AFF Review Review is a sister site of created especially for people who are determined in finding meaningful and long-term relationships.

What sets apart from most online personals sites? They hold on to the philosophy that enduring relationships are founded on compatibility and chemistry. They try to inject these elements in their site in trying to match a couple together. also has labeled its process to phases:

1. The individual searcher – you have to take and complete their chemistry personality profile created by Dr. Helen Fisher and they will tell you who and what attracts you through chemistry.
2. The match – after the test has been completed and you are provided with the results, they will provide you five free personalized matches each day and let you know when another member in their database is interested in getting to know you.
3. The flirting – this phase will help you get to know your matches. You will learn from each other the qualities which you both have in common. You can use their communication tools like email until you will be able to meet face to face.

Figuring out how to gift someone during the in-between stage of meeting and dating is so hardEspecially when you don’t want to go the basic route of, like, a scent or an item of clothing. Lately, material gifts have run their course with me, and I’ve come to appreciate experiential gifts more and more. Nowadays, I love putting people on to an experience they’ve always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to. I get massages at regularly—it’s a form of self-care that I take very seriously. It’s also a really personal experience. 

After the phases, you will be able to meet your match face-to-face if you want. can even help you set up your first date. If your feedback is positive, then the strategy has worked. If it did not, better dates will come your way through their site. also takes pride in Dr. Helen Fisher, their chief scientific advisor. She is known as a biological anthropologist, author and expert in the science of human attraction. She studies and conducts researches on why love makes us go weak in the knees and causes our hearts to skip a beat. Her research has shown that we are searching for someone to complement us.

Whatever the individual is looking for in a relationship whether dating, partnership, companionship and even marriage the process always begins with the Chemistry Profile. is a customized choice to online personals.

REGIONS is available according to your locality determined by your zip codes. Being the sister site of, can provide availability in the US and worldwide. offers service to 40 countries and territories and hosts Web sites in 15 different languages. strengthens its campaign in Washington DC as one of the focal points to unite couples together.

RELATIONSHIP invites gay, straight, young, old, divorced, Republicans, Democrat, who ever you are as long as you are serious and committed in finding a true and lasting relationship.

FEATURES offers the regular features of online personals site. Some of which are as follows:

• Add photos
• edit photos
• auto sign in
• blocking
• daily 5
• edit profile
• email
• favorites
• love poll

However, they try to focus their attention to their main features which are the following:

• Personality Profile test – this will give them an idea of who you are and what you want. This will also give them the data to know the type of persons you are in chemistry with.
• advanced matching system – with the researches and findings of Dr. Helen Fisher, their advanced matching system will be able to determine which couples are bound to click together through the personality profile test. This also enables cutting down the chase for the matches of their members, guests and subscribers.


Membership and registration is for free. You may become a member of at no cost. You will have the opportunity to participate in some of the features and services available within To enjoy upgraded features, on the other hand, you have to upgrade your subscriptions.

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