L Date Review

LDate.com claims to be the first, and largest, dating site for lesbians around the world. I have reviewed other dating sites in the same niche that definitely did not seem to limit their memberships to females. I can say that in the case of this site the “only for lesbians” part is right. This site also claims to be “the best” and that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Still, like all online dating sites, this one has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is free to join, you are required to include a bare minimum of information and it only allows access to women, either gay or bisexual. Straightaway, I appreciate that this site respects its members by seeking to create a safe environment free from harassment. After all, if you were looking to meet men, there are many other sites on the market, so L Date does right to limit its membership.

“Straightaway, I appreciate that this site respects its members by seeking to create a safe environment free from harassment.”

You can further qualify your status as single, married, divorced, etc. You also need to include a brief write-up about yourself and the person you are looking to meet. Then you’re set to go. Before upgrading, you are limited to doing basic searches that only include the bare minimum of details. You can, however, return results within 100 miles of your postal or zip code.

If you want to refine your results further, you will need to upgrade. Then you can choose to only look for profiles with pics, for example, and even search by keywords. The biggest thing that changes, as far as I am concerned, is that although you can see full profiles, the last login date isn’t displayed until you pay.

LDate has added a free members’ forum since our last visit in addition to its free blogs. It gives a real sense of community as people post questions and responses to one another. Both areas seem quite active with a good amount of interaction. It’s also free to reply to email and instant messages and you can send free “winks” to show interest in someone. All these things definitely count in the site’s favor.

When it comes to being “the best” online dating site, my issue with that claim is clear. It simply doesn’t attract enough visitors to its pages. Despite the extra sense of security generated by being a female-only site, it just doesn’t do well at getting women to join. I think if more women knew that they could find a safe place to meet online, the site could take off in a big way. L Date might not be the most promoted site, but you have nothing to lose if you try it out for free.

Lesbian Personals Review

Lesbian Personals is obviously meant to have a rather specific audience. All the same, it borrows heavily from other adult dating sites belonging to the same company. To be blunt, you’ll notice a few things that you wouldn’t expect from a same-sex dating site. Just try browsing profiles randomly. You may see profiles from women who are interested in meeting men, not other females, but you can filter results to avoid it. Still, that’s not normally a necessary step on a lesbian dating site.

When you sign up for a free membership, your options are clear, focusing on someone of the same gender for the most part. Still, you can meet a single woman, a lesbian couple, a straight couple, or a nonspecific gender group. I must admit (as implied in my intro), that there is a certain adult-dating aspect to Lesbian Personals, which is unusual when the target is an all-female population.

“Adding to user-submitted sections of the site, such as blogs, message boards and the online magazine, can also give you free access.”

Creating a free profile is easy enough. You need to include very few details about yourself, although a freeform description of what type and with who you’re looking to share a relationship is also required. You’ll find out soon enough that many individuals probably do not feel the need to complete all of the fields. At any rate, you’ll always have some personalized info about each member from their written essay.

Once your free profile is approved, you can take part in chat rooms and send instant messages. Strangely enough, when it comes to email, only premium members paying an extra fee can receive replies from free members. Worse yet, you cannot view most full profiles before upgrading. Select folks may earn limited access to paid services, though, that can be based on the popularity of their profiles. Adding to user-submitted sections of the site, such as blogs, message boards and the online magazine, can also give you free access.

Speaking of which, all of these special sections seem to be open to plenty of male input and many married men show up in discussions. Sure, they are polite and respectful enough, but I’m not sure that all gay women would feel comfortable with them hanging around. Perhaps they might just find their participation in the site less relevant than completely off-putting.

In the end, what it comes down to isn’t just a mere question of personal preferences. It’s really about how popular the site is in general and LesbianPersonals.com holds limited attraction for a modest number of visitors.

