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How To Be A Pick Up Artist – 5 Tips for Mastering the “Pick Up Game”

Do you wonder how to be a pick up artist?

It just seems like some guys have it way too easy while you are struggling and wondering how to get a girl to just be friends.

Some guys are just born with the instinct on how to talk to women and how to make them interested.

One of the things they understand is the key to amplifying attraction with women. This is the flirting and teasing attitude that women love.

Nobody is born with the “pickup skills.” The secret is that learning how to attract women is like everything else in life. If you apply yourself; you can quickly become the lady’s man that make your friends green with envy:

Practice Makes Perfect- Like I said, nobody starts out as a pick-up artist. Most learned these techniques through a long and painful learning process -Even the so-called gurus you see promoting overpriced courses on seduction.

To become good with women you have to get out there are and practice engaging them on a regular basis. At first you’ll have a lot of failure. But eventually you’ll learn what does and doesn’t work with females.

Never Use Pick Up Lines Just because you are wondering how to be a pick up artist does not mean that you should be using pick up lines.

Women generally laugh at these in their spare time and talk about what a loser the guys that use them are. I am sure that you can think up something unique to say.

There are a few guys that can get away with it but most of these guys have a lot of money and are talking to gold diggers. You need to use genuine conversation starters that will instantly attract the attention of women. Part of this process is being to use sexual tension to instantly attract her interest.

Know What Type Of Guy She Wants You need to figure out what type of guy she likes. Most gurus of love will try to tell you there is one way to get all women but this simply is not true. You know that women are more complicated than that.

Let her talk for a little bit and figure out what kind of guy she is looking for. Does she want a play boy or a guy that sounds like he is up for long term commitment? You need to make sure that you pay enough attention and figure this out before you go too far.

Be A High Status, Awesome Guy that Women Want You need to make sure that you have the right attitude to get a girl. You should act like your time is worth money and a lot of it.

Don’t act like she is annoying you though.

Act like she is so important that you take time out of your day to talk to her. She is going to be flattered and flattery can get you far despite what some women are going to tell you. This is especially true with women that are very shallow. If you aren’t sure how to do this just look at how rock stars act and then you are going to have an idea of how to act. login
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