Christian Cupid Review

Christian Cupid Review

I keep expecting to see greater popularity on sites like Christian Cupid, but they never do as well as I would think. I know sharing similar religious beliefs can help people connect on many levels, but most churchgoers come together already to practice their faith. They often meet one or more times each week. Worshipping with local congregations or parishes often leads to meeting soul mates. This dating site is mostly devoted to international matches and not very suited to meeting someone near home.

You see, does not have zip or postal code searches. You can search first by country, state or province. Then you can filter results by a few select cities. It’s not that easy to verify how many fellow members are living nearby. I think that most of us might appreciate being able to easily meet someone closer to home. Maybe we’d like to meet someone who simply attends a different church but within the same denomination as our own.

“The new blog does allow site members to comment on posts, so it opens another avenue for discussion beyond the group chat rooms of the main site.”

Replying to messages is free. Initiating contact by instant messaging or email requires a paid membership. The chat rooms, conversely, will work for anyone. You just need to have posted a photo onto your profile. That seems to mean that one finds more profiles with photos than one sees on many other sites. They further enhance the general quality of the profiles that already demand a good amount of mandatory fields be completed.

I would say that previously there was something missing on ChristianCupid. There were no features to create a sense of community. There weren’t message boards. There were no personal blogs either. There wasn’t even dating advice tailored to its members. Now, however, there is a Christian advice blog. It seems to be updated about once a week. It covers love and dating as well as general Christian living.

The blogger who writes the entries does not appear to be a site member. She’s simply a devout Christian wishing to share. On other Christian dating sites I’ve visited, the inclusion of such things has definitely helped visitors relate on a more spiritual basis. The new blog does allow site members to comment on posts, so it opens another avenue for discussion beyond the group chat rooms of the main site.

There isn’t much to fault the site on in an objective sense. It offers as much to its members as many other competing sites do. Somehow, it just isn’t achieving its full potential. The site should consider working on promoting itself more, as well as perhaps adding some more faith-based features beyond the new blog. For now, Christian Cupid seems to keep going on a wing and a prayer.

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