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Christian Mingle Review is an online meeting place for single Christians. Faith is at the forefront. After all, sharing the same basic belief in God can lead to a much stronger, more resilient long-term relationship. Sure, you can visit other general dating sites. However, you may often face unwanted attention. Other folks might not respect your spiritual approach to dating. You’ll experience a safer, more secure environment in which to find true love on this site.

You only have to fill out a handful of questions to get online with Christian Mingle. In fact, when creating a description, it’s easy to overlook important fields. They end up being left blank. You need to be careful. It is wise idea to revisit the main and optional profile pages to avoid this issue. That could help your profile garner greater success. Meanwhile, the list of denominations defining your religious affiliation is quite extensive.

“You only have to fill out a handful of questions to get online with Christian Mingle.”

That sure helps when searching for someone who attends a different congregation or parish within the same church. The free search options are very impressive. It’s free to use keyword and advanced searches. They cover all of the details that can be included in another member’s profile info. You can also search for someone within 10 miles of home. To start making connections, you can send a free smile or e-card.

For any other type of contact option, you’ll need to pay to become a premium member. Upgraded members can use email, join live chats and initiate instant messaging. Although there’s no cost to read the message boards to learn about the general community, you need to have a paid subscription to participate actively. I do find it a negative that ChristianMingle doesn’t allow free members to respond to paid subscribers.

There is a personality test. Profiles are color-coded based on its results. Certain colors share chemistry. You can also have a list of possible matches sent to your offsite email. The matches are selected by criteria you fill out. You don’t just tick off checkboxes. You rank each individual characteristic by its percentage of overall importance. That way, your minor preferences don’t outweigh your more important requirements.

You can also rate profiles while browsing. You can select “yes,” “no” or “maybe” to indicate whether you’re interested in meeting another person. That member will receive your profile link along with other random matches and have the opportunity to choose from the same three options. Two yeses and you know it’s a good match. The biggest issue in the past with Christian Mingle was its lack of visitors, but it appears that the site is experiencing a rebirth in popularity.

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