Lonely Wife Hookup Review

Lonely Wife Hookup is supposedly the answer for married women who feel as if the spark has gone out of their love lives. It will also, of course, hold appeal for gentlemen who want to keep such ladies company. I’m not sure whether you can really expect to get your groove back or restore that in another person, but this site sure would like to make you believe that either option is only a few clicks away.

The number of clicks is truly few when it comes to setting up a profile on LonelyWifeHookup. You really don’t need to provide any info at all other than a valid email address. That may, of course, mean that there are plenty of profiles that don’t offer many details. However, it’s hard to tell, because until you upgrade you won’t be able to see any complete profiles, only a person’s age, partner preference and a couple of sentences of the free-form description.

“Lonely Wife Hookup is supposedly the answer for married women who feel as if the spark has gone out of their love lives.”

You also won’t see the last login info, so you might be wondering just what you’ll see before you pay. Well, if you live in the US or Canada, you can do local searches by zip or postal code. If you live in the UK or elsewhere, you’re out of luck when it comes to localized search results. You can only search by country and there is no filter for regions, for the most part. At least you will find the UK divided into England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

That’s it for things you can access for free. Everything else, including replying to instant messages or emails, requires paying for a membership. Even things like forums and personal blogs require you to upgrade. What’s more is that you may have to pay for the more expensive of the two membership options to access some features. For example, video chat and viewing members’ videos or the bonus XXX movies require you pay the top premium.

I should also mention that I got responses that seemed a bit suspect considering how briefly I’d been a member and how little info I gave without even posting a pic. It’s a common complaint we see about these kinds of sites, so it’s always worth giving you a head’s up.

The one thing that seems to be working in its favor is the large numbers of visitors. It must be heavily promoted in some way and, of course, I told you how lickety-split you can sign up to check things out. However, without much of a free preview it’s hard to recommend. Lonely Wife Hookup is rather pointless unless you pay.

U Lust Review

U Lust is a sex dating site that seems to be rather popular. It offers the standard full range of dating services plus a little bit extra, or should I spell it eXXXtra, to make it a one-stop shop for both real encounters and those of pure fantasy. If I had to come up with one thing that sets it apart from its major competitors, I couldn’t. All I can say is that is brings you what most other sites offer. The only catch is that, for the most part, you have to pay to play.

The signup process on ULust.com is as quick as can be. It literally shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to get access to the site. You only need to create a username and password and choose your gender, with the option of choosing “couple” or “lesbian” instead of simply male or female. Then you choose whom you want to meet using the same options. Finally, you can choose what sort of connection you want to make, such as dating, friendship, sex, swingers, orgasms and fetish.

“U Lust is popular, but unless you’re willing to pay from the start, you won’t have access to anything but free basic searches.”

You can do free local searches using a US zip or Canadian postal code. There is no such option for those living in the UK or elsewhere and they have no way of narrowing down general results to a specific region or city. You can browse by country as well, but only the United States is further broken down by state. The other issue is that in your search results, you can only see a person’s location and a few lines of his or her written intro. There is no last login date.

There are forums, instant messaging and groups you can join. However, you have to upgrade to see any of these areas of ULust as well as if you want to reply to messages. There is also video chat, but that not only requires upgrading, it also means you have to pay for the more expensive of the two membership options. The same is true if you want to see member-submitted movies or bonus erotic flicks. You even have to pay the top price for personal blogs and private photos.

It’s only a few dollars more, but it takes the price from competitive to a bit pricy. They do have one of those “you’ll get laid in 90 days” guarantees, but other than saying you’ll get another 30 days free, no further details are given. U Lust is popular, but unless you’re willing to pay from the start, you won’t have access to anything but free basic searches.

Adult Date Link Review

The pleasures of the flesh are meant to take center stage at AdultDateLink.com. You quickly figure out that unless you hand over your credit card you’re going to have incredibly limited access. The site gives you so few free perks that what you can see is hardly enough of an incentive to make you want to upgrade your membership. Still, toward the end of this review I do have something good to say about the site.

