Afro Introductions Review

Afro Introductions Review

Afro Introductions aims at bringing black people around the globe together. The name may invoke the term African American to some. The scope is hardly so limited, though. A quick look through the profiles shows that many members seek an interracial dating experience. That observation is merely anecdotal of course. All the same, the international nature of the site is clear. After all, it does provide translation services for its top-level subscribers.

It is free to join AfroIntroductions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make some effort to maintain at least a modicum of quality in their profiles. A decent amount of mandatory information is required. You cannot skip the basic fields about your appearance, ethnicity or employment. You have to write a brief essay about yourself and another one about your ideal match. A quick look through a few pages of a sample search showed plenty of photos. Of course, I cannot guarantee the same for every search, but at least it seems promising.

“Because you can reply to messages for free, Afro Introductions is worth a try.”

The biggest drawback with the site is the lack of the usual local search options. You can’t use your zip or postal code as reference for results. Instead, you can do a broad search by country and state or province. Then you can filter those results by select cities from a dropdown menu. As previously mentioned, the goal of the site is not necessarily to meet people next door but also folks from across the planet. It is important to know what you specifically have in mind in terms of how far you’d like to travel or if you’d ever relocate.

Contact methods include email and instant messaging, of which it is free to reply, and there are chat rooms. However, to initiate messages or join group chats, you need to be a premium member. Joining up seems more appealing, as you won’t be limited to only chatting with others who have paid. If you spring for the more expensive of two membership options, your messages, both the ones you send and the ones you receive, can be translated to and from English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What’s most important is how popular a site is. I’m not sure of its marketing tactics, but I must say that I’m at least somewhat impressed. After all, it is in what might be considered a specific niche. Despite its limited scope, this site attracts a small but steady number of visitors. Its modest popularity shouldn’t stand in your way, though. Because you can reply to messages for free, Afro Introductions is worth a try.

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