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Reading Female Body Language – How Can You Tell If A Woman Is Lying to You

Reading female body language is an important part of attracting women. A woman’s body language will tell you when she is in to you.

It will tell you when she is losing focus on what your saying. It will tell you when it is time to change he subject and it will tell you when to begin and end flirting.

In fact a guy who understands female body language is often an expert on how to act and react around women.

Reading female Body Language will even tell you if and when a woman is lying to you.

Before we go into specifics here, lets be 100% clear. None of this is perfect. It is not a science. It is an art.

There are many variables. Is the situation calm or are you talking at a noisy party? What stress has SHE been through that day. What stress have you been through. All of these and of course her direct attempts to fool you can play a part in hiding the lies.

One single “tell” will not always give things away. What you are looking for is a series of little, “hints” you see a few of these and you can be reasonably certain the woman is lying to you.

-Lets get to specifics-

What does she say: Part oif studying her body language is listening to her. If you want to be atapet at reading female body language you need to really look and listen.

* Does her voice rise in Pitch?
* Does she avoid giving a direct answer?
* Does she go on-and-on in her her answers rather than being direct?
* Does she lead into her answer by repeating back the words you say?
* Does she try to make a joke of it and change the subject?
* Is there an unusual pause in the middle of her sentences?

None of those are guarantees she is lying to you, but they are good indicators that she -could- be on that path.

Look at her eyes: Eyes are the “windows to the soul” they will show you a lot. Can show you attraction and they can show you disgust. A woman’s eyes are often the place where you should keep your eyes focused for “micro-expressions”. Even if the woman is 100% in control and composed the eyes can usually give some knowledge of lies. This is the reason so many poker players wear sunglasses. Even as “professional” liars they cannot fully control what their eyes give away

One of the easiest tells is to ask questions that require her to access her memory. If her eyes track to the her left, she is accessing her “creative side” this could mean she is completely lying or at least being “creative” with her answers. However if her eyes track to the right, she is accessing her memory and being truthful. This is a vry powerful signal, because it is almost impossible to “fake” this involuntary movement.

Look for Micro-Expressions when reading female Body language: Most people know what Sad, Happy, Angry and Hurt look like. Even when a girl is trying to keep a happy face sometimes you can see very quick changes in expressions. These so called “micro-expressions” show how she is “really” feeling before she clamps down and covers up her real emotions.

If she is saying everything is good, but you are getting angry micro-expressions, you know she is lying and you are in deep shit. Likewise if she tells you nothing is wrong, but flashing micro-expressions of “sad” there is a good chance she is really feeling guilty about something.

Once again, look at her eyes: Some people can look you in the eye and lie without blinking. Many others are discomfited by this. Keep you eyes on her, if she is having a hard time keeping eye contact, expect the possibility of lies.

Establish a Baseline with the woman: If you do not know her well you need to quickly see what she is “normally” like. Her eyes may be twitching and popping erratically. It could be lies, it could just be the way she is. Before you credit anything as “truth” or lie” you need to ask some questions that designed to give you a baseline. these should be things she absolutely will not lie about. “What color was the sky this morning?” “What brand of Toothpaste makes you mouth smell so minty fresh?”

Watch her hands: Does she ring her hands? Does she sporadically touch her ears or neck? Does her body seem stiff and rigid? These are not signs of direct lying but nervousness. They could indicate lies behind the nervousness and would warrent for some more probing questions and careful observation.

Is She Sweating?: She doesn’t need to have her sweat glands pumping like she has been running a half-marathon. If you notice a girl is sweating in a non- athletic situation chances are she is fairly nervous. Again, this does not mean she is lying. It is more of a sign to “look” for lies than one itself. But where there is enough smoke, there may be fire.

Do you want to risk confronting them: Confronting someone lying is a tricky situation. But it can give you some important date. Someone who is lying will often lean away from you when responding. They may (likely) protest their innocence, but not too angrily. An honest person will lean towards you closing the space between you and get quite angry. If someone gets angry BUT leans away, it is a mixed message at best.

Keep an eye on her throat to tell you if she is lying: The nervous and lying person will both have their throat dry up. They may seem to drink a lot of water. They may also speed up or slow down their normal speech patterns. They may also rub their throat, because of the dryness. Of course you need a good “basline” of the person before considering these. Some people naturally talk fast or slow. It is not the “speed” but the break from the normal speech pattern and the “dry” throat that are the important factors for this one.

These are just some of the broad strokes for reading female body language that will help you to tell if a woman is lying to you.

Learning this is important both when you have a relationship and when you are just meeting women. You need to be able to get into her head a little bit. It will help you to anticipate what she really wants and what she is really trying to say.

That message may be “get lost creep” or “take me to bed now” but it is important that you learn these nuances of female body language to tell the difference. login
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