The sign-up process is painless. Actually, it is a little too painless. You can get your foot in the door and start surfing by entering a screen name, a password, an email address and your date of birth. It almost seems too simple. That is until you try to use the live-chat feature. That’s when Adult Date Link snaps you back into the reality of having to fill out a profile.

“For quite some time it has managed to maintain a healthy amount of visitors to its pages.”

I expected to be asked to upgrade before being able to use chat room. Instead, I was prompted to complete my profile. That process goes into great detail, so it easily takes 20 minutes or more to finish. Not only do you have to provide every detail about yourself, but also everything about your ideal match. Lo and behold, after all of that form filling, I discovered I’d still need to pay to chat live.

If you’re just looking to get in to do searches, you can skip over it and just add a headline and a short essay. When that’s done, you can run some searches. However, you’re then stuck with another problem, because you can’t see the profiles until you pay to upgrade. You can only see the last login date for the other members, a photo (if they have one), their location and its distance from your zip or postal code.

The only free way to communicate on the site appears to be through message boards, which aren’t going to really help you out that much other than allowing general discussions with fellow members. After all, even though you can see the username of other posters, you can only search by username as a paid member. The same need to upgrade applies to sending or even receiving email.

There is one positive thing to say about the site. For quite some time it has managed to maintain a healthy amount of visitors to its pages. The number has dipped slightly since our last visit, but the site’s popularity remains decent. So if you sign up to Adult Date Link, you’d better be ready to pay to play.

Casual Friends Review

Casual Friends used to beat around the bush about its purpose. It called itself a community for intimate dating and short-term matches, which gave it a tone of highbrow diplomacy. However, it has decided to realign itself on the market. Discretion remains the letter of the day, but this site is now aimed toward those folks in relationships looking for some discreet fun on the side. A little more to the point, I’d say.

You know the drill. It’s free to create a profile on the site. You are not required to divulge many details to the crowd on CasualFriends. You do, however, need to write mandatory brief paragraphs about yourself and the person you would like to meet. Having members write their own descriptions is often more revealing than supplying them with arbitrary checkboxes to complete.

“…this site is now aimed toward those folks in relationships looking for some discreet fun on the side.”

Free searches are limited to within 100 miles of a zip or postal code. That’s a bit of a negative. If you’re looking for a quick hookup, it’s much easier within a smaller radius. All the same, you’ll need to upgrade if you want to decrease the search radius to 50 miles around your location. It will also give you other criteria to use when you upgrade.

You can see who is online at the same time as you, which ends up being your only way of gauging the activeness of another member before paying. The last login info is blocked from being viewed by guest members, even though they can see all other profile details. This gives us cause for worry as it may be a sign that a site doesn’t have an active membership.

It is at least free to reply to emails or instant messages on CasualFriends.com. Having a way for paid subscribers to communicate with a guest visitor is important. It makes the subscription seem more likely to help you make connections and that’s why you would join the site in the first place. It also makes investing in a membership a more worthwhile choice.

Other features offered include chat rooms, message boards and personal blogs. You can sample these areas of the site for free. They seem to be relatively active too. A section of videos offered requires you upgrade to view them. Since they are only labeled as “discreet,” I’m not sure what they actually entail as far as content goes.

The biggest problem with the site is that it’s still not very popular. It just doesn’t get that many visitors. Limited popularity and difficulty in finding how many local members are active makes Casual Friends a hard sell. At least you can try it free for three days, but you’ll need a credit card.

Sexy Ads Review

Sexy Ads proves the oft-disputed adage that bigger is better. I think it’s true when it comes to the features offered on a sex-dating site. The more the merrier I say. Obviously, you often have a primary goal when you go online to visit this kind of site. All the same, sometimes you don’t need that kind of performance anxiety. You can appreciate having more to look forward to than just live hook-ups. Whether you plan a face-to-face rendezvous or prefer a virtual matchup online from the comfort of home, this site is built for the chance to make both dreams come true.

