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Arab Lounge Review uses the tag line, “connecting Arabs worldwide.” The site certainly seems to have a specific target market in mind, and it hits the mark well. This site gives you enough free access to really get a handle on its value as you experience its pleasant and easy to use site design. That said, it still has its limitations before you upgrade.
The profile process on ArabLounge is challenging, because it’s somewhat involved. However, generally speaking, the more info you provide, the more chances you’ll have of catching someone’s interest. It may not seem worthwhile to new users, though. Nevertheless, if you plan on staying on the site for any length of time, you should commit yourself to filling out your profile completely.
“Other features on Arab Lounge include a free advice column and chat rooms for paying members to meet others in an online group setting.”

As for access, Arab Lounge really lets you get a feel for what’s available on the site. Free users can search profiles, see when people last logged in and even be contacted by paid members. What you can’t do is search for members closer than 150 miles, which is the one drawback. However, if you pay for a membership, you can narrow down your search radius.
It’s free to reply one time to an email received from a paid subscriber. That’s great news in a couple of ways. If you pay, you know that you can send an email to anyone and the individual can reply free. If you’re trying the site out before paying, someone might contact you, so you’ll know it’s worth joining. It’s a win-win situation in the end.
You can send free e-cards and “flirts”, too, to help get the ball rolling. Other features on Arab Lounge include a free advice column and chat rooms for paying members to meet others in an online group setting. There’s also a personality test to take to enhance the visibility of your profile’s compatibility with other members. Or you can add a video intro to further enhance your profile.
The worry with niche-dating sites is that they don’t have the opportunity to reach the masses like a general dating site would. However, even though this site might not have a huge number of members, it does manage to maintain a modest but solid base of visitors to its pages. Ideally, its popularity will grow, but at least it shows itself to be more than a flash in the pan when it comes to attracting Arab singles.
The only true negative is the site’s high-end membership fee. The price has actually increased from the time of our initial review. Joining costs considerably more than most other sites charge. Some would argue that paying more helps guarantee that the singles on Arab Lounge are sincere in their romantic endeavors.

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