Salaam Love Review

Salaam Love is an online dating site destined toward the Muslim community. At first blush, it appears somewhat standard. It has all the same services that most web personals offer. There are some differences, though. Once you scratch the surface, it stands out enough from other online dating sites to truly fit its specialized niche. Unlike some of the other sites geared toward Muslims, it does not specifically state its matrimonial intent. However, given its target audience perhaps that detail is understood.

The profile process on is interesting. Supplying most of your basic information is mandatory. Obviously, there’s a section regarding religious beliefs, and you must detail your specific sect. The site’s questions go an extra step beyond where you live. You’re asked your country of origin, and you have to write essays about yourself and potential partner. What you might overlook is an optional series of short-answer questions. They definitely delve deeper and really go the extra mile.

“You can see full profile details and last login date on results, but you can’t search closer than 150 miles from your zip or postal code.”

Some ask things of a romantic nature, such as whether you believe in true love or what turns you on. Later, an area described as requesting your opinion lists one- or two-word descriptions of subjects. You can write a brief phrase describing your feelings about some rather hot topics. They run the gamut from abortion to legalization of drugs to capital punishment to the 9/11 attacks. It even prompts you with names of several politicians, too. However, they are normally the topics I would avoid on a first date. I guess it’s one way to cut to the chase. There is also a personality matching system.

Search options are limited until you upgrade. You can see full profile details and last login date on results, but you can’t search closer than 150 miles from your zip or postal code. When you’re a premium member, you can narrow down your search radius to within 20 miles of home. You will also no longer be limited to only being able to reply to instant messages and reading emails. Instead, it will let you initiate both. You’ll have the chance to respond to the messages in your inbox. You can also post a video introduction to your profile.

One thing that I would say is missing from SalaamLove is any true sense of community. There are no message boards or general chat rooms. Instead, conversations are limited to a one-on-one basis. However, for many, that may be preferable. After all, the point is to meet someone of the opposite sex. The greatest hindrance to your success on Salaam Love is the lack of visitors to the site, but at least it appears to be growing slowly in popularity.

Iranian Personals Review uses the tagline, “Connecting Iranians Worldwide.” Sites that try to reach specific markets often do well at building a strong membership base. That’s why we’d expect a site like this one to do a good job for Iranian singles. Still, it’s always good to get enough free access before paying to really see whether a site is worth joining. It’s a good thing this one made some changes a while back. Now, it is actually easier than ever to tell if it’s worth your money.

Iranian Personals doesn’t really require much from you when you create a profile. You only have to fill in a bit of info about yourself. Then you must complete a couple of extra essay questions about whom and what you’re looking for in a relationship. Off the top there’s a question on ethnic background where you can specify as many details as you see fit. The more details entered in your profile, the higher you’ll appear in search results, so make sure to spend the time and write it right.

“The more details entered in your profile, the higher you’ll appear in search results, so make sure to spend the time and write it right.”

A lack of localized searches hampers your ability to experience Iranian Personals fully before upgrading. The closest you can get to your zip or postal code is 150 miles. If you pay to upgrade then you can narrow that field down to 20 miles. At least you can now see the last time another member was online. At one point this info was blocked on free search results, so you couldn’t really tell how many active members there were.

One thing that changed for the worse and has now changed back for the better is how messaging works. At one point, you could reply free to instant messages, but only read emails. Now you can reply to either type of message without having to pay first. That’s definitely an improvement whether you’re trying IranianPersonals out for free or you’ve paid the money to upgrade. I mean, if you’re going to invest in a membership it’s reassuring to know you can contact anyone on the site and they can reply back.

I’m afraid that I have one final piece of bad news. The price has again gone up by over 10 percent since our last visit when it had increased by about a third of what the original price was. In other words, it has gone from being competitively priced to being rather expensive. On the bright side, the popularity of the site has continued to increase. It took a while to get off the ground, but it has managed to slowly grow its membership. Iranian Personals is rather pricey, but you can test it out enough for free before taking that plunge.

