Brazil Cupid Review

Brazil Cupid Review

Brazilians are often known for their exotic good looks and their culture has a vibrant reputation. Now, thanks to Brazil Cupid, there’s a way for people from around the world to meet them. They can meet mostly Brazilians seeking marriage abroad. It’s what most folks would call an international matrimonial site. For the most part, it strives to connect women living in Brazil and men from elsewhere. It has a few features to aid in this endeavor. That creates some limitations if you’re looking for someone truly close to home though.

You can set up a free profile. It’s almost the same process as joining any online dating site. One thing makes the process tailored to the intended audience of though. A couple of dropdown menus ask for your fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Other questions are rather standard. A good number of mandatory fields are required to be completed. Everyone has to fill in a minimal amount of personal info, so the profiles of most members end up being quite descriptive.

“At least Brazil Cupid brings a unique niche to the online dating world.”

Something makes this site a bit special: If you sign up to the more expensive of the two membership levels, your inbox comes with built-in translation software. To be blunt, some of the automated translations are too literal and direct and lack any subtle nuances. They’re similar to free online translations produced by various websites. Some messages suffer from such overly simple interpretations of what is being said. All the same, it is convenient and will certainly aid in some manner when writing to new friends who don’t speak the same language.

One serious drawback occurs if you happen to be looking for someone who lives closer to home. There is no zip or postal code search options available through Brazil Cupid. You can begin searching by country, state or province. Then you can refine your results via a dropdown list of cities. The number of possible cities depends on which country and area you’re searching. At any rate, it’s a bit tricky to find someone living right next door. At least you’ll be able to see the last login date at all times, which should help you decide if the people in whatever metropolitan area you search are active members or not.

It is free to reply to messages, which means that as a premium member, you can contact all of the other members regardless of their membership status. You can contact people by email and instant messaging. Premium subscribers also have access to group chat rooms.

Unfortunately, the site has limited popularity. Other specialized dating sites often have even fewer visitors to their pages though. At least Brazil Cupid brings a unique niche to the online dating world.

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