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8 Sneaky Signs He’s Cheating on You

Here are some specific signs he’s cheating on you and what you can do to save your relationship if your man is cheating on you.

* Has your boyfriend taken a sudden interest in working out and getting in shape? Although this isn’t a dead give-away that he’s cheating, you never know. He might be trying to impress someone.

* Has he suddenly changed his wardrobe or gotten new or nice clothes? Similar to above, he might be trying to impress someone.

* Going along a similar vein, has he taken up new and uncharacteristic interests? He might be trying to impress a new woman with his knowledge of a topic she is interested in.

* Does he get an increasing number of strange phone calls? Maybe he just brushes them off as telemarketers or wrong numbers, but they might not be…

* Maybe he has stopped doing small things to show that he cares. Did he used to send you gifts and little love notes? Maybe his attention is being redirected toward someone else.

* If the two of you live in different places, has he suddenly redecorated his place? Perhaps he’s trying to make it more inviting to other women. If he suddenly has a “swinging bachelor pad” this could be one of many signs he’s cheating.

* Does he spend a lot of time on the internet? Maybe he’s chatting with someone. Does he go to extra measures to clear his internet search history? People only do that if they’re hiding something or if they’re afraid that you might discover something.

* Does he claim to be doing a lot of overtime at work? Though it may be true that he’s working a lot at the office, it is one of the classic signs he’s cheating. If he’s paid hourly, then he should be bringing in extra money. If he’s not, then you might have something to be suspicious of.

If you’ve recognized more than a few of these signs he’s cheating, you may very well have a cheating man in your life. If you discover that he is cheating on you, you need to be honest with yourself and allow yourself to feel all the feelings of pain and betrayal.

If you want your relationship with him to survive, you’re going to have to confront him. Tell him how his behavior makes you feel. Be honest, but don’t let him turn this around and try to blame it on you. Remember that no matter what, he had the opportunity to end the relationship before he started seeing someone new, but he didn’t. So you shouldn’t take the blame for any of this.

If you want to save your relationship, the two of you need to both agree that there are problems with your relationship and you need to get committed to working on them. It will take time to heal your relationship and learn to trust him again, but with resolve, the two of you can move past a betrayal login
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