American Singles Review – Lots of Features

American Singles Review – Lots of Features


  • Profile creation is quick but useful in finding a person with similar interest.
  • has partnered with Hurry Date to offer events for its members.
  • Site has loads of features and tools, along with accurate search options.


  • Fake Profiles, free profiles, and spam can clutter search results.
  • There are allot of older men that have profiles on this site, so descent women can be hard to find.
  • Users are not able to tell the difference from paid members and free memberships. has remained a popular dating site and has the features and tools to rival any other premium site.


  • Create personal categories for “Hot List”. Set up your “Hot List” category in which ever way you want for example one category could be “Surfer Dudes”, or create another as “Atlanta Area”. You decide its your list.
  • See who has “Teased” you, added you to their “Hot List”, or has sent you an email or Instant Message.
  • The profile is easy to set up and you can start browsing instantly with a free profile giving you many features that are included in paid memberships.
  • The profile is easy with a few questions like body weight, favorite music, or willing to relocate. You are also asked some essay style questions like describing yourself or ideal partner. Once that is set up you are set, start searching or see who American Singles picked out for you.
  • Searching is very accurate because you can set the radius, an area code, or select a general area or city.
  • Its easy to find out if someone likes you with the special feature American Singles has called “Click”.
  • To describe it would be to say “speed dating on crack”. By each members profile are these icons and you can click on the little icons to show the person you are either interested or not interested in talking to that person. So if you are interested in a person click the if you aren’t click the If the member you clicked shows the same interest in you, than it will be showed on your profile homepage.

As a free membership you are not allowed to reply any emails or send any. This is a problem with search results as you cannot tell which members are paid and which are free. This very much limits your ability to do anything useful with your free membership.

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Overall has allot of neat little features, tools, and search perimeters that make it popular. The “Click” feature, the “Hot List”, the area code search, and far to many others to list. I think if you like to have quick results than this site would be good for you as most of the features on this site seem to be optimized to save you time and to get you quick results you desire.

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