Arab Love Line Review

Arab Love Line Review

Arab Love Line has a clear mission in mind. The site hopes to foster meaningful relationships between Arab men and women. It seeks to unite Arabs from around the world. Its focus is on singles who wish to build long-term connections. Ideally, these matches would lead to marriage or lifelong friendships. The site’s founders feel most competitors in this dating niche encourage less serious endeavors. I am not sure that I agree with such a statement. All the same, this site’s goal is clear.

Signing up to is simple. That doesn’t mean you can skip many steps though. You do need to provide some basic information about yourself. Only a few details like your weight and income can be answered by choosing “I’d rather not say” from the dropdown menu of responses. That said you only have to write a brief essay about who you are. You don’t have to go into too many specifics regarding your ideal match. That part of your profile is optional for the most part.

“You can even do keyword searches straightaway without needing to pay.”

One immediate problem I have with the site is the lack of zip or postal code searches. All the same, you can select country, state or province and a city. You are limited to searching the cities the site provides for each location in a dropdown menu though. However, the lists the site gives are rather extensive. At least for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, you have many choices in each region. Some other international locations might be less well represented, but usually the mailing code searches wouldn’t address that issue either.

You don’t have to upgrade in order to use advanced searches. The advanced options allow you to use all the criteria that members fill out when they create a profile. You can even do keyword searches straightaway without needing to pay. When you get your results, you’ll be happy to know that you can view full profiles for free. The last login info is clearly shown. I appreciate that they’ve given free access to these features, which are sometimes limited on other dating sites.

Rather, some of the extras require a premium subscription. You can’t even peek at the members’ forums or create a personal blog without upgrading your membership. It seems logical enough to me though. You come to a dating site to meet someone one-on-one. It’s not for the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, you also need to pay to reply to messages. Requiring both parties to pay limits contacts. It also might weeds out folks who are less committed to connecting to someone special. Arab Love Line requires a commitment of money as well as time in your quest to meet someone.

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