Columbian Cupid Review

Columbian Cupid Review

Colombian Cupid is your chance to make connections with people living in Colombia. The site has more of a global matrimonial feel to it. It has limited local search features that make it better suited to long-distance meetings. There is at least one special feature that will help to bridge the gap between cultures, but only if you’re willing to pay a bit extra. Without further delay, let’s get underway with a few more details.

Filling out a free profile on does require some patience. You must select answers from a generous number of dropdown menus. There are also two short essay questions that can’t be skipped. There is nothing really tailored to Colombian dating in any of the stuff asked. The only exception is that you need to explain your fluency in English and Spanish.

“You know that once you pay, you’ll definitely be able to connect with everyone on the site, which greatly increases your possible contacts.”

You’re not asked to give a postal or zip code when you create your profile, so searches are limited to country, state or province, and city. You need to scroll below your primary quick-search results to filter them further. There you’ll find a dropdown menu of select cities. If you upgrade, the advanced search options focus on other search fields, such as religion and whether or not you’re willing to relocate to another country.

It’s always free to reply to messages, so that’s great to know. If you want to initiate emails or instant messaging, you’ll need to upgrade, which also gives you access to ColumbianCupid’s chat rooms. If you opt for the pricier of the two subscriptions offered, you can also browse video introductions and send video emails.

The fact that you can write to non-paying members makes up for the lack of truly localized searches in some ways. You know that once you pay, you’ll definitely be able to connect with everyone on the site, which greatly increases your possible contacts. You might not be able to find someone who meets all your criteria with just the search engine, but you can ask anyone to give you more details.

What it really comes down to, as with most online dating sites, is whether a site attracts enough traffic to make it a practical way to meet new people. This site has a narrow and not overly common target market, so it’s no surprise that it just doesn’t have many visitors. All the same, comparing it with more general dating sites is like comparing apples to oranges. This site is just too specialized. Colombian Cupid isn’t popular, but it gives you a unique chance to meet Colombians from around the world.

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