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What To Say To Get Your Ex Back – 5 Tips for Winning Her Back…Today

If you are reading this you may be wondering what to say to get your former girlfriend back.

You have tried everything within your power to win her over again and now you need outside help.

It is understandable that you are frustrated and it can feel hopeless but there are actually things that you can do and say to make your ex-girlfriend want you back.

Part of the problem is she probably lost feeling of sexual attraction to you. So what you first need to do help her re-capture this feeling.

Be Fun And Positive Who do you think your ex is going to want to come back to? Would it be the negative guy that is always down on himself, down on others and talking about how things are most likely going to go sour sooner or later?

Or do you think it would be the person that is positive, fun and upbeat? The person that is always ready to take a challenge, make a joke and have some fun? I am sure that you could figure out pretty quickly that they would want to be around the person that is positive and fun.

Find Yourself…First- I know this sounds corny, but one of the best ways to win back your ex girlfriend is to take care of your needs first. One of the biggest reasons people break-up because one partner feels smothered.

In all likelihood she probably feels like you’ve become a bit needy. To reconnect with her you have to find that inner-awesome guy that she first met. Only then will she want to start dating you again. Again…this is part of amplifying her feelings of sexual tension.

Re-Connect With What She Loves Does your ex girlfriend have a passion that she just can not seem to get away from? Does she love a certain sports, craft or other type of hobby? If so then you should take some interest in these things.

When you connect with her passion you are going to have a much bigger chance of connecting with them to listen to what you have to say. When you wonder what to say to get your ex back it could be something totally not related to the relationship. Actually most of the time this will work much better than talking about things right off the bat.

Have A Purpose For Life One of the things that many people’s girlfriends have a problem with is that their guy has no goal or purpose in life. When people are not excited about their lives and ready to take charge this is not attractive.

When talking to your ex and you are wondering what to say to get her back, try talking about the new goals and purpose that makes you excited. You will be much more attractive to your ex when you have something interesting to talk about and for which you are passionate about.

Talk About Things that Create Sexual Attraction The ultimate way to get her back is to find those triggers for immediately sparking her interest.

Don’t let be misled about what she claims to want. The secret is to re-attract her and win her back by showing you’re an incredible guy that she should feel lucky to date.

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