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Knowing When to End No Contact with Your Old Boyfriend

If you have decided to try the No Contact Rule, you probably already know how difficult it can be. Fending off those urges to pick up the phone and call your ex can be extremely difficult.

But at some point, you begin to feel a bit better. Those sensations of desperation appear to fall away and you start to get your life and your feelings back in hand.

Life seems to go on and you’re just fine.

But what if you continue to need to know how to get back your ex boyfriend, or at a minimum just stay in contact with him moving forward?

First, though it is crucial to know the difference between “needing” and “wanting” something. If you want to get your ex boyfriend back you’ll possibly make lots of those foolish moves that many folk (*cough* like me) made during their first break.

If you want to get back together , however , you’ll be approaching the situation from the perspective that your life is 100% O.K just the way in which it is, but having him back would just be a pleasant thing to have.

Basically, your life should be a delicious cake and your lover should be the topping on top of it. Do not rely on him to be the cake of your life.

When you’re feeling like you’re at about that point, emotionally (and you’re not just fooling yourself), then you are ready to break No Contact. For most folks about one month is good, but depending on how you split up and how long your relationship was, you might need to continue for longer.

When you are ready to make contact with him, simply pick up the phone and call him up. Let him know that it has been a while since the both of you talked and that you were just curious how he’s been. This is simple and straightforward. No need for any mind games or other sneaky stuff. The more honest you can be the better.

Depending on how much drama was caused in the split, you have to be happy to face the chance that he may not be ready to talk with you just yet. I know this doubtless isn’t the reaction you would like, but you can’t let it get to you. login
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