Age Match Review

Age Match Review

Age Match isn’t about connecting people of the same age. Instead, it finds matches between younger and older singles. They believe that love easily bridges any age gap. What I appreciate straightaway is that it isn’t gender-biased like many sites of this nature can be. Both men and women seek someone special, whether in their youthful or mature prime. Moreover, there’s a real sense of community on this site.

One big downside to is that it limits search options until you’re a paid member. You can only search for profiles based on the details of gender and age. Moreover, the free search radius is limited to within 100 miles of your location. That might make it hard to see exactly how many members live nearby. You also can’t see last login info. That means you won’t know whether the closest folks are active members without upgrading first.

“Then, if you like what you see and decide to signup to a monthly plan, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to all of the AgeMatch services.”

As limited as free searches are, free members do have some worthwhile options on the site. You can check out blogs and message boards, for instance. They make you feel as if you belong to a friendly group of likeminded daters. It’s always better to have some support from others. Going it alone online can make for an intimidating experience. Many other sites miss the importance of people sharing both their good and bad dating stories.

You can also access live chat rooms before making that final decision to upgrade. Then, if you like what you see and decide to signup to a monthly plan, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to all of the AgeMatch services. You can initiate emails and instant messages. You can search with a 50-mile radius of home. Other advanced search options kick in. Last login info will become visible. There’s also a daily news feed you can read.

However, after saying so many good things, I must return to something negative about the site. Actually, there are two things that are a problem for me. One is the site’s lack of popularity. Not too many people are visiting it. Second, the price has gone up since our initial review. It never seems too logical to me to increase the cost when your market share isn’t growing.

Therefore, I’m left with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s a solid site as far as the services it offers. On the other hand, its potential membership base seems a bit shaky. It would be less undecided if free members could search closer to home and know the last time members logged into the site. Despite my misgivings, you really have nothing to lose by checking out Age Match.

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