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 Turn Your Girl On – The Best Ways to Get Your Girl Going

Do you wish that you knew the best way to turn your girl on? There are too many men out there that are doing things the wrong way. This means they are not getting the results they desire.

In turn this often means the guy ends up not getting the result of turning on the girl he desires.

To start you have to know what sexual arouses a girl.

Now… much of success with this girl you desire is based on what you show her. Therefore the first thing to learn before learning how to turn your girl on is to learn what she wants.

Girls really love a good presentation and a little mystery. If you are a little confident and mysterious then they are going to be interested in what you have to present. You don’t have to do anything that is corny but you should do something that makes them think that you put some time and effort into it. Be original and your, “own man”

Try to make the first kiss something special: Many times guys are going to bomb out when it comes to the first kiss however because they have not thought about how to turn your girl on. It is important to build sexual tension before the kiss. You should tease and play with her to get her ready for that kiss. When you are thinking about getting a kiss you should first think about building the anticipation for the kiss. You should make her want to kiss you so badly that she will almost be coming in for the kiss herself.

Draw her in with interesting and playful conversation: You should connect with something that she is passionate about and allow her to talk about it. After you do this you should establish touch in a subtle way. You may just touch her when you are making a point or something like that. Even casual touching helps to build intimate connection

After you have prepared her and she is responding to you positively it is time for you to go in for the kiss. When you finally give her what she wants you are going to create some serious fire works. (Again, this is about creating sexual tension and chemistry around women.)

Kissing her should be passionate: When you are kissing her you should not smother her or slobber all over her. You can be passionate without totally taking over her whole face and trying to suck her tongue down your throat.

After you kiss her for a few minutes you can decide if you still need to build up more sexual tension or if she is already warmed up. If she is not ready yet you can draw back and let her simmer for a little bit. If you did your job of kissing right she is going to want more.

This would be a good time to use some of your cute teasing techniques and kind of get a feel of where she is at in her mind right now.

Whatever you do, don’t let her know what you are thinking. Keep her guessing and you are going to drive her crazy. Remember, women are drawn to a man with a little bit of mystery. She is going to be wondering if you are into her and that is going to make her work harder to keep you interested in her. A little mystery and a little “coyness” and you will begin to build up a great amount of sexual tension and turn your girl on.

Pay attention to her subtle clues: It is very important that you pay attention to the way that she is reacting to you. Once you make a move you can pretty much play off of her reactions to get the results that you want to get out of her.

Some of the women might be a little skeptical about what your intentions are. If you see them pulling away you may just want to give them a friendly hug to let them know what you do care more than just getting them into the sack.

The best way to turn your girl on is paying attention to her and push-pull technique. Take a few steps forward and a few steps backward. Just like a dance. But in this case it is a dance of sexual attraction and passion. Play it right and you will turn your girl on and make yourself hard to resist. login
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