Making connections quickly is what makes sex-dating communities so much fun. The site has seemingly simplified its system. There is still private onsite email, of course, or you can leave a voice message instead. There’s single-click flirting called “send someone a tickle.” SexyAds also provides standard text and webcam chat. It no longer appears to have instant messaging. Voice chat and its anonymous direct-to-home phone calling system have also been removed. Now, it’s a little more straightforward. There are still many communication options though.

“Sexy Ads remains somewhat popular and allowing contact between paid and free members certainly makes it more enticing to join.”

If you don’t feel like contacting someone, you have other options. Imagine you’re at home in front of your computer. You’re eating chips in your underwear and drinking a beer. Maybe you’re not exactly in the most desirable state of undress to go down the street to meet and greet your neighbor. You can still have some fun though. There are forums full of sexy conversation postings. If you want to be sure that the reading you do is undoubtedly sexy, then you can peruse the subscriber-submitted sex stories section.

If you’re looking for tips to improve your sexual game, there are articles on the best plays to improve your scores and ratings. SexyAds.com also has a blog section. You can write your own or read others. Previously, a desktop toolbar could be installed to track activity on the site while you navigated elsewhere, but it is no longer available. However, you can be emailed “lust alerts” that let you know when potential matches become new members. There’s also an SMS option to get text message alerts.

Becoming a VIP member let’s you reap so many added benefits: Your communication will be unlimited, you’ll no longer rely on just replying to paid members, you won’t be limited to initiating contact just with the site’s few star VIPs, and you’ll be top priority in search results and customer care queues. There a ton of bang for your buck! Sexy Ads remains somewhat popular and allowing contact between paid and free members certainly makes it more enticing to join.

Nudist Friends Review

Nudist Friends sets out to help nudists connect. Despite trying to reach a special niche, you’ll find everything you’d expect from a dating site. However, it offers more. You’ll also find ways of connecting with fellow members, helping to build a true sense of community. Despite all its features, the site also has a few limitations that I’ll address later on in more detail.

The signup process is easy and quick if you just want to check out who’s online. One interesting feature is that it prompts you to tell friends about the network and that seems like a good way to expand its member base. It can also possibly earn you a free 30 days of membership. A while back they expanded the profile info to include a section with optional questions.

“NudistFriends.com has gone out of its way to give you options and create a community.”

The free search is limited to 100 miles from your zip or postal code. If you pay, you can narrow it down to within 50 miles. The strange thing about your results is that you can read any member’s full details and look at all the profile pics, including nude photos, but there’s no last login provided. Once again, you need to be a premium subscriber to find that info out.

A number of options are offered for quick contact through the site’s instant messenger service, because it’s more than just your typical chat client. You can also send video and voice messages through it. Needless to say, it might not take long for your nudist contacts to bare all. Best of all, it’s free to reply to instant messages or emails from paying members. That works well for everyone registered to Nudist Friends.

NudistFriends.com has gone out of its way to give you options and create a community. They’ve built a site that’s unique and looks to have been put together with care, as opposed to many of the other cookie-cutter sites out there. You can leave comments on people’s profiles and read what others have said about them. There’s live chat, discussion forums and personal blogs and they even have daily nudist news. Naturists should really enjoy what this site has put together.

It still brings in a modest number of folks on a regular basis despite increasing its monthly fee. It could do better, but its audience is rather specialized. During our first visit we were concerned with whether or not all the profiles were real. That problem seems to have been addressed according to what we’ve seen on our last two visits. Nudist Friends is a great place for naturists to meet online and, potentially, in the flesh.

Sex Search Review

SexSearch.com leaves me skeptical when it comes to the realness of some purported members, at least those appearing on the homepage and in some of the featured ads. Some profiles seem unbelievable. When I did take the time to search for people locally, I discovered that although some teaser profiles might be slightly enhanced, there appeared to be genuine members to meet. However, comments from many people (see below) seem to suggest different opinions. Otherwise, the site has made some improvements recently.

