Meet Locals Review

Meet Locals Review

Meet Locals might not sound like an adult dating site, but you have to look a bit closer at its logo. You’ll notice that “locals” is written in red and the “o” has little devil’s horns, giving a nod to its naughty nature. After you sign in to the site, their motto changes to, “Go Green. F**k Your Neighbor.” I think they spell it out rather clearly why you might join.

It will literally only take you seconds to sign up, because whom you’re seeking, your location and a username are the only things asked. Obviously, with no other info required, I’m sure you’ll find many blank profiles created by people just curious to see inside, but not committed to actively using the site.

“‚Ķthere are a good number of people who uploaded a photo and you can see the last login for people who have visited within the last couple of weeks.”

Actually, I’m not sure of how complete anyone’s profile is, because you can’t see anyone’s before paying. At least there are a good number of people who uploaded a photo and you can see the last login for people who have visited within the last couple of weeks.

Local searches are the only free option. They work with U.S. zip codes and Canadian postal codes or a city name for other countries, like the U.K. You can also check off whether you only want to see results with photos or profiles of people currently online. There’s also a “verified” photo option, where members have sent in a photo ID to confirm their profile pic matches and is genuine.

Other services on give you a bit of a teaser. You can see the first page of the thumbnails for the adult photos and videos that some folks have uploaded and I can tell you that they’re rather explicit. They also let you enter the lobby of the video chat area, but if you try to enter a room again you’ll be prompted to upgrade.

I got a message almost immediately after signing up, despite not having any photo or info, so spam might be an issue here. There are also live cams that have paid performers rather than fellow members. They say you’ll have premium access if you upgrade, but I’m sure you’ll still need to buy credits for private chats.

The one thing positive about this site is that it has lots of visitors to its pages, but that doesn’t mean they’re all paying members and you can only contact free members if you upgrade to the gold plan. It costs $10 more than the silver price we’ve listed. Overall, Meet Locals is a sleek site, but you’re going have to drop some serious coin to fully enjoy it.

Author | Kristine Comments | Comments Off on Meet Locals Review Date | February 2, 2017

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