Anastasia Date Review

Anastasia Web has been rechristened Anastasia Date. It seems like a logical move because adding “date” into the name makes it clearer as to what the site offers. The site really hasn’t changed what it does and it hasn’t even redesigned its look. It’s the same old, same old, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s not to say that it’s all roses either. I’ll shortly explain an issue that one of our readers had.

This site refers to itself as a mail-order-bride service. I also think that if you were a talent scout for a modeling agency, you would do well if you joined I mean, really, it’s as if you’re skimming through a fashion magazine when you browse the ladies on this site. The only difference is that here you’ll see all their physical stats and what they want in a mate.

“One thing that’s handy is that translation is included in the one credit you’ll spend to send or read a message.”

The issue a surfer had who commented on our review is clear enough. This site is a moneymaking proposition and, as such, you are compelled to pay for any contact you want to have with these lovely ladies. One woman told him that she was not allowed direct contact with male members and had to go through her agency, which is affiliated with AnastasiaDate. Our reader felt that that made the site quite expensive to use.

The site markets the funneling of messages as a positive thing. First, it promises to verify the authenticity of the women and that seems worth something. Second, not all of its female members have access to the Internet. It’s hard to confirm or completely deny the validity of such a statement. In this day and age, I think it’s safe to assume that some of the women would have access of some sort.

One thing that’s handy is that translation is included in the one credit you’ll spend to send or read a message. I assume some of the women speak at least some English and others might be quite fluent, but I guess it would probably lead to clearer communication. It’s always better if both parties can write in their native language. In any case, you’ll end up spending around $4 to $8 per credit.

The site has added some extra services, like video dates. You can also set up a face-to-face meeting in a woman’s hometown. Both options require that you pay a flat-rate fee that includes a set amount of time you can be on your date. If want to go over that time, and the woman agrees to it, you will have to pay extra to the company to continue the date.

The site also offers tours and help in finding accommodations while visiting Russia. In the end, I think that if you want to take full advantage of Anastasia Date, you’ll need to lay down some serious cash.

ChnLove Review is not your regular online dating site. Instead it’s more along the lines of the now old-fashioned concept of mail-order brides. I say that such a concept is outmoded merely because things have come a long way during the last 10 years as far as how a man can meet a potential wife from halfway across the globe.

Chn Love works in conjunction with over 30 local marriage agencies in more than 10 major cities in China to facilitate connections via the Internet between Western men and Chinese women, many of whom would not otherwise have the computer skills, language knowledge, or access to computers and the Internet to meet someone online.

“Currently, there are over 6,000 profiles of Chinese women looking to meet Western men for long-term relationships on Chn Love.”

As a man, the profile process is relatively brief. You’ll be required to provide personal information that you normally wouldn’t on other dating sites, such as your real full name, home address and telephone number. The site promises that this private contact information will be held strictly confidential and only used with your permission.

Currently, there are over 6,000 profiles of Chinese women looking to meet Western men for long-term relationships on Chn Love. In China, the affiliated marriage agencies with which the women make initial contact forward a photo and personal details to the website. They provide women with help in translating descriptions into clear and precise English, so the online information about each female member is well-written and easy to understand. It definitely seems to help create a more complete idea of each woman beyond merely a pretty photograph.

On the Western side of things, Chn Love offers several unique services. You can have flowers delivered to the woman who interests you if she lives in one of the major cities serviced by the company. The affiliated marriage agencies will also forward your emails to the women by phone or by standard post after translating them into Chinese.

The agencies will also collect the women’s replies, translate them into English and email them back to Western men. Additional services available include advice on helping your new love immigrate to your country from China and help with planning a visit to China to meet your potential partner in person.

You can send one free sign of interest every 10 hours. Meanwhile, most of the communication options are charged against a system of credits on a per-use basis. For example, it costs one credit for each mail sent or received through the marriage agency phone/post mail forwarding system. Credits cost between $3.80 and $6.25, depending on how many are bought at one time.

Chn Love is for Western men who want to meet sincere, marriage-minded women from China. It offers a different way to make lasting connections online.

