as good as the one on this site is though. has free links to travel planning information. Do you need just a passport or a visa to gain foreign entry? What sort of health insurance should you buy? Should you be concerned about personal safety? What’s the best way to deal with money issues while abroad? The info isn’t limited to just Mexico. There is a section of dating safety tips specifically targeted toward women. Again, these are mostly free links. However, they’re organized in a user-friendly manner.

We all know that what wins out in the end as being most important about any dating site is whether anyone actually visits it or not. That definitely is what makes this site slightly more appealing. Mexican Cupid isn’t super popular, but it attracts enough visitors to give it the potential to be worthwhile. Maybe it could work for you.

Latin American Cupid Review

Latin American Cupid makes a point to say in the banner across the top of its homepage that it is an international Latin dating site. I can’t argue with that. There is definitely one feature and one limitation to the site that move it out of the realm of most local online web personals. These two characteristics shift it into the market for more global connections instead. We’ll start with the good news first.

You can communicate in multiple languages without knowing more than just one. That’s right. If you pay for the more expensive membership option, your email comes with a special filter that automatically translates messages, both outgoing and received. Going from or to English, Spanish and Portuguese is as easy as one, two, three. You simply make a translation selection from a dropdown menu and then you press a button.

“If you pay for the more expensive membership option, your email comes with a special filter that automatically translates messages, both outgoing and received.”

That is probably what sets LatinAmericanCupid apart from most other online dating sites. It is even unique in the sense that the rare sites that do offer translation services usually charge per message. Sure, its translations are software based and they’re not as exact as paying for human translation services on other sites. However, this method is both quicker and cheaper.

The flip side of the coin, which might be a negative for some folks, is that there is no zip or postal code search. You can do basic searches of a country and a state or province. You can also narrow your broader results down to some select cities listed in a dropdown menu. Just scroll down to below the results window to find the additional filtering options. Depending on which part of the world you’re searching, the list of cities varies in size and accuracy.

It is free to respond to messages, whether they come via email or instant messaging. However, to initiate contact by either method or in the chat rooms requires a paid membership. Obviously, you have the advantage of being able to reach all levels of members if you upgrade your account, which makes the chances of getting a return on your investment more likely. That’s a good thing in my books. Nothing is more frustrating than when a site expects both communicating parties to pay.

One other thing makes this site truly shine. Sometimes sites like this one, which only targets a specific group of singles, doesn’t do so well at attracting members. That isn’t the case on this site. It has a good stronghold right in the middle of our popularity scale, doing a decent and consistent job at pulling folks into its pages. Latin American Cupid is popular enough and reasonably priced to make it worth joining.

Amigos Review has been designed to target the Latin dating market. The site does rather well in most areas, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its limitations too. Straightaway the biggest drawback is that before you pay, your ability to look at members’ profiles is extremely limited, which is very important when deciding to join a site. However, there are so many other features to try out that you may feel like it all balances out to something worth trying.

We’ll start with something positive about Amigos, although that all depends on where you live. If you live in the United States you can search profiles for free by zip code. If you live outside the US, including any of you living in Canada, you’ll need to upgrade your membership in order to do localized searches based on your city. Otherwise, you can only search by country, state or province. You’ll be able to see the last login dates on all your free search results.

” Amigos is so popular and affordable that you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. ”

Now, we come back to the real problem for unpaid guests. You might be able to see a few members’ full profiles, but it’s completely hit or miss. It seems that only if someone has paid a special fee in addition to their premium subscription will you be able to view their full details. Some of their additional photos will still be blocked though. Other than that, some very popular profiles become viewable by everyone, which is incentive to really put your all into creating a profile.

Free members can initiate contact with some premium members. The extra “standard contacts” option lets paid subscribers receive messages from unpaid members. It also allows unlimited replies to any message they send. Normally, free subscribers can only reply to 10 emails per 24-hour period. At any rate, whatever you choose to pay, all members can reply back.

Contact options and community interaction on the site is extensive. There are chat rooms and instant messaging, both of which can be used by free members. Free access might have a certain daily usage limit, but it’s not clearly explained. There are personal blogs and a magazine with member-submitted articles. The “groups” section is really just an interactive message board system.

I saved the best till last. The price to join is so low and its popularity so high that it makes up for any complaint we might have. You might not have a chance to try it out completely before joining, but you’re risking little if you join anyway. Amigos is so popular and affordable that you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.