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AmateurMatch Review – Adult Dating Features


  • Easy for women to find men on site.
  • Site has lot of features like galleries, chat rooms, and web cams.
  • You might already guessed this but the site is filled with amateur porn.


  • Some customers believe site uses fraudulent tactics to get you to become a paying a member.
  • With a free membership you can only search for someone by country, not zip code.
  • Site is cluttered with advertisements and porn.

AmateurMatch is one I would recommend staying away from if you are serious about finding a adult partner. The site has large male ratio and as a free member you can only search the site by country (with free membership) making it impossible to find anyone in your area. When you click on the homepage you will see tons of vulgar advertisements and pictures of women that are supposed to be in your area but they all seem way to pretty for it to be true.

I have searched the internet and found that AmateurMatch seems to use fraudulent tactics to entice you to sign up for a paying membership. Users who have reported Amateur Match as scam say that when you have a free membership you will get 8 to 10 emails from attractive women a day, you won’t be able to reply to these women till you sign up for a paid membership. But once you sign up for a membership you will stop receiving emails from the hot women or they will not respond to you.


This site I think is more geared towards amateur porn than finding a adult friend. I wouldn’t say that it’s impossible to find a mate on this site but with ratio of men to women it would be difficult. The features it does have are pretty advanced compared to most dating sites and you can find a lot of “amateur media” if that is what you are looking for.

Warning: Web site may contain adult content, themes and/or photographs. If you are not of legal age to view such content in the area that you reside in, or it is prohibited in the area that you reside in, or you find such material offensive, then please do not enter.

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