AFF Review Review is very different from most dating platforms in that it is not based on casual dating and entertainment. It is a website created for singles looking for meaningful, serious and lasting relationships.

The compatibility tool on uses science to match profiles and find compatible matches. The tools analysis the psychological, social, anthropological aspects of the two people in question before deciding on whether they are compatible or not. goes one step further than this as well. The website tool focuses on about seven aspects of a member’s personality and does a complete analysis. Once this is done the member receives a report with a description of what his or her ideal partner should be like. takes in account that similarities as well as personality traits that complement each other are necessary for a relationship to be a success and last.

When you sign up on you get a free trial. The website offers you the personality test and assessment of your suitable partners for free. Following this you will get recommendations so that you can have a look at what their profile looks like. The great part about is that as a member you don’t have to look for other members. The website looks for you and makes recommendations.

They also guarantee that you will make contact with at least 10 of their recommendations. If you don’t, they will extend your membership period for a longer time for free!

Regions and Religion has been a success in over 39 countries across 6 continents. With this kind of coverage and member from all over the world, this website covers all religions and all nationalities. People are matches depending on their preferences.

Relationships is clearly a website that is designed to get it members into relationships that last. If you are looking for plain friendship, fun or even a casual relationship this is not the website for you. aims and takes pride at building relationships that last based on scientific analysis of the two individuals involved. So yes, this is a website for serious and lasting relationships.


What is perhaps the most outstanding feature of is its scientific analysis of profiles to determine whether or not they are compatible. Here are some of the other features:

– Free trial period

– Recommendations are made rather than members searching for compatible members

– Messaging service to contact other members

Membership does not charge a fee for signing up. All first time members are given a free trial period. As a free member you will still get an analysis of your personality and recommendations. However signing up as a premium member gives you additional benefits of:

•    Being able to write and read messages to members. It also lets you view pictures of other members
•    The flexibility to cancel your membership at any point
•    Remaining anonymous as long as you like
•    Being able to choose from any of the various packages that the website has to offer

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