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4 Steps to Forgiving Infidelity and Move On

Infidelity is the most painful form of betrayal. Forgiving an affair is one of the most challenging things to do. After all, not only you experience humiliation, but the betrayal is what hurts the most.

You trusted that person but he betrayed with infidelity.

It’s one thing to forgive and forget if your boyfriend has cheated once, but if this becomes a pattern or if he’s cheated on his ex-girlfriends before (that’s a huge sign!), then it’s time to break it off with him and move on. You deserve better than someone who will consistently hurt you.

There are steps to forgive infidelity. We are humans and we make mistake, so we need to learn how to forgive too.

If your boyfriend confessed that he cheated on you and he wanted your forgiveness, then he deserves a second chance. Forgiving infidelity is not easy but these steps might help you forgive him and move on with the relationship.

Separation Is Key in Forgiving Infidelity
The first step is to be apart from each other for a while. I know you think that this might give you more problems but believe me, what the both of you need is some space.

This is a good time to practice forgiving infidelity and at the same time you can learn the real reason why he cheated on you.

Does he feel like you don’t have enough time for him? Is there another woman working at pulling him away from you? Does your relationship lack excitement?

During this time, find the real reason why he did it. Don’t blame yourself or be angry at him. Just try to understand and have an open mind about this.

Let it All Out! (Yes, ALL of It!)
The second step is to let your emotions out.

I know that during this time, you are full of emotions. It may be anger, sadness or frustration.

Letting all your emotions out is important in forgiving infidelity. Do it in way that would not harm you or other people.

I find the best way to let out frustration is by doing intense exercise like running or working out at the gym.

How about writing your emotions in a journal? Pour out all of your emotions and don’t keep it inside of you.

It’s not healthy for you to keep your emotions inside. You need to let it all the emotions out.

Talk to a Friend and Share the Sordid Details of Your Betrayal
The third step is to talk to someone. Talk to someone you can trust like your friend or a psychologist.

They can give you some insight and can help make forgiving infidelity easier.

You need to be more careful with whom you can talk to about this. Make sure that that person has an open mind and is not choosing sides.

You don’t want to tell your mother about this (especially if she hates your boyfriend!). You need to talk to someone to help you forgive and can make you see that maybe you have some faults too.

If you are ready to forgive your boyfriend then this next step is very important.

If you want to forgive infidelity, then it’s time that you and your boyfriend go to a psychologist or a relationship counselor together. It’s important that the both of you talk about this.

A relationship counselor or psychologist can help you get through this, after all they should be trained on how to handle situations like this and forgive infidelity.

Have an open mind, listen to his side and accept your own mistakes too. I know that this sounds hard, but it’s important if you want to move on and forgive him.

Forgiving Infidelity Tip #4: Acceptance
The last step is to accept that this happened in the past and move on.

Yes, he made a mistake and, if really he’s sorry, then just accept it. Forgiving infidelity is hard to do but if you love that person give him another chance.

Just look at this as a start of a new relationship. This may take time but if he’s willing to change then it’s worth it. After all, love can conquer all.

I hope that these steps can help you forgive infidelity and can help you forgive him. Forgiveness is hard to do but we need to do it.

All of us are not perfect and we make mistakes. What’s important is that we learn from these mistakes and we learn to forgive, especially learning to forgive infidelity.

The trust may be gone but I know it can be rebuilt again. login
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