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First Date Ideas

A successful first date with a girl is not about spending a lot of money. If all she wants from you are expensive gifts and fancy meals then let me clue you in on something… She does not like you, she likes your money.

Honestly though, most women are not like that. The guys looks and/or finances matter… but only in the most minor way. Women are far more interested with the guy that is confident, self-assured and fun.

So rather than blowing, money and still creating an uncomfortable situation for your first date want to focus on things that matter, like making sure your date is both enjoyable and low key. That is the key to a great first date. You want the date to be memorable, fun and establish some sort of connection between you and the girl.

Here are few general ideas for great first date:

1) Meet for coffee or drinks

This powerful first date idea is pretty standard. Yet still very effective.

When you meet a girl for coffee or drinks it gives you a chance to talk in a very casual manner. It has far less pressure than sitting facing each other from across the table at fancy restaurants. Since confidence is important part of a good first date it gives you a chance to get a lot more comfortable with the girl and therefore seem far more confident rather than putting too much strain too fast on yourself.

Even better it is also situation that you can begin to establish physical contact. Meeting the girl for coffee or drinks on your first date means that you’re able to do a little bit of flirting and insert some steps to help build attraction during your conversation. These little initial steps towards attraction go a long way towards building a hopefully lasting an intimate relationship.

2) Play Games

By playing games I did not mean play some sort of mind games with the girl. I mean what it sounds like, play actual games. Take her to miniature golf, the Boardwalk, a pool hall, a video arcade or anywhere where there are games to be played.

There should be little pressure to be ”fun” on this date because the venue itself should provide a fair amount of fun. This takes a lot of pressure off of you on the first date. You get to enjoy your time with our be a little competitive and hopefully approach her in a playful slightly teasing manner thereby heightening her attraction.

3) Get Physical

I’m not talking about sex. At least not yet.

I’m talking but doing actual physical activity. This one can depend upon the girl. Doing a physical activity is not for all girls. But many, if not most, of them will enjoy some sort of physical activity for a date. For great first date activity try to take the girl on a hike, ice-skating, rollerblading or even a nice walk along the beach or through a park. These physical activities can often be a least expensive and the most rewarding ways to have a great first date. login
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