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Want a little insight into picking up chicks at Adultfrienedfinder?

What guy wouldn’t.

It never hurts to have a few tools to help pickup chicks after all.

The thing you need to learn is the value of sexual tension. Whenever talking to a girl at Adultfrienedfinder, you need to amplify this emotional state by flirting and teasing.

Plus read on for the top 5 pickup tips for guys.

There is an art involved in how to pickup chicks.

Some guys just have it. Others of us have to work at it.

Some guys always have the girls hanging on them. They seem to effortlessly move from girl-to-girl. Meanwhile the majority of guys spend their time fumbling around wondering what they are supposed to do with women, and unfortunately getting very few dates.

There is a lot about how to pickup chicks all those guys can learn from the ones that tend to be more successful. These tips are not 100% right 100% of the time. Remember it is an “art” not a “science”. For the most part, though. these top pickup tips for guys will give your average man a far better chance of success than going against these tips. It is all about the law of averages.


Number 1 – Be A Funny Guy: Girls want to have a good-time at Adultfrienedfinder. Because of that, women love guys that are able to make them laugh. If a guy can’t make them laugh that means they are a little boring and that’s not good. You shouldn’t be corny or weird but you should have some witty humor that will make her laugh. This is a sure fire way to get off on the right foot. It is just a matter of saying thing to make her laugh.

It is all about having a sense of humor that is appealing to her. Crude humor you use with guys just won’t work. If you can pull out a little light teasing humor, this can go pretty far with her. Not only will it get her laughing, but if you keep just a little edge in your humor it can help you appear as a high status guy, which is another essential pickup tip. Speaking of which…

Number 2 – Be A High Status Guy: Do you notice that the rock stars that have all of the girls have a certain sort of attitude? They don’t have to be the best looking guys and even if they didn’t have all of the fame and money they would still have all of the girls. This is because of the certain attitude that they have. It’s not snobby or rude but it lets people know that they have something to do but for the right lady they will take out a little bit of time.

Some of this could be considered as part of having an “Alpha Male” attitude. That is part of it. But it is much more. It is the attitude that you give off saying that you matter. Women want to be with a guy who has something on the ball. It doesn’t matter if you are a skater or an executive, the important thing is that you appear to be damn good at what you do and by body language cues and attitude you give off the subtle indications of this confidence and ability.

Number 3 – Be Positive: Have you ever just been drawn to a negative person? I didn’t think so. If you want to know how to pickup chicks you need to make sure that you have the right attitude. You can’t be going around being a whiner and negative guy and expect girls to come flocking to you. It is just not going to work that way. You should see the glass as half full and as you do that you will see pretty quickly that women are more interested in being around you.

Number 4 – Use Social Proof: If someone else likes something and recommends something to you it is more likely that you are going to try it, right? Well this is the same when it comes to people. You should set up a good group of friends and they will be your “social proof”. This means that when you are out with your friends and women see that you are interesting and have people that like you they are going to be more likely to feel comfortable around you as well.

Another more specific option for this is a wingman of wingmen. The whole point for this is that you have a guy (or guys) who are set to back your play and say all the important things a girl should know about you without you having to say it yourself. This is not for everyone, but once you get comfortable with a wingman, you can both certainly help each other attract women. (Social proof is just one way that a wingman is helpful)

Another use of social proof is jealousy. You talk to a girl who interests you at a party or club. Then go talk to other girls. Maybe even dance with a few. When she sees you talking to and surrounded by girls this makes her jealous and instantly makes you more attractive in her eyes. When you next to talk to her, she is not going to want to let you wander away again.

Number 5 – Know What You’ll Say: If you go up to a girl to talk you need to make sure that you know what you are going to say. I am not saying that you should have a line that is set up each and every time but you should know what you are going to say so that you do not make a fool of yourself stumbling over your words. When you have something to say and are confident this is going to go a much longer way than if you went up her and were like – uh hi?

“Canned” pickup lines often are not good. You want to be spontaneous. But how can you both know what to say, yet still be spontaneous?

Well some of it comes with practice. You want the exact words to be spontaneous, but you should have an idea of what you want to say to the girl. One good way to have an idea is to simply make sure you are observant. Check the girl out before approaching. Try to draw some quick conclusions about what type of girl she is and what might interest her. See if she is with others. Make quick decisions about what she might find interesting to talk about. Everything can change once you start talking, but have a few ideas in your head.

A big part of picking up chicks is just being ready for anything, and always being calm and confident. Women love confidence.

How to Pickup Chicks: Hopefully you now have a better idea on how to pickup chicks. This is just the bare minimums. The basics really. There is a lot more to learn and ton of good tips and tricks that can really help you out. These are just about getting you set on the right path. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to pickup girls. I am sure that you will be able to make some great headway with just this information.

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