Amateur Match Review

Amateur Match Review

Before you sign up to this site, please take the time to read through our user comments, which mention overwhelmingly, that this site appears to be a scam.

It has been a long time since our first review of Amateur Match. Out of all of our reviewed dating sites, this is one of the most active as far as users’ comments go. Is there any truth to what’s being said? Is it a scam or a paradise for digital hedonists? It’s definitely a good example of a site that seems too good to be true. It reinforces the “buyer beware” motto. is easy to navigate. It’s just a bit unappealing and garish. There are many third-party ads for webcam shows and porn sites. I suppose that’s to be expected when a company that does so much business in the adult entertainment industry decides to run a dating site. In fact, it seems to want to blur the line between reality and fantasy.

“Amateur Match is rather popular, and with the changes they’ve made I feel like you could try it out for free without much risk.”

For example, when you see a preview of what are supposed to be members-only chat rooms, the women appear to be webcam girls, not everyday people. Since you can’t join the chat without paying first, I can’t state outright that you wouldn’t actually have a video chat with a real member if you upgraded. However, this sort of thing is a good example of what people might find a misleading bait-and-switch situation.

There previously was no way to search locally. Now, you can search within 10 miles of any U.S. zip code. Outside the United States, you have the option to type in the name of a city. I couldn’t get any results at first for a few major Canadian cities. Then I realized that I needed to try a few different spellings in order to have success. Sometimes, the search engine server times out.

As mentioned in the intro, if you read the comments some people have made about this review, they imply that they received spam from women who weren’t real gals trying to get a date. It’s free to reply to messages from paid subscribers, which wasn’t the case before. AmateurMatch might have made this change so that if someone writes to you, you’re not forced to upgrade in order to write back. This doesn’t guarantee that all messages you receive are legit. However, that is a problem with even the most reputable dating sites. You do have to be savvy and cautious in the online dating world.

Amateur Match is rather popular, and with the changes they’ve made I feel like you could try it out for free without much risk. After all, you can do local searches, see full profiles and reply free to messages. The site seems to be working toward improving its image and services.

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