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Best First Dates – Top 5 Dates That Are Great For Your First Time

Do you worry about always having the best first dates? In this article we are going to talk about 5 of the top ideas for your best first dates as well as giving you a general idea of what are “good” first date ideas rather than “bad first date ideas

The first thing to remember is not to stress out. If you worry too much about having the “best first dates” you can nearly be assured that your date will be sub-par. For a first date to really be a great you need to luck into having the two of you be instantly compatible.

Simply put, that is like rolling a “Hard 8? in craps. It can happen, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It may sound odd, but the best way to think of the first date is to plan to minimize the damage. -If things go wonderfully let nature take it’s course and lets the plans adapt themselves to the moment.

The best first date “plans” revolve around events that are a lot of fun in themselves, and/or offer a lot of opportunity to call the really bad date catastrophes short.

One of the most common first date scenarios is dinner and a movie. It is pretty classic.

It is also a pretty bad idea.

You are forced to talk to each other without anything breaking the ice. You are then forced to watch each other eat, which can be stressful itself. Then at the point you might be starting to get comfortable you go to a movie and end the conversation.

#5- Movie and a Dinner:

For the reasons stated above, I don’t even want this on the list. But it is a classic and many will not take it off their plans. We all do dinner and a movie now-and-again, even if it is a bad idea. If you must do it, though, simply reverse the order.

Go to the movie first on your date. This lets you get a little comfortable in each other presence. When it is over you then have one piece of common ground to talk about. The movie. Whether it is horrible, great or your opinion is split, it makes for a great icebreaker topic. Avoid dinner for a first date, but if you must…. see that movie first.

#4– Mini Golf

Mini-golf is sport that takes no skill. It is fun and nostalgic. It gives you a chance to talk without sounding like a “job interview” Having fun playing mini golf is ones of the best first dates. This is a pretty simple game that will allow you to be still enough so that you can talk and have a good time while you are playfully trying to beat each other at the game. This game takes a decent amount of time but not too long so that you can leave them wanting more on the next date.

#3 – Easy Sports (Bowling, hiking):

How “sporty” to go on a first date depends a lot on your quick instant read of a girl. Some girls will love the idea of a long hike or walk on the beach for a first date. Perhaps even a small picnic involved. Others will hate it. This one cold be a horrible idea, or a #1 superstar “homerun”.

Bowling is also a fun activity. When you go bowling you are going to be able to have fun and take turns showing off your stance. Bowling is a pretty simple game and can be easily taught so it won’t be something that will frustrate someone that is new to the game. It is important that you keep things light and fun. Don’t try to dash your opponent in the game. Now is just a time that you are trying to get to know each other and have some fun.

#2- Coffee or a Bar:

Obviously not everyone likes to “drink” but meeting at a bar is like meeting on neutral ground. You can have a couple of drinks to lower your inhibitions. If you “click” wonderful. If either one of you thinks the other is a “no-go” it is easy to make a polite excuse and run for it. If she is sill there after 2 hours, she likes you and the date went well. It is time to call it (to set anticipation for the next date) or take a shot of ratcheting this date up a level. Just drink slowly. No one likes a drunk.

Now if you do not like to drink. Or she doesn’t. That is fine. Just meet for coffee. It has the same “neutral” ground feel. YOu make not have alcohol to help break the ice, but coffee houses are naturally places that many people feel “comfortable” at.

#1 – Theme Park/Boardwalk/Game Center

The purpose of a first date should bo to see if you can “have fun” together. What better place to do that than a place designed for fun.

The reason that theme parks are one of the best first dates is because you can go on the rides, eat the great food and watch different shoes. Laughing and having fun together on a first date can really bond you both together. When you go to a theme park you will be able to wait in line for the rides which gives you time to talk and get to know each other better.

The perfect first dates will depend on the women. You can try use something to help you get a better idea of the type of woman

-or simply go with the flow and use the first date to gather data for a better 2nd and 3rd date-

The best first dates are the ones that do not end in disaster. All you need is the date to be good enough to warrant a second and a third. Every successive date you can try to ramp up making it more “perfect” as you begin to learn about the women you are trying to attract.

Trying too hard worrying about the best first date is like shooting darts with a blindfold on. You could hit a bullseye, but chances are that is the way people lose an eye.

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Pandora’s Box- Okay, this system of attraction tells you nothing about first dates directly. What it does is give you a championship way to really understand the woman you are trying to attract. The system works at its peak when you really have a specific woman in mind.

Now you know about the best first dates. If you can think or something that will fit your date better than by all means go with that option. You should always remember that you should give the two of you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other. This is very important. login
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