Chinese Love Links Review

Chinese Love Links Review

Chinese Love Links seems mostly to be about helping Chinese women meet men from around the globe. You’ll find at least one success story of an Asian man finding his bride-to-be on the site. I have already reviewed some more traditional mail-order bride sites. ChineseLoveLinks does have some advantages over them in its subtlety, but it also has its disadvantages. The less direct approach isn’t always better.

There isn’t a great deal of tailoring to its specific niche when it comes to filling out a free profile. You are asked for your Chinese Zodiac animal. However, that’s about it, beyond confirming your fluency in both English and Chinese. You’ll also discover that while you are asked to provide your city, state/province and country, there is no place to put your postal or zip code. That should tip you off that searches are limited.

“As a premium member, you’re going to be able to contact anyone you want.”

It doesn’t matter whether you do free searches or pay for advanced search options. Results will never be too localized. You can always narrow things down to a country and state or province. However, only select cities can be filtered out of general results. The city field only becomes available after basic search results are returned. Anyway, that still works with Its matrimonial matches tend to be on a global scale.

You have standard methods of connecting with fellow members. It is free to reply to email or instant messages from paid subscribers. You need to upgrade to initiate your own messages or to participate in the group chat rooms, though. There are not many other extras on the site, aside from some dating-safety advice for women. There are no members’ forums or blogs. There is some travel information provided through third-party links, though.

The lack of any translation service on ChineseLoveLinks is an obvious disadvantage. At least some people would feel that way. At the same time, some traditional mail-order bride sites give the impression that the connections you make are somehow less genuine. At least in this instance you know that your messages are going to and from the other person directly. It’s just like any mainstream dating site in that way.

A site’s ability to attract visitors is crucial to its overall success. That success in numbers trickles down to you. The more members on a site, the better your chances are of meeting someone. Unfortunately, this site has a minimal number of visitors. That modest figure remains consistent. As a premium member, you’re going to be able to contact anyone you want. You don’t have to worry whether it’s a free or paid member. They may not be local connections, but you should still have plenty of matrimonial opportunities on Chinese Love Links.

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