Qiran Review

Qiran is a site that specializes in dating for Muslims. If you’re just out for fun, this probably won’t be the site for you. It seems to be very seriously geared toward helping Muslim singles find matrimonial material. I’ll point out right away that although it works out to be rather inexpensive on a monthly basis, you can only signup for a minimum of 90 days. Let’s discuss other features of the site that make it interesting.

The profile quality on this site is high, in part due to the fact that most questions asked of you at signup are mandatory. Most of the fields that you’re required to fill out are standard on any dating site but there are a couple of options – such as “profile added by” to which you can reply yourself, various family members or a friend, while under the “family values” category you can choose from conservative to ultra liberal – that let you know that is respectful of the differences within its targeted cultural audience.

“What sets Qiran apart from much of the competition is the success it seems to have maintained in attracting visitors to its pages.”

The search options meet the general norms when it comes to dating sites. You can hone your search criteria by selecting from the rather extensive set of questions to answer when you sign up for the site. What’s disappointing, though, is that you can’t search by distance from your location even though Qiran asks you for your zip/postal code. You can only search by country and state so trying to pinpoint the members in your immediate area can be hard.

The site offers a decent amount of free access. You can view full profile details, show signs of interest, and receive and respond to emails from paid members. If you upgrade you can initiate emails, use instant messaging, send e-cards or sings to other members and use the matchmaker feature. There are no message boards on the site, which slightly diminishes the feeling of community.

What sets Qiran apart from much of the competition is the success it seems to have maintained in attracting visitors to its pages. It has seen a minor drop in visitors but continues to do very well at drawing interest to its web personals services. There’s no denying that when push comes to shove, a site’s popularity is probably the single most important factor in an individual user’s likelihood of finding a match.

Qiran is a slick site that seems to be committed to dutifully serving Muslim singles. It’s fast and affordable but still needs some work in key areas, such as search features. If you’re single and looking for a serious connection, you’ll be happy with what this site has to offer.

Muslima Review

Muslima is a dating site for Muslims looking to marry. The emphasis is on international connections. It’s less geared toward meeting someone on a local level, but that depends partially on where you live. We’ll go into the details of what I mean later. At any rate, a somewhat modest number of people visit the site, but at least their limited numbers seem to remain consistent over time.

Free sign up to matches the standard procedure of most sites. You can accurately describe your religious beliefs by choosing from several dropdown options. You are required to fill out the entire first page in the profile process, which gives members a rather complete picture of you. They’ll get a good idea of your physical appearance and get to know about other pertinent personal details.

“Another important factor that counts in the site’s favor is that you can communicate with free members when you upgrade.”

There is no zip or postal code search option, but after you do a basic search by country and province or state, you can further filter your results by select cities. You can find the city you want from a dropdown menu. It helps if your hometown is a well-known place. At least, you can always see last login dates. You might have to work a bit to find someone near you, but you’ll know whether the profile is recently active or not.

It’s free to reply to emails. It’s the same with instant messages. You must upgrade to a paid membership to initiate contact with other members, though. Premium subscribers on Muslima also have access to chat rooms. Pay a little more for the highest-level membership to access video introductions. You’ll also be able to use voice messaging, and a built-in translation button will be activated on your onsite inbox that lets you send and receive translated text. Obviously, only some languages are supported.

There is a free section on matrimonial advice. I almost overlooked it, because it was labeled as info about safe dating. It’s actually a guide to planning international marriages and has advice on obtaining visas, marriage licenses and more. There are also links to pertinent details on various government offices around the world. I find it a thoughtful extra. However, it is only a starting point to finding out the information you need.

What is perhaps most important for any online dating site is the number of visitors it attracts to its pages, and this site has modest success on that count. Another important factor that counts in the site’s favor is that you can communicate with free members when you upgrade. I think that given both of these facts, the site does show some chances of you finding someone special. Muslima offers a real chance to meet your soul mate.