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Life can be a grim beast at times. It has ways to wind us up and tear us down, sometimes with frightening regularity. We all know this and accept it as a part of living, but one place that shouldn’t be touched by dreary reality is your dating profile at adultfrienedfinder. It’s your online advertisement that hopefully will assist you in giving up your status as a single for good. It needs to shine and the only way it can do that is through your words!

Compare yourself to any other product on the shelves these days. What if a coffee machine said that it only came in three colors. What if it said that that you’re going to be screwed once it breaks down after the two-year warranty is up. Would you go ahead and buy it if the box it came in had one side missing and someone had written “Pre-used and abused” on the other side? Of course you wouldn’t. On the other hand, you might buy a coffee machine that said it was available in three great colors, had a long-lasting, two-year warranty and came in a beautiful box with a big “coffee machine of the year” sticker on it! This is how you need to approach profile writing at adultfrienedfinder. You need to give everything you write a positive spin. I’m not saying that you should lie at adultfrienedfinder. We all know that you have bad days and things go sour on a regular basis, but that shouldn’t be your focus. You may be sitting there thinking that you’re not a product and there’s no way you’ll approach your profile this way because you’re a human being and that makes you different at adultfrienedfinder. However, let me assure you that there are others who write like they are the greatest catch on the face of the planet and they’re the ones who will be attracting the eyes of the most singles shopping for love on dating sites.

Turning the frown upside down on your profile at adultfrienedfinder is simple. I’ve pulled some examples from real profiles so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

BUT: I like seeing who I’m writing to so if you have a pic, you’ll probably get a response!
*As a side note, writing in caps is considered bad form.

NOT: Guys who are still in party mode, couch potatos, and those who think life revolves around beer and partying also need not respond.
BUT: I like guys who are done with the party scene, are active and who know that life revolves around more than beer and partying.

NOT: I prefer women who are taller so if you are 5.9 and under please don’t contact me I am not interested sorry!
BUT: I prefer women who are taller so if you’re 5’9 or over, let’s talk!

NOT: I am so sick of head-games and lies and being hurt.
BUT: I can’t wait for the right connection to come along!

It’s not hard. Half of the battle is just knowing what to watch out for. Once you can see negativity creeping in, you can banish it with ease—and you should. You have a lifetime to let a new friend in on all your negativity so keep those precious few moments of your profile introduction strictly for the positive!

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