Good Russian Girls Review

When my dad was really young, he used to believe that you could order the women that modeled the clothes in department store catalogues. I’m not sure if he thought there might be some assembly required. However, he certainly enjoyed catalogue shopping as a boy. That is until someone cleared up his confusion. Good Russian Girls lets you browse what appear to be beautiful, marriage-minded women online, but it makes no guarantees of success in meeting someone.

I broke one of our review rules designed to help us keep track of whether a site spams or not. When I created my profile on GoodRussianGirls, besides a decent amount of personal info, I had no choice but to provide a photo. If not, my profile wouldn’t be approved. Somewhere a real person carefully scrutinizes profiles individually, and I had to meet their requirements. So I used a genuine photo and not some random pic to get in.

“You must pay the full monthly fee for a five-day trial before recurring membership kicks in.”

I expected an email to confirm my profile was approved. One never came. Eventually, I simply tried signing in and realized my profile got the green light. That said, without providing any information, I could browse the based on age or geographical locations, and there’s a section devoted to bikini beach photos. It reminded me of my dad’s catalogue theory.

Many of the women are extremely beautiful. However, the site states that it subsists on visitor-submitted profiles only. It explains that some women may not speak English. Therefore, it marks all profiles that were translated from Russian as such. Women who write in Russian but claim to speak English have it mentioned with a question mark on their descriptions. Those who submit in English are posted as is after they pass the standard inspection for appropriateness.

You can write to any profile without being a monthly member. It costs a flat rate of $4.95 per email. You can pay another $4.95 to have it translated to Russian. If the woman responds through the site’s system, her answer will be translated into English. That service comes at no additional charge. However, the site allows you to include direct contact info. Obviously, those direct responses would come as is.

The monthly fee is a considerable saving as it includes unlimited – but not translated – emails. You pay the extra fee to translate emails to Russian. There is another catch though: You must pay the full monthly fee for a five-day trial before recurring membership kicks in. That’s it. There are no chat rooms, forums, instant messaging or services to help with foreign emigration. However, I didn’t receive spam either. Good Russian Girls seems sincere in its efforts to make international matches.

Russian Cupid Review

Russian Cupid is the new incarnation of a site formerly known as Russian Euro. Besides no longer sounding like the new currency that would be used if Russia ever joined the E.U., the look of the interface has changed and brought a few new features along with it. Still, the purpose of joining remains the same. You will find marriage-minded Russian singles in a format more similar to other dating sites than your typical mail-order-bride site.

The signup process on resembles any other dating site, with special fields pertaining to your fluency in English and Russian. From a dropdown menu, you have to select a statement about your willingness to relocate within your own country or to another country. You can of course also choose to say you won’t relocate or you’re unsure if you would.

“You will find marriage-minded Russian singles in a format more similar to other dating sites than your typical mail-order-bride site.”

You can do local searches to within 50 miles of a given city. They don’t use zip or postal codes, so you are limited to the cities that they provide within a dropdown menu for each state, province or region of a country. However, the lists tend to be quite extensive for major countries, like the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. The one for Russia also looks quite precise, but I’m not overly familiar with that part of the world.

You can now browse three entertaining RussianCupid sections: bikini babes gallery, bedtime beauties and hidden Russian beauties. In each section you will find glamorous photos of young women who could definitely be models. Now, on other dating sites, these kinds of pics might set off someone’s fakeness alarm. However, Russian wannabe brides often pose for these sorts of provocative spreads. Still, some of our surfers commented about spam emails received on the old RussianEuro site.

It is free to reply to paid members, so once you upgrade, you can connect with everyone on the site. Also, if you pay for the more expensive of the two membership options, you will have access to translation software. As far as to and from Russian, the only language paired up with it is English. However, English can then be translated into many other languages.

I can’t seem to find a link to the chat room, but apparently it appears if you upgrade. Or, as a nonpaying member, it appears if you add a photo and have replied to one message from a paid member in the last 60 days. Premium members can also initiate instant messages. At any rate, Russian Cupid gives you enough of a taste before upgrading to make it worth checking out.