Pink Cupid Review

Pink Cupid is an online dating site specifically for lesbians. Its popularity seems to have grown to a modest but healthy amount. I would describe it as a full-service site. It has many of the most common features on other dating sites in the market today. It also has some advanced options for those willing to pay extra. Unfortunately, some areas of this site definitely have a cookie-cutter feel to them. Various texts and dropdown menus have not been edited to tailor to its all-female niche.

For example, when signing up to PinkCupid you have a choice of gender for yourself and for a potential match. I guess they figure you’d be clever enough to know you were looking in the wrong place if you were male. However, leaving the option to be a man or be looking for a man in the dropdowns seems careless. At any rate, the rest of signup process is mandatory. No fields whatsoever can be skipped. That ensures at least a minimum quality in the profiles, I suppose.

“It’s always been clear that Pink Cupid had a great deal of potential, but now it has started to succeed in attracting more traffic to its pages.”

When doing even a basic search, you get to see everyone’s complete details and last login info, which is great. If you live in the U.S., Canada or the U.K., you can narrow your search down to select cities. This feature may exist for some other countries as well. It’s a bit tricky to find the more localized options. First, you need to do a basic search covering a larger region of a country. The more detailed options appear below your primary search results.

It is free to reply to messages on PinkCupid.com. You can also send the usual free signs of interest while viewing profiles. Obviously, you’ll have to upgrade to initiate contact. Once you do, there are plenty of communication options like onsite email, instant messaging and chat rooms. Those who pay for the most expensive level of membership can also send video or voicemail messages.

All paid members can add up to five photos to their profiles. The highest-level members can add voice and video introductions as well. You can create a list of your online friends. There’s always an option to see all members that are on the site at the same time as you’re visiting. You can also browse the most recent photos and videos added to the site.

No forums or articles are available to create sense of dating community. Some other sites find that important. Nevertheless, you still have access to chat in order to form group bonds. It’s always been clear that Pink Cupid had a great deal of potential, but now it has started to succeed in attracting more traffic to its pages.

Gay.com Review

Gay.com is different in that it avoids talking to you as if you’re a solitary moron lost in a sea of singleness. Many dating sites reel you in with a sense of community by offering material beyond the member profiles. Some might warrant a nibble, but seldom a bite. All too often content focuses too much on finding Mr. or Ms. Right. As a rule, sites insisting that they’re the best way to net the perfect partner prove fishy.

The name may be simple, but the site’s philosophy is sophisticated. It’s so much more than just a home for a romantic rendezvous or quick hookup. It’s a place to meet intelligent, well-read and interesting people within your community. For gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transsexuals, Gay offers genuinely informative and entertaining content, celebrating everyone’s unique identity.

“For gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transsexuals, Gay offers genuinely informative and entertaining content, celebrating everyone’s unique identity.”

When making worthwhile connections, personalized contact and time is of the essence. Filling out a free profile is fast, while details are limited to what you want to reveal. Once done, you’ll find that the search options are precise. You can narrow down the geographic area to less than a mile and you’ll be able to recover detailed search results and the last login date.

There’s also online chat on a truly global scale. You can see the profiles of members online and send an instant message or join them in a chat room. Whether you want to find a pen pal, make a friend, embark on a long-term relationship or something more casual, you’ll have your chance.

Your Gay.com encounters can be as meaningful or as fleeting as you want. There’s video chat for everyone, which you could use to meet someone special for life – or for less ambitiously romantic purposes. It allows you to meet virtually face-to-face before meeting in the flesh. Still, it bears repeating that joining Gay.com gives you more than just acquaintances, friends and lovers.

It is a comprehensive guide to contemporary gay life on an international level. You can check out areas like entertainment, health, business, careers, style – and that’s just naming a few categories. There are also message boards and feedback from fellow members on all sorts of news and opinions.

One final word of praise must be given. In these hard economic times, the cost of joining has lowered to a highly competitive rate. It’s less than half of many standard-priced memberships. Visiting Gay.com will have you staying all day and night, as there’s so much more to discover than a mate, date or friend. It’ll keep you informed, entertained and amused, too.