I expect my sex dating site to provide me with opportunities for all sorts of sex, not just the usual “intimate encounter” option that you can find on most online dating sites. Sex Search lets you explore all the sex vagaries you want. If you’re looking for a threesome with a woman and two bi men, for example, you can search for it, even if you might not find it in your area. If you don’t instantly find what you want then fill out a list of desired match criteria and an email notification will be dispatched to your offsite address the moment someone appropriate joins.

“Sex Search has remained popular even if it offers no free ride, so it might seem worth it to pay full price.”

Sex Search has video chat and instant messaging for its highest-level of paid subscriber. They have also added group chat rooms for paying members. Therefore, as long as you pay to play, you’re no longer going to need to depend on email and “showing interest” to initiate hot contact. The top-paying customers also enjoy premium porn content as an enticement to join. The largest porn site on the Internet, supposedly.

The less pricey membership gives unlimited basic access to the personals side of things. But you won’t have access to instant messaging or video chat without springing for the most expensive membership. There’s not much to do with a free account as you can’t even see full-profile details or enlarged photos, nor can you send email, even though you can read emails received from premium members. At least the results page shows the last login time for each member.

For a site with limited options for its less costly subscription, I would expect to see more before being required to upgrade. Probably some marketing genius somewhere figures having a VIP room that no one can preview should get enough people to sign up out of mere curiosity without fully seeing the profiles of actual members. It seems ridiculous to not offer at least regular instant messaging to all paid members.

Sex Search has remained popular even if it offers no free ride, so it might seem worth it to pay full price. However, I’d again suggest checking the comments left by users about their experiences before sliding into Sex Search.

Meet Locals Review

Meet Locals might not sound like an adult dating site, but you have to look a bit closer at its logo. You’ll notice that “locals” is written in red and the “o” has little devil’s horns, giving a nod to its naughty nature. After you sign in to the site, their motto changes to, “Go Green. F**k Your Neighbor.” I think they spell it out rather clearly why you might join.

It will literally only take you seconds to sign up, because whom you’re seeking, your location and a username are the only things asked. Obviously, with no other info required, I’m sure you’ll find many blank profiles created by people just curious to see inside, but not committed to actively using the site.

“…there are a good number of people who uploaded a photo and you can see the last login for people who have visited within the last couple of weeks.”

Actually, I’m not sure of how complete anyone’s profile is, because you can’t see anyone’s before paying. At least there are a good number of people who uploaded a photo and you can see the last login for people who have visited within the last couple of weeks.

Local searches are the only free option. They work with U.S. zip codes and Canadian postal codes or a city name for other countries, like the U.K. You can also check off whether you only want to see results with photos or profiles of people currently online. There’s also a “verified” photo option, where members have sent in a photo ID to confirm their profile pic matches and is genuine.

Other services on MeetLocals.com give you a bit of a teaser. You can see the first page of the thumbnails for the adult photos and videos that some folks have uploaded and I can tell you that they’re rather explicit. They also let you enter the lobby of the video chat area, but if you try to enter a room again you’ll be prompted to upgrade.

I got a message almost immediately after signing up, despite not having any photo or info, so spam might be an issue here. There are also live cams that have paid performers rather than fellow members. They say you’ll have premium access if you upgrade, but I’m sure you’ll still need to buy credits for private chats.

The one thing positive about this site is that it has lots of visitors to its pages, but that doesn’t mean they’re all paying members and you can only contact free members if you upgrade to the gold plan. It costs $10 more than the silver price we’ve listed. Overall, Meet Locals is a sleek site, but you’re going have to drop some serious coin to fully enjoy it.

Amateur Match Review

Before you sign up to this site, please take the time to read through our user comments, which mention overwhelmingly, that this site appears to be a scam.

It has been a long time since our first review of Amateur Match. Out of all of our reviewed dating sites, this is one of the most active as far as users’ comments go. Is there any truth to what’s being said? Is it a scam or a paradise for digital hedonists? It’s definitely a good example of a site that seems too good to be true. It reinforces the “buyer beware” motto.

AmateurMatch.com is easy to navigate. It’s just a bit unappealing and garish. There are many third-party ads for webcam shows and porn sites. I suppose that’s to be expected when a company that does so much business in the adult entertainment industry decides to run a dating site. In fact, it seems to want to blur the line between reality and fantasy.

“Amateur Match is rather popular, and with the changes they’ve made I feel like you could try it out for free without much risk.”

For example, when you see a preview of what are supposed to be members-only chat rooms, the women appear to be webcam girls, not everyday people. Since you can’t join the chat without paying first, I can’t state outright that you wouldn’t actually have a video chat with a real member if you upgraded. However, this sort of thing is a good example of what people might find a misleading bait-and-switch situation.

There previously was no way to search locally. Now, you can search within 10 miles of any U.S. zip code. Outside the United States, you have the option to type in the name of a city. I couldn’t get any results at first for a few major Canadian cities. Then I realized that I needed to try a few different spellings in order to have success. Sometimes, the search engine server times out.

As mentioned in the intro, if you read the comments some people have made about this review, they imply that they received spam from women who weren’t real gals trying to get a date. It’s free to reply to messages from paid subscribers, which wasn’t the case before. AmateurMatch might have made this change so that if someone writes to you, you’re not forced to upgrade in order to write back. This doesn’t guarantee that all messages you receive are legit. However, that is a problem with even the most reputable dating sites. You do have to be savvy and cautious in the online dating world.

Amateur Match is rather popular, and with the changes they’ve made I feel like you could try it out for free without much risk. After all, you can do local searches, see full profiles and reply free to messages. The site seems to be working toward improving its image and services.

Fling Review

Beyond the super-catchy name, Fling has one thing going for it – its popularity. I’m not sure why it’s quite so popular. After all, despite being well designed and attracting lots of traffic to its pages, it offers much less than many other sites do until you upgrade your account. Nevertheless, it calls itself the “World’s Best Adult Personals” so you may wonder if it walks the talk.

Fling isn’t coy about the goals of its sex-dating services. It currently offers a guarantee when you upgrade your account. If you can’t hook up by the end of your first three months, it’ll give you another three months free. That’s something I haven’t seen on even traditional dating sites. However, I suppose promising at least one fling isn’t the same as trying to say you’ll find true love.

“…what I would consider a useful option considering the adult nature of Fling is that you can choose to have a “discreet” profile…”

You don’t have to include many details when creating a profile. In fact, what I would consider a useful option considering the adult nature of Fling is that you can choose to have a “discreet” profile, which blurs out your photo and prevents anyone who hasn’t been added to your black book of prospective connections from reading the written details.

Plenty of profiles on the site include photos. That’s useful since before you upgrade, you have limited access to profiles. You can search them free, but your results cannot be enlarged beyond a preview pane. I’ll also be frank. Despite the high number of visitors, you’ll probably find some of the profiles somewhat unbelievable. Some members seem too good to be true. Moreover, what’s even stranger to me is there’s absolutely no way to show interest in someone’s description until you pay.

After upgrading, you can add folks to your infamous black book. You can also invite someone to be a friend on your own personalized network of contacts. You can use instant messaging, too. However, only paid members can reply to your messages. Unless, that is, you pay for the most expensive membership option. It allows you to contact all members regardless of their subscription status.

An extra feature included free for anyone visiting the site is a live cam link. Although labeled with the Fling brand, it’s really just like any other webcam service. There’s free chat with the models who tease you a bit. If you want to see anything truly adult, you need to pay a per-minute rate. However, this service will do little in the way of finding you a fling, unless taking your wallet out for a spin is what you had in mind.

Fling is sleek-looking and popular but offers little unless you pay to play.