AFF Review Review is truly for those into alternative sexuality. Some sites come on strong, but then have mostly curious or coy members. Here, people are open and direct, so if you’re kind of shy then this isn’t the place for you. This sex-dating site caters to folks who are really into the lifestyle. It’s best for people with some experience experimenting in BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism).

If you’re just sort of goofing around then don’t be surprised if someone calls you on it. These people mean business and take their special interests seriously. The only limit is your imagination, not your gender or sexual orientation. It’s a non-discriminating adventure into the stranger side of sex.

“The basic search engine lets you narrow down the results to the specific thing you’re into, which is crucial on any kind of alternative dating site.”

Without paying, access is limited, but you should still get a glimpse at what you’re in for before joining. has plenty of profiles to check out. The basic search engine lets you narrow down the results to the specific thing you’re into, which is crucial on any kind of alternative dating site. Most people, no matter how open-minded, won’t like everything it has to offer just as a matter of personal taste.

You can’t enlarge most profiles before becoming a premium member, but you can still view a few up close. Some free members’ profiles can be viewed by everyone as a reward for being very popular. Some paid members have paid an extra fee to allow all-level access to full profile details. If you like what, or whom, you see, you can send a free wink. If you simply add the member to your list of favorites, he/she will receive notice by email of having been added.

Quick contact is paramount on Alt and you have several options. Chat rooms and instant messaging can be used by anyone. For the voyeurs and exhibitionists, the chat rooms allow members to broadcast their webcams live to the entire group. There are message boards where groups can post stories and try to organize alternative get-togethers. Subscriber-submitted articles are posted in the online magazine. You can also read personal blogs and it’s another free option.

Premium members gain access to all profiles. They can see all pictures posted and subscriber videos. They also get faster support and appear at the top of search results. If you choose to go for the more expensive level of paid subscription then you get even faster customer and tech support, as well as a superior position in search results and special search options.

I met an engaged couple on holiday who met through this site, so some of its members are the real deal. offers something different from the ordinary dating or sex personals sites.

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