Asian Dating Review

Asian Dating Review

Asian Euro has changed its name to Asian Dating. However, other things have changed about this online dating site and I have to say that I feel even more positive about my experience here. I think you really get a fuller sampling before upgrading, which makes it much easier to decide if this site is right for you. Still, it will take some time for this newly rebranded site to regain its previous popularity. Maybe that’s why they’re offering more free access.

The signup process continues to be simple, while maintaining enough required info that you don’t end up with a lot of half-empty profiles. There are several types of matches you can choose to find on, but looking for a marriage partner remains the focus of the site. Many female members live in Asia and are seeking a spouse from Europe or North America. However, some people are not looking to relocate or select “romance/dating” as their goal, so I’ll explain why local dating seems easier with its new design.

“There are several types of matches you can choose to find on, but looking for a marriage partner remains the focus of the site.”

Currently, local searches are simpler than before, because the advanced search option is free. This lets you choose to look for people in a specific city straightaway, rather than filtering your results from a country-wide basic search. You get more search results per page and the presentation is cleaner, which makes them not only look better, but also easier to read. Last login info is clearly visible and you can also arrange results by different criteria, including membership level.

It has always been free to reply to messages from paid members, which makes trying it free more interesting and upgrading equally more appealing. No one is forced to pay simply to respond to either emails or instant messages. Upgraded members also have access to chat rooms, but even those who don’t pay but upload a photo can participate.

AsianDating has built-in translation software for your emails, but you must pay for the more expensive of the two premium subscriptions to access this service. You can translate to or from English to or from Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. The homepage and profiles can be translated into Japanese, but not email messages.

Currently, the popularity of this site hasn’t even been quantified by our independent source for website traffic. The name change is going to require considerable some time to catch on, but people trying to visit the old site are redirected to this one. The old AsianEuro is still doing quite well as far as popularity goes. Unlike typical mail-order bride sites, Asian Dating allows you to explore freely, meet someone directly and avoid dealing with overseas marriage agencies.

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