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How to Deal with a Break Up (without Losing Your Mind)

It’s hard dealing with a break up. Especially if you are the one who got dumped but there are ways on how to deal with a break up. This is important for you if you want to move on with your life.

What was the Root of the Breakup?

First thing you need to do is to think things through. Did you break up because of the right reason? Was it another woman? Or he needs some time to be alone right now? Every relationship is not perfect there must be something that happened that led to the break up. You should figure out why you guys broke up in the first place in order to know how to deal with a break up. Once you figured out what went wrong, you need to accept it and decide to move on. What’s the point of analyzing about the “what ifs” in life?

Appreciate Solitude

I know you are used to being with someone but now that it’s over, cherished the time to be alone. Do not jump into a relationship right away because it would just complicate things. You need to take the time to heal your heart before you start another relationship. Do not call or text your boyfriend. It would just make you miss him more. If you want to know about how to deal with a break up, you need to cut him off from your life.

Channel Your Negative Emotions In a Healthy Way

Cope with the pain you are feeling right now. Express it in a healthy way like writing it down in a journal. You can exercise or do something productive to take your mind off the break up. Cry if you want or talk to someone about it. Do not resort to things that can harm you like drinking or drugs. It would be hard for you to on how to deal with a break up if you do not express your emotions.

Get Rid Of Mementos

You need to remove things that remind you of your ex. Throw it all away or give it back to him. If you can’t do that then store it in a place where you can’t normally see it like your storage room or in a box. If you want to stop thinking about him then eliminate things that can remind you of him.

Make Sure You Have a Shoulder to Cry On

Talk to your family and friends. Talk about the break up with someone you can trust. It would be easier for you if to deal with the break up if you talk to someone about this. Just make sure that the person you talk to have an open mind and can give you some good advice.

Acceptance is Key

Allow what “is”. Accept that what’s done is done and move on with your life. Move on and be happy with your life without him. Before you met him, you managed to survive what’s it’s like being single. You have the ability to carry on with your life.

These are the best ways on how to deal with a break up. Mending a broken heart takes time so remember to be patient. login
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