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Christian Cafe Review is such a friendly and feel-good online experience. You simply you can’t help but feel welcome. It is best suited for sincere believers, but there are still options in the profile process for non-practicing Christians. You could also choose to say that you’re not currently strong in your faith. They are better than some of their competition on at least one count straightaway: They know that it is important to establish both religious affiliation and individual church denominations while bringing everyone together.

Start by filling out a profile to begin your free seven-day trial. I have to say that the description you are expected to provide is rather extensive. There are short essays and many mandatory multiple-choice dropdowns. I normally get annoyed if a site asks for too much information. However, the questions are thoughtful. They definitely provide a more complete idea of a person. As with most of the services provided by this site, before you post any written content it will remind you that it is a Christian site. Any inappropriate comments will be removed and/or your membership could be cancelled.

“As with most of the services provided by this site, before you post any written content it will remind you that it is a Christian site.”

ChristianCafe has a chat service. Some previous issues involving trial members have left it open to only paid subscribers. That doesn’t really surprise me. There can already be some points of interdenominational friction. It does bring all kinds of believers together after all. Why risk letting outsiders easily interject into online discussions? There’s also instant messaging. It can be accessed by reviewing the members online, and then you click on the “quick message” link on each person’s profile. You can create your personal directory of contacts under the “friends” section.

The post-a-prayer page is unique. People write prayers that everyone else can read. Ideally, they’ll join in to make their own prayer for the poster. The administration warns again that it has sole discretion as to what is acceptable or not. It seems reasonable. Some people have a gift for saying more and asking less when praying. Some folks know how to make accusations. Others may covertly endorse political views or personal opinions. My only comment on this issue is that I found some of the pages under “cool links” had a slight political undercurrent. I know that would be an issue for some believers, although nothing “anti-anything” was included in the mix.

I appreciated on the signup page how the site made comparisons between the cost of its service and the cost of going to dinner and a movie. However, I noticed that the membership fee has gone up. Their popularity has also declined. Christian Cafe remains a quality site, but it seems pricey at this point.

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