Adult Friend Finder Review

Adult Friend Finder Review is a popular place to find adult playmates and, for others, a fun way to share tales of their adult exploits with appreciative new amigos. It’s kind of like joining an X-rated country club. As the name claims, you’re finding friends, not just partners, for intimate encounters. You’re going to be able to create an online friends’ network and chances are you’ll need to. You are going to meet a ton of people here.

The site lets you keep in touch with a whole group of online buddies. You can send out special group bulletins and share private online albums. Your selected connections can also boast about your host of great qualities by adding a personal testimonial right onto your profile.

“ is a popular place to find adult playmates and… a fun way to share tales of their adult exploits with appreciative new amigos.”

Accessing full member details is restricted for free members, who can only view a few profile displays from summary results. However, unlike “standard” personals, some thumbnails are racy enough anyway. A wink to show interest costs nothing to send. Put a profile on your “hotlist” and the system sends an email to let the other person know he or she has scored a hit on your sexiness meter.

All the same, it’s always worth trying to enlarge each profile. At times, a popular profile allows even standard members to view it. Premium subscribers can also pay an extra fee to allow free access to every membership level. You just can’t see all their photos for free.

At AdultFriendFinder you can join in on message boards. Some people use the forums for planning adult get-togethers in their local area. There are loads of spicy stories on the boards and in subscriber-submitted articles in the online magazine area. Topics aren’t always of an adult nature, but include mundane ramblings and free advice. That said, generally the issues addressed aren’t for the shy or modest reader. There are personal blogs as well.

Chat rooms are open to everyone. Paid members are granted special advantages though. They can hotlink to profile details and create private chat rooms to take it to the next level. If you’re a bit of an exhibitionist, or merely yearn to show your star quality, you can broadcast your webcam to the entire chat room. Several instant messaging programs, web-based and downloadable, are another no-charge option.

Premium memberships grant several advantages. You can check out full profiles and do detailed searches. There’s also matchmaking by email, access to thousands of member videos and you can appear at the top of search results. However, the biggest selling point is easy to see and makes this site a clear leader in its field. Adult Friend Finder is hugely popular, so it’s always worth checking out.

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