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5 Ways to Forgive an Affair and Move On Together

Learning to forgive an affair is a difficult thing to do. Discovering that your partner is cheating on you can be a very devastating blow to your life.

Making the decision to make a relationship work instead of calling it quits is never easy, but it can be a very mature thing to do and it can help you grow into a more understanding person.

Here are 5 Ways to Forgive an Affair

Remember That This Isn’t Your Fault.
Sure, a relationship takes two people and there might have been somethings that you’ve done to push your partner away from you, but you must remember that in the end your partner made the choice to stray.

Don’t think that because this happened that somehow you’re a failure at relationships. The first step to forgive an affair is to forgive yourself.

Don’t Use This As a Power Play Either
Just because this isn’t your fault doesn’t mean that you should constantly remind your partner about how wrong he was and guilt him into giving into your every desire.

Know that your partner likely feels horrible about the affair, and reminding him of it all the time is not going to help you save the relationship.

Sort Out Your Emotions
Forgiving an Affair isn’t easy, but it’s going to be impossible if you don’t let go of all the emotions you’re feeling. Do you feel angry? Sad? Betrayed? Embarrassed? All of the above?

Now is the time for you to let all your emotions out.

Don’t use this as an exercise in blaming (remember those first two points above?). Allowing yourself to feel your emotions is a great way to start healing from infidelity.

We’re not focusing our emotions at anyone, where merely allowing ourselves to feel what we feel.

Cry if you need to, scream, do whatever it takes. After a certain amount of time, the initial reaction will be over.

From here you can think more clearly and focus more on how to forgive an affair rather than reacting to the affair.

Have an Honest Discussion
It’s not going to be easy, but you need to do it. Sit down with your partner and have a real talk about what caused to infidelity.

It may be hard to discuss something that has caused so much pain, but without understanding it, moving on will be very difficult.

Have a calm discussion about what caused the affair. How did your partner feel? How did you feel?

Be willing to hear the truth. Don’t get defensive and resort to blaming or name calling.

Remember, you can either be right or you can be happy. It’s easy to be right, but it’s hard to admit that you may have been wrong and be willing forgive infidelity. Good communication is key to forgive an affair.

Craft an Affair-Proof Relationship
Once you and your partner have discussed the issue, figure out how the two of you can work things out moving forward.

Decide on ways you can communicate better and avoid situations that led up to the affair. Both of you must be willing to not only commit to the relationship, but also be willing to commit to improving the relationship.

Cheating can be devastating and learning to forgive an affair will take work. If both of you are willing to devote the time and energy to moving on, you can leave this unhappy time in the past.

With commitment and a little time, the two of you will learn to trust each other again and enjoy many happy memories together. login
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