Asian Singles Connection Review

Asian Singles Connection Review lets new members see what the site has to offer before purchasing a membership. The site definitely puts an emphasis on more traditional values. It wants its members to find husbands and wives, not just random hook ups. Written essays are screened for inappropriate content. Anything deemed “vulgar” will be removed, which indicates that the site is concerned with maintaining a conservative image.

Besides the usual profiles, Asian Singles Connection has a special personality test, which is based on your childhood memories. When completed, the system assigns you a color-coded type of personality. Your color helps other members decide their compatibility to you more easily. The content and wording of some questions makes the test process strange, but the results are accurate enough.

“There’s certainly no shortage of ways to talk to your friends and love interests on this site.”

When you create your profile, you fill out information about your ideal match. Those details are then used by the site’s matchmaking system to generate a list of potential matches. Besides just using the details you listed, you can rank the importance of one factor over another. For example, eye color might be less important to you than someone’s level of education.

Advanced searches are free. That means you can really find members that are close to home. Moreover, you can see the last login info for each of the resulting profiles. Therefore, you know how active the membership in your local area is. If you find someone you like, you can send a smile or a prewritten greeting. There are free e-cards to send, as well.

Communication takes center stage on this dating site. You can post a message on the forums where subjects cover everything from dating to news to current events. Purchase a membership to send an instant message to an online buddy or write personalized emails. You can also use live chat rooms once you pay. There’s certainly no shortage of ways to talk to your friends and love interests on this site.

The only drawback to the site is that paid subscribers can’t get replies from free members. Free members can’t even read the messages they receive without upgrading first. Both parties must pay in order to exchange messages. Such a policy definitely limits the free experience on the site. It also limits the potential contacts for those willing to pay for a monthly membership.

Nevertheless, the site remains modestly popular. The membership fee is highly competitive, too. Joining this site costs about a third of what many sites charge. It’s so inexpensive that after checking out your local area, you really don’t have much to lose by choosing to upgrade. Asian Singles Connection seems like an obvious choice when it comes to meeting eligible Asian singles.

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