AFF Review Review, now is the only website that is the source for some of the most beautiful Latin women in the world. Members who register with this site have access to the Ladies and can further pursue the ones that they like either for a date or a relationship. is in a very large way a mail order service for Latin American girls. Once a person signs up on this site they can contact any of the girls by way of correspondence or phone service. Both these services are available with the website for a fee.

If you are interested in contacting one of the Ladies by correspondence i.e. email, all you would need to do is to click on the email link by the side of her photograph. However it is important to note that all your contact information i.e. email address and phone number, will be deleted from the email that reaches her. This procedure is mandatory and is in keeping with certain laws. However if a member does wish to obtain the contact information of the lady that he is interested in then he can do so using out service mentioned next.

The phone translation service is the next service that is available with

This service is vital as there could be a possibility that there is a language barrier. This is a very common problem when there are two people belonging to two completely different countries and cultures are involved.

The phone translators keep all your conversations confidential and aim at ensuring that you are presented favourably. The phone translation service can also be used to obtain contact information.

Regions and Religions

Although deals with Latin women, it is open to people from all over the world. This feature makes it a multi racial and multi religious site where only the women are Latin American but the members are from different religions.

Relationships encourages relationships that are just for the purpose of dating as well as those that are intended to turn into long term commitments. However most of the people who do become members are most often looking for a bride.

Features has standard features that its members can use. These features include:

– Correspondence: Being able to communicate via email with the lady he likes

– Phone translation: Being able to actually talk to the lady in question with the help of a phone translator in case there is not common language that is spoken.


Signing up on is absolutely free. However it must be noted that you might need to buy credits in order to use them for certain services that the website offers. The costs of these services vary. Credits can be purchased in bulk and used as and when required. Membership also grants you access to the profiles of all the lady members along with access to the top 1000 Latin ladies, the most popular ones and the ones that are the newest to the lot.

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