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How Do You Get A Girl To Notice You

Are you asking the question “How do you get a girl to notice you?” How do you get a girl to notic you?

Many guys wonder how to attract the interest of a specific girl. It is hard to feel like the fly on the wall and go unnoticed by the girl or girls you.

If you really want to make a solid first impression, then focus on sexual tension. This an emotional state you can create through a combination of teasing and flirting.

Now…there are a number of additional ways to get a girl’s attention. In this article, we’ll talk about women and what you should do to make them notice you.

Understand Attraction and Women: You are not the only guy that has coming in search of the answer to the question “How do you get a girl to notice you?” There are literally thousands of men that have either asked the question or want to ask the question.

Women are mysterious creatures and at times can be pretty frustrating if you let them be. What you need to do is figure out the rhyme and rhythm to women so that you will be able to figure out what they want quicker than ever. Let’s go on to talk about women and what you should do to make them notice you.

Let’s make something clear off the top. All “notice” is not good “notice”. You can get a girl to notice you if you are being a jack-ass, but it won’t really help your cause, which is really getting the girl attracted to you in return. So you are really looking for more than just “notice,” you are also looking to plant the smallest seeds of attraction.

Live Life and Grow your Confidence: Many times when you are out with your friends you may feel like you are an invisible fly on the wall. Everyone else is having a great time and you are just sitting there wishing that you could do something to make that special someone notice you. It’s not as difficult as you may think but when you are sitting there looking at her and you are so nervous it can seem like you are trying to scale Mount Everest.

The first thing that you need to do is get rid of those jitters. Women can smell fear from a mile away. The stink of fear on a guy is repulsive to women. Women want men that are strong and that can protect them from people that may cause a threat to them. This is why you see so many girls with those meat-heads.

Thankfully even if you are not super buff and you don’t act like Superman you can still get the girl that of your dreams.

When you walk into the room you should enter with purpose. There is nothing more painful than watching someone walk into a room and just stand there and be all awkward. It is time for you to put your shoulders back and hold your head up high.

It is an important thing to have a good time and relax. Do not worry overly about attracting women. You first step is to simply learn to enjoy yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. It may sound trite, but you have to love yourself before others can love you. So relax, enjoy yourself and have a good time, regardless of women.

Decreasing your worry about getting women to notice you and enjoying yourself more, makes you less of a wallflower and makes you seem to be a more fun and enjoyable guy. By just living life and not fearing it you take your first large stride toward getting a girl to notice you.

Be a Rock-Star: If you need someone to model after just think of some of the famous movie stars and rock stars. Think about how they act and all of the women that they attract. Sure you are probably thinking – well of course they have women! They have money and fame. The truth is that even if they did not have the money and fame they will still have the women.

What is the reason for this? Simply because they have what is called a high status attitude and people are drawn to people with confidence.

Go and talk to her:When you have finally learned how to enter a room without wanting to go and hide in the corner, it is time for you to go and talk to that special someone.

You can learn a few things to say to a girl in advance. It is good to have an idea of what you are going to say in at least the first five minutes. You do not want to open your mouth and have nothing come out.

If she takes it in another direction that is fine but you do not want to be standing there in silence because you have no clue about what to say. Think up some basic things that you could say and would make a good conversation starter and then just go for it.

The important thing is that you say something. Nothing ventured; nothing gained. Perhaps you go down in flames, perhaps you are speaking the first words to the love of you life. You never know. The only 100% sure factor is that if you never try, you will always fail.

Have a sense of humor and a sense of fun: Pull the serious stick out of your ass and have fun. Girls want to have a good time. If you are fun, energetic and funny, she will notice.

Girls love a guy that can make them laugh. When you make girls laugh you are going to see that they look for you whenever you come in and this will make entering the room much easier since you will have someone that is excited about you being there.

It all boils down to you. Relax and enjoy yourself. Have a good time. Be confident. Be fun. Be Funny. Talk to a girl and take chances. If you do all of this you will stop being a wallflower and girls will notice you. After you will get a girl to notice you without really needing to “